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Discover the ultimate list of must-watch movies available for streaming right now. From thrilling horror films like "Black" and "Husera: The Bone Woman," to action-packed adventures like "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" and "Knock at the Cabin," there is something for every movie lover. Don't miss out on the highly anticipated releases such as "Top Gun: Maverick" and "Avatar: The Way of Water." With platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more offering an array of cinematic gems, it's time to grab your popcorn and settle in for an unforgettable movie night.

From Ebony (AMC & Shudder)

shudder from dark demon salt evocation circle candlesShudder

From Ebony, directed by Thomas Marchese, recounts the tale of a mother yearning for the reappearance of her lost son. Faced with an opportunity to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, she may find herself having to pay a horrifying cost in order to obtain answers.

Although originally gaining prominence through an award-winning police documentary, Fallen, Marchese has succeeded in creating a commendable occult horror film with several notable individuals involved. Devoted followers of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will undoubtedly recognize Anna Camp as the lead character in From Ebony, and Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope) will also be familiar faces.

Husera: The Skeleton Lady (AMC & Shudder)

shudder from dark demon salt evocation circle candlesShudder

From Ebony, directed by Thomas Marchese, recounts the tale of a mother yearning for the reappearance of her lost son. Faced with an opportunity to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, she may find herself having to pay a horrifying cost in order to obtain answers.

Although originally gaining prominence through an award-winning police documentary, Fallen, Marchese has succeeded in creating a commendable occult horror film with several notable individuals involved. Devoted followers of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will undoubtedly recognize Anna Camp as the lead character in From Ebony, and Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope) will also be familiar faces.

A Plethora of Emptiness (AMC )

a plethora of nothing castScalable Content

Contrary to what the title implies, A Plethora of Emptiness offers a wealth of substance. Directed by Mo McRae, this thriller follows the narrative of an upper-middle-class couple taking matters into their own hands. Upon discovering that their neighbor is a police officer who fatally shot an unarmed child, they find themselves holding him hostage in their residence.

The tension continuously escalates in this unrelenting film, with critics praising its extended opening sequence and the thought-provoking questions it poses throughout its suspenseful plot.

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Tetris (Apple TV )

tetris taron egerton lab computer wires hardwareApple TV

Joining the wave of movies centered around consumer goods, the recently released Tetris presents an intriguing depiction of the real-life story behind the popular puzzle game, embellished with additional features. Set during the Cold War era, Henk Rogers is tasked with bringing the renowned puzzle game to the Western world from its country of origin. However, securing the licensing deal of a lifetime requires overcoming daunting obstacles.

Taron Egerton assumes the lead role in this film, disclosing how Tetris captivated the globe from its humble origins, accompanied by a few thrilling car chase sequences. Nintendo enthusiasts will also witness the company's early heyday, with the introduction of the original Game Boy playing a critical role in the widespread popularity of Tetris.

Vanished (Apple TV )

Vanished with Chris Evans and Ana de ArmasApple TV

As AppleTV 's most-watched film premiere, Vanished stands out as an exceptional addition to the platform's expanding collection. Featuring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, it delves into the narrative of an ordinary individual who falls in love with a covert agent. However, their world takes an unexpected turn when a grand romantic gesture leads them on a sprawling adventure to save humanity.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher (The Offer, Rocketman), Vanished blends romantic comedy elements, captivating action sequences, and an abundance of surprise appearances that we won't spoil for you here.

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Scream VI (Paramount )

Ghostface slashing in Scream VIParamount Pictures

If Jason Voorhees can make his way to New York, why shouldn't Ghostface? While Jason's venture in the Big Apple wasn't met with much acclaim, Scream VI miraculously is. In fact, it stands as one of the finest horror sequels in recent memory. Taking place a year after the events of Scream in 2022, we follow the remaining survivors from Woodsboro as they relocate to the heart of New York City in an attempt to escape the traumatic massacres that haunted them. Unfortunately, a new Ghostface killer emerges, turning the sprawling urban landscape into his new hunting ground.

The Scream series thrived on defying and subverting expectations, and Scream VI further intensifies this tradition. Dark humor, nerve-wracking set-pieces, and an enthralling whodunit mystery combine to create a surprising slasher sequel within one of the most consistently successful franchises.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (Paramount )

shudder dark demon salt ring of evocation candlesShudder

From Ebony, directed by Thomas Marchese, recounts the tale of a mother yearning for the reappearance of her lost son. Faced with an opportunity to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, she may find herself having to pay a horrifying cost in order to obtain answers.

Although originally gaining prominence through an award-winning police documentary, Fallen, Marchese has succeeded in creating a commendable occult horror film with several notable individuals involved. Devoted followers of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will undoubtedly recognize Anna Camp as the lead character in From Ebony, and Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope) will also be familiar faces.

Renfield (Peacock)

Nicholas Hoult and Nicolas Cage in Renfield (2023)Universal Pictures

After the disappointment of Universal's Dark Universe, a series of exceptional horror films emerged from the ashes. Following the brilliantly tense reimagining of The Invisible Man, Dracula returns to the silver screen in the form of Renfield, albeit with a few minor alterations. Nic Cage assumes the role of Dracula, to begin with.

The film revolves around R.M. Renfield, Dracula's loyal servant. As he struggles to fulfill his duties to the charismatic count, Renfield also embarks on a romantic journey in the heart of contemporary New Orleans. This unique portrayal of Dracula is the brainchild of Chris McKay (The Tomorrow War) and Robert Kirkman (Invincible), blending laughter and horror in the hopes of kickstarting a new, superior film universe.

A Knock at the Cabin (Peacock)

Dave Bautista in Knock at the CabinUniversal Pictures

M. Night Shyamalan's A Knock at the Cabin perfectly encapsulates the essence of a Shyamalan production. While his previous endeavors have provoked mixed reactions from both audiences and critics, this thrilling film remains captivating due to its secluded setting.

Dave Bautista delivers a villainous performance that steals the spotlight in A Knock at the Cabin. The story revolves around him and three others who forcefully take over a remote cabin in the woods, holding a young girl and her parents hostage. However, what initially appears to be a typical home invasion thriller takes a fascinating turn when their motivations are revealed: their belief that the world is on the brink of destruction and a sacrifice must be made to prevent it.

Cocaine Bear (Peacock)

Keri Russell in Cocaine Bear tree climbUniversal Pictures

What can be said about Cocaine Bear? This film proudly showcases its influences and its story. Loosely inspired by true events, Cocaine Bear centers around a bear that chances upon a duffel bag filled with cocaine. Being a bear, its instinct leads it to consume the illicit substance. Hilarity ensues shortly thereafter.

Fortunately, Cocaine Bear leans more toward the comedic side rather than pure horror. Directed and produced by Elizabeth Banks, the film presents the drug-addled bear in a sympathetic light as a group of detectives, dealers, and ordinary citizens find themselves entangled in its exploits. Aside from its outlandish premise and the fascinating true story it is based on, Cocaine Bear is also noteworthy for featuring one of the final performances by the late Ray Liotta.

Willem Dafoe in Inside (2023)Focus Features

When in need of an actor capable of portraying absolute madness, Willem Dafoe is the go-to choice. Released in February, Inside has finally made its way to the streaming realm, allowing viewers to experience this single-location thriller from the comfort of their homes. It's fortunate for us, but not so fortunate for him. Inside centers around a New York penthouse that becomes the target of a cunning art thief. However, when circumstances lead to the room's lockdown with no means of escape, survival becomes a challenging endeavor.

Dafoe takes center stage in this tense survival thriller, where philosophical discussions unexpectedly arise amidst his desperate quest for sustenance and warmth. While some have criticized the film's loftier aspirations, the mesmerizing performance by its lone character alone justifies giving it a chance.

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Lost (Netflix)

Lost 2023 tempest newton howardSony Pictures Releasing

A standalone sequel to the 2018 film Searching, Lost features Storm Reid as June Allen, a teenager trapped in a dreadful situation. When Allen's mother mysteriously vanishes during a vacation to Columbia with her new partner, Allen must utilize all available resources to locate them both. Directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson, Searching also has connections to the Hulu-exclusive thriller, Run.

As the beginning of a new anthology series, Searching hits it out of the park. Following Unfriended's bold choice to prioritize social media and "screenlife" in its narrative, Searching takes it a step further by incorporating elements of mystery. This adds an authentic layer to the enigma, while the rest of the film is driven by exceptional performances from Allen, Joaquim de Almeida, Ken Leung, and others.

Chupa (Netflix)

Netflix ChupaNetflix

Netflix's Chupa narrates the tale of the mythical "chupacabra" — a bloodsucking creature that preys on livestock. However, instead of a graphic and violent depiction, we witness a young boy forming a bond with this creature on an unforgettable journey.

The film explores an intriguing subject due to the varied portrayals of the chupacabra in different regions. In some areas, it is a terrifying reptilian monster, while in others, it resembles a large feline. Chupa offers a family-friendly experience, with Demián Bichir (The Hateful Eight) and Christian Slater (Inside Job) joining the cast for this lighthearted creature feature.

Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix)

murder mystery 2 adam sandler jennifer anistonNetflix

A direct sequel to the surprisingly enjoyable Adam Sandler flick, Murder Mystery 2 reunites him and Jennifer Aniston as they establish a dedicated detective agency. Tasked with solving yet another comical mystery when a wealthy associate is suddenly abducted, they offer a more lighthearted take on whodunits like Knives Out. The Murder Mystery series continues to entertain and impress while avoiding the negative clichés associated with Sandler's comedic roles. Aniston's chemistry with Sandler undoubtedly contributes to its charm.

Divine Arachnid (Netflix)

netflix divine arachnid zar amir-ebrahimiNetflix

Divine Arachnid presents an intriguing film for multiple reasons. Set in Iran, it follows a journalist's quest to apprehend a misogynistic murderer known as the "Spider Killer." However, due to the killer's proclaimed motives, some individuals question whether he was truly in the wrong.

Joining Netflix's expanding collection of true crime content, Divine Arachnid offers a captivating dramatization of a real case that deeply divided the country's population, revealing stark contrasts between those who believed the killer was justified and those who were appalled by his actions.

Starvation (Netflix)

Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as Aoy cookingNetflix

Described as "The Menu meets Whiplash," Netflix's culinary drama Starvation delves into the life of an up-and-coming street-food chef taken under the wing of a master in the culinary arts. However, the master's notorious reputation and questionable methods prompt us to question the extent to which we are willing to go for greatness.

Despite its focus on food, Starvation is not solely about the dishes themselves but rather the people who create and consume these extravagant culinary creations. With themes exploring societal hierarchies and class divides, this film from the heart of Thailand is a mesmerizing exploration of what it truly means to be "the best."

The Maidens of Fury (Netflix)

furies 2022 netflix dong anh quynhNetflix

We all crave a good martial arts movie from time to time, and Netflix's The Maidens of Fury does not disappoint. Centered around a Vietnamese woman named Bi, the film portrays her escape from a brutal life to Saigon, where she encounters a mysterious figure known only as Mrs. Lin. Lin trains Bi and her newfound comrades, Thanh and Hong, as assassins in their mission to defeat a local crime lord.

Though the premise may seem simple, crafting an entertaining and captivating martial arts film requires a certain degree of skill and creativity. Luckily, The Maidens of Fury delivers plenty of neon-infused action. With its stylish flair and jaw-dropping choreography, this film serves as a brilliant prequel to 2019's Furie.

The Enchanted Elephant (Netflix)

netflix the magician's elephantNetflix

This recently-released animated feature from Netflix has captivated audiences with its enchanting story. The Enchanted Elephant leaves little to the imagination with its title, chronicling the whimsical journey of a young boy desperate to reunite with his long-lost sister.

Believing that a magical elephant holds the key to accomplishing this, he embarks on a quest to complete three seemingly impossible tasks that will reshape the future of his home forever. With its heartwarming narrative and stunning 3D animation, The Enchanted Elephant stands as a perfect choice for family movie nights and animation enthusiasts alike.

Warrior Queen (Netflix)

Viola Davis in The Woman KingSony Pictures Releasing

Viola Davis is phenomenal, and before her appearance in Air, she led the historical action drama Warrior Queen. Davis, alongside Lashana Lynch and John Boyega, recounts the epic saga of the Agojie — an all-female group of warriors in the African Kingdom of Dahomey.

When faced with an unprecedented threat, General Nansica (Viola Davis) undertakes the task of training a new generation of recruits in a battle that will shape the destiny of their homeland.

While some have taken issue with the film's historical inaccuracies, beneath its historical backdrop lies an utterly captivating film that gained significant attention for its exceptional cinematography, ensemble cast, and costume design. Though overlooked by the Oscars, those fascinated by witnessing Viola Davis leading an army of warriors to triumph can catch it on Netflix.

Whitney Houston: Dancing With a Companion (Netflix)

Naomi Ackie in Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With SomebodySony Pictures Releasing

A show of hands: is there anyone who doesn't love Whitney Houston? Highly unlikely, given the adoration for Whitney Houston: Dancing With a Companion. Directed by Kasi Lemmons (Harriet) and written by Anthony McCarten (Bohemian Rhapsody, The Two Popes), this biopic features Naomi Ackie portraying the highs and lows of the renowned pop star's personal life and professional career.

Acclaimed for its performances and musical sequences, Whitney Houston: Dancing With a Companion joins the league of musically-charged biopics, delivering a compelling narrative centered around a beloved icon. If you can't make it to the theater to satisfy your musical cravings, streaming it from the comfort of your couch is the next best option.

The Last Kingdom: A Kingdom's Fate (Netflix)

Alexander Dreymon in The Last Kingdom Seven Kings Must DieNetflix

Originally exclusive to BBC Two, The Last Kingdom eventually found its home on Netflix following its tremendous success. After five seasons, The Last Kingdom: A Kingdom's Fate bids farewell as the final installment of one of Netflix's most riveting historical dramas, concluding the epic journey that originated from an adaptation of Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories.

While it may not resonate as strongly for those who haven't already experienced all 46 episodes of The Last Kingdom, A Kingdom's Fate sees the return of series regulars Alexander Dreymon, Mark Rowley, Arnas Fedaravicius, Harry Gilby, and others as they unite England after a sudden death throws the throne into chaos.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Everlasting Legacy (Netflix)

shudder from black demon salt summoning circle candlesShudder

From Darkness, helmed by Thomas Marchese, chronicles the tale of a mother yearning for the return of her missing son. Thrust into a situation where the truth behind his disappearance can be unveiled, she might have to pay a terrifying price to uncover it.

Despite starting his career with an award-winning police documentary, Fallen, Marchese showcases his talent in occult horror with From Darkness, aided by a cast of notable names. Fans of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will recognize Anna Camp as the film's leading lady, alongside other familiar faces like Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope).

Flamin' Hot (Hulu & Disney )

sinister gaze emanating from occult symbols in a dark and creepy atmosphereShudder

From Black, directed by Thomas Marchese, recounts the tale of a mother yearning for the return of her vanished son. When offered the chance to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, she may have to make an unsettling bargain in her quest for answers.

Despite starting his career with an award-winning documentary on law enforcement, Fallen, Marchese has crafted a compelling occult horror film with notable figures involved. Devoted followers of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will surely recognize Anna Camp as the lead actress in From Black. The film also features familiar faces such as Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope).

Boston Strangler (Hulu)

Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon portraying inquisitive reporters in Hulu's movie Boston Strangler20th Century StudiosHulu

True crime has experienced a surge in popularity recently, and following the success of Netflix's Dahmer, it's only natural that Hulu would enter the fray. Enter Boston Strangler, a 20th Century Studios production that depicts the real-life investigation carried out by the journalist duo Loretta McLaughlin and Jean Cole.

The Boston Strangler is renowned for his spree of 13 murders that haunted the streets of metropolitan Boston in the 1960s. While a name and face were eventually associated with the crimes, new evidence would suggest that he wasn't acting alone.

Starring Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon as McLaughlin and Cole respectively, this true crime thriller is bound to keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout its fast-paced duration. The film chooses to focus not on the raw brutality of the case but rather on the investigative aspect, taking a sophisticated approach to tackling the misdeeds of a notorious killer.

Blood (Hulu)

Michelle Monaghan starring in Blood (2022) amidst a raging fireVertical Entertainment

The title Blood doesn't offer much insight into the direction this horror film takes. However, beneath the surface lies an intriguing exploration of a mother's unwavering commitment to her family's well-being. A nurse relocates to a rural farmhouse with her teenage daughter and young son following a difficult separation. However, when the family dog goes missing only to viciously attack the son upon its return, a sinister disease infects the boy. To everyone's shock, the only treatment seems to involve consuming blood.

It represents a unique twist on the vampire genre, placing motherhood at the forefront with exceptional performances from our troubled mother, Michelle Monaghan, and our bloodthirsty son, Finlay Wojtak-Hissong. Can this nurse uncover the cause of the initial infection and find a remedy? You'll have to witness for yourself.

Flux Gourmet (Hulu & Shudder)

sinister gaze emanating from occult symbols in a dark and creepy atmosphereShudder

From Black, directed by Thomas Marchese, recounts the tale of a mother yearning for the return of her vanished son. When offered the chance to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, she may have to make an unsettling bargain in her quest for answers.

Despite starting his career with an award-winning documentary on law enforcement, Fallen, Marchese has crafted a compelling occult horror film with notable figures involved. Devoted followers of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will surely recognize Anna Camp as the lead actress in From Black. The film also features familiar faces such as Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope).

Quasi (Hulu)

Broken Lizard's Quasi movie on HuluSearchlight PicturesHulu

The latest offering from the comedy group Broken Lizard, Quasi, transports our irreverent comedians to the past in an epic medieval adventure. "Quasi," or Quasimoto, finds himself embroiled in a deadly feud between the king and the pope while desperately searching for love in a world that rejects him.

Drawing inspiration directly from Monty Python, several members of Broken Lizard assume dual roles in the film, experimenting with their comedic formula in an entirely new setting. Without spoiling any of the jokes, they hit all the right notes.

Door Mouse (Hulu)

door mouse 2022 keith powers hayley lawHighland Film Group

A visually captivating neo-noir film, Door Mouse follows the journey of a professional dancer turned amateur detective as she grapples with the mystery surrounding her missing friend. Drawing heavily from the style of graphic novels, particularly evident as our protagonist dabbles in comic artwork, it harkens back to the era of dark coffee and unyielding cynicism found in classic noir movies. While the film may have a modest budget, the incorporation of stylized visuals inspired by comics compensates for it, setting the stage for future cinematic masterpieces by director Avan Jogia.

Clock (Hulu)

Dianna Agron in Clock on HuluHulu

The exclusive horror film Clock on Hulu delves into a unique subject. In an era where the decision to have children is constantly debated, what happens when a woman undergoes a procedure to "correct" her biological clock? Needless to say, the outcome is far from what was anticipated.

Featuring Dianna Agron (Glee) alongside Melora Hardin (The Office), Clock is a captivating psychological horror that compels us to confront an increasingly prevalent question in a world that constantly pressures us to do the opposite.

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Creed III (Prime Video)

Creed 3 with Jonathan MajorsMGM

Adonis Creed returns for the third installment of Creed III. In the directorial debut of basketball icon Michael Jordan, Creed faces his most daunting challenge yet. A childhood friend and boxing prodigy, recently released from prison, now stands as his formidable opponent. With everything to gain and nothing to lose, Creed must navigate this uphill battle without the guidance of his long-time mentor.

Yes, indeed — Creed III is remarkable for being the first entry in the Rocky franchise to exclude the presence of Rocky Balboa himself, Sylvester Stallone, in an on-screen appearance. Nevertheless, Michael Jordan and newcomer Jonathan Majors effortlessly carry the film on their shoulders. In fact, some argue that Creed III embodies the pinnacle of the series, making it a must-watch for both Creed enthusiasts and boxing aficionados.

Judy Blume Forever (Prime Video)

judy blume forever documentaryPrime Video

Following the successful adaptation of Judy Blume's beloved classic, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, fans young and old can now delight in a new documentary on Prime Video that celebrates the life and achievements of the renowned author through Judy Blume Forever.

In this documentary, Judy Blume herself shares her personal experiences, alongside the insights of numerous creatives who have been profoundly influenced by her works. It delves into her life, career, and the controversies she sparked, all while highlighting the positive impact she had on popular culture. A perfect companion piece to Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Top Gun: Maverick (Prime Video & Paramount )

sinister gaze emanating from occult symbols in a dark and creepy atmosphereShudder

From Black, directed by Thomas Marchese, recounts the tale of a mother yearning for the return of her vanished son. When offered the chance to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, she may have to make an unsettling bargain in her quest for answers.

Despite starting his career with an award-winning documentary on law enforcement, Fallen, Marchese has crafted a compelling occult horror film with notable figures involved. Devoted followers of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will surely recognize Anna Camp as the lead actress in From Black. The film also features familiar faces such as Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope).

Nope (Prime Video)

Daniel Kaluuya in Jordan Peele's NopeUniversal Pictures

The latest thriller from the innovative mind of Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us), Nope, marks the esteemed director's first venture into the realm of science fiction. In the American Southwest, a pair of siblings stumbles upon a presence that defies human comprehension, propelling them into a desperate quest to prove its existence.

It diverges from the grounded horror of Peele's previous works, boasting a budget more than triple that of Us. While fans of Peele's filmography have likely already indulged in Nope multiple times, those who have yet to experience it will find a perfect opportunity to do so.

Bros (Prime Video)

bros 2022 billy eichner luke macfarlaneUniversal Pictures

Bros is a relatively straightforward romantic comedy with an equally practical premise: when two men unable to commit to a relationship decide to unite, will it lead to what they truly long for?

Featuring a rare lead role performance from Billy Eichner (The Lion King 2019) and Luke Macfarlane (Kinsey), Bros is an inclusive comedy from the mind of Nicholas Stoller, whose previous work includes the hilariously irreverent Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Neighbors. It goes without saying that if you enjoy that type of humor, Bros is a simple recommendation.

Jackass Forever (Prime Video & Paramount )

shudder from black demon salt summoning circle candlesShudder

From Black, directed by Thomas Marchese, tells the tale of a mother yearning for the return of her lost son. When presented with an opportunity to uncover the truth behind his disappearance, she may have to pay a horrifying cost to find the answers.

Despite first making his mark with an award-winning police documentary, Fallen, Marchese has managed to create a respectable occult horror film with numerous notable names attached. True Blood and Pitch Perfect enthusiasts will recognize Anna Camp as the female lead in From Black, alongside other familiar faces such as Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope).

Reggie (Prime Video)

Reggie Jackson in Reggie (2023)Prime Video

If your baseball knowledge extends only as far as peanuts and cracker jacks, then Reggie might just be the film for you. A documentary centered around the titular Reggie Jackson, this Prime Video exclusive features the baseball legend himself as he explores the impact of his legacy, how he set the standard for other athletes to follow, and how his skin color influenced the way he was perceived despite his achievements. Derek Jeter, Julius Erving, and Hank Aaron also make appearances throughout, accompanied by archival footage that showcases some of Jackson's greatest accomplishments.

While some may feel it runs slightly long, it is worth watching to witness one of baseball's greats delve into the intricacies of his experiences in the sport. However, if you expect him to recall the time he attempted to eliminate the late Queen Elizabeth in The Naked Gun, you may be mildly disappointed.

The Northman (Prime Video)

The Northman 2022 castFocus Features

Robert Eggers and period pieces are synonymous. Following the monumental critical acclaim of The Lighthouse, Eggers returns with an epic Norse thriller in the form of The Northman. Departing from his previously introspective and understated works, The Northman showcases Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Anna Taylor-Joy, and even Icelandic musician Bjork in a story loosely inspired by Norse mythology.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary character of Amleth, our eponymous heir to the throne finds himself exiled from his homeland after his father is murdered, and his uncle assumes power. Vowing to exact vengeance, an adult Amleth embarks on a nihilistic journey through awe-inspiring landscapes, primal combat, and a captivating blend of religious and fantastical elements in a brutal world.

Three Thousand Years of Longing (Prime Video)

Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton in Three Thousand Years of LongingMGM

The latest offering from George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road), Three Thousand Years of Longing features Tilda Swinton portraying an isolated scholar who stumbles upon an ancient bottle in Istanbul. Unintentionally summoning a jinn, portrayed by Idris Elba, she is granted a familiar boon: three wishes, provided each one reflects her true desires. What begins as a brief disagreement expands into a trilogy of extravagant tales, ultimately leading to the circumstances that trapped the jinn inside the bottle.

Simultaneously heralded as a financial disappointment and a critical gem, fans of Miller's grandiose cinematography will feel right at home with Three Thousand Years of Longing. It offers a bittersweet narrative that delves into our relationship with escapism and loneliness. If you crave an adult fairy tale, chances are Three Thousand Years of Longing is the film for you.

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Stan Lee (Disney )

Stan Lee DocDisney

Excelsior! With a new generation of Marvel enthusiasts born from the triumph of the MCU, why not introduce them to one of the creative minds behind it all? Stan Lee, Disney's latest documentary, seeks to chronicle the life of the eponymous former head of Marvel Comics. Lee's collaborative efforts with other artists, notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, directly led to the creation of characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, and nearly every member of the Avengers.

Although Stan Lee has faced minor controversy due to some embellishments and selective omissions on Disney's part, it remains an excellent introduction to one of the most recognizable faces in the comic industry. However, it should be acknowledged that condensing the full breadth of Marvel's history into a single documentary is no easy feat.

Avatar: The Way of Water (Disney & Max)

shudder from black demon salt summoning circle candlesShudder

From Black, directed by Thomas Marchese, recounts the story of a mother yearning for her lost son's return. When presented with an opportunity to discover the truth behind his disappearance, she may find herself paying a horrifying price in exchange.

Despite initially making his mark with an award-winning police documentary, Fallen, Marchese has crafted a commendable occult horror film with a host of recognizable names attached. Fans of True Blood and Pitch Perfect will recognize Anna Camp as the leading lady of From Black, alongside other familiar faces such as Travis Hammer (Godless) and Jennifer Lafleur (Nope).

Evil Dead Rise (Max)

Alyssa Sutherland in Evil Dead RiseWarner Bros. Pictures

The Deadites return in the aptly titled revival film, Evil Dead Rise. Taking a bold step away from the cabin in the woods, the Evil Dead franchise finds itself within the confines of a cramped Los Angeles apartment. A single mother, along with her sister, discovers the presence of the Necronomicon within the complex. A battle for survival quickly ensues, with the inclusion of a newfound family dynamic adding an additional layer of tension and fear.

A full decade after the previous Evil Dead film, Evil Dead Rise marks a return to form and sets the direction for the franchise's future. Originally intended for a direct release on Max, it was ultimately decided to showcase the film in theaters after incredibly positive test screenings. Keen viewers may even catch a brief cameo from a beloved fan-favorite character.

Reality (Max)

Sydney Sweeney - RealityHBO Films

Classified government documents have been dominating recent news cycles, and if the recent HBO film Reality is any indication, it seems this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Receiving critical acclaim, Reality is a dramatic film based on the true interrogation of Reality Winner, a former NSA translator charged with violating the Espionage Act. This violation occurred through the unauthorized release of government documents that supported evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

A tightly wound bundle of suspense that gradually intensifies, Reality presents an intriguing narrative heavily inspired by real-life interrogation transcripts. At times, it borders on the line between drama and documentary, shedding light on an intriguing story that undoubtedly played a role in the ongoing American political discourse. Perhaps most notable is Sydney Sweeney's remarkable and transformative central performance.

Those Who Wish Me Dead (Max)

Angelina Jolie and Jon Bernthal in Those Who Wish Me DeadWarner Bros. Pictures

Returning to the director's seat after Wind River, Taylor Sheridan's Those Who Wish Me Dead is a contemporary thriller that packs a punch with its simple yet effective premise. Upon witnessing his father's murder, a young boy finds himself under the protection of a survival expert as two assassins relentlessly pursue him as a witness.

Boasting a notable cast including Angelina Jolie, Jon Berenthal, Nicholas Hault, and Tyler Perry, Those Who Wish Me Dead is an adrenaline-fueled chase set in the woodlands of Montana, heightened by the presence of a growing forest fire that adds to the visceral thrills. Clocking in at a compact 100 minutes, it's the perfect attention-grabber for a mundane evening at home.

This Place Reigns Supreme (Max)

This Place Reigns Supreme documentary on HBO Max with Alex JonesHBOA24

With the US elections once again looming on the horizon, it might be worthwhile to revisit a captivating documentary crafted by a viral internet personality. This Place Reigns Supreme is not a documentary chronicling the events of January 6, 2021. Instead, it follows Andrew Callaghan as he traverses the United States in the months leading up to that fateful day, delving into the mindsets of fringe populations that may have played a role in the unfolding of those tumultuous events. Along the way, gripping interviews with controversial individuals -- including the notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones — and occasionally humorous obstacles create a bizarre depiction of a divided nation.

Although Callaghan has since fallen from grace due to his behavior towards women and has largely faced the consequences, there's no denying the mesmerizing and captivating nature of the interviews and footage presented in the democracy-debunking This Place Reigns Supreme. Produced by A24 and Abso Lutely Productions (The Eric Andre Show, Nathan For You), this eclectic documentary offers a distinct perspective on a controversial subject for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

Elvis (Max)

Austin Butler in Elvis (2022)Warner Bros. Pictures

Eventually, there will be a biographical film for nearly every notable figure in history. Thankfully, 2022 brings us Elvis, a prominent addition to that list. Austin Butler dons the iconic blue suede shoes in this production directed by Baz Luhrmann, known for his work on 2013's The Great Gatsby. Luhrmann masterfully blends contemporary soundscapes with visually stunning period aesthetics, paying tribute to one of history's most flamboyant celebrities.

Even those who were less than enthralled with the overall film cannot deny the absolutely astounding performance delivered by Austin Butler. He seamlessly embodies the character of Elvis, as if the legendary figure had never truly left. Suffice it to say, fans of Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge or the aforementioned Great Gatsby should not hesitate to indulge in Elvis.

All the Splendor and the Carnage (Max)

all the beauty and the bloodshed castNeon

The aftermath of the opioid epidemic continues to wreak havoc not only in the United States but across the globe. Who better to shed light on the subject than Nan Goldin? Her in-depth coverage of both the opioid crisis and the entangled Sackler family is vividly portrayed in All the Splendor and the Carnage.

Having personally experienced the devastating impact of opioid addiction, Goldin's unwavering commitment to holding the Sacklers accountable is meticulously chronicled across seven distinct chapters. The documentary features Goldin's insightful narration alongside archival footage and her ongoing work with the advocacy group P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now).

The Misfits (2023)

the strays featuredImage via Netflix

Duration: 1 hr 40 min | Genre: Horrifying Thriller Mystery | Director: Nathaniel Martello-White

Cast: Ashley Madekwe, Jorden Myrie, Bukky Bakray, Michael Warburton, Caroline Martin

Nathaniel Martello-White skillfully crafts The Misfits, an intelligent film that delves into classism, privilege, and perception through a unique lens. Building tension, The Misfits draws comparisons to Get Out, as it weaves a gripping psychological drama set in an idyllic suburban town. Ashley Madekwe (The Umbrella Academy) shines in the role of Neve, a mother and wife who meticulously constructs a facade of perfection through meticulous details and deliberate falsehoods. As Neve's sanity and reality come into question, The Misfits unravels her world when she inexplicably encounters enigmatic strangers infiltrating her carefully constructed facade. – Yael Tygiel

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Nimona (2023)

nimona-social-featureImage via Netflix

Duration: 1 hr 41 min | Director: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane

Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Riz Ahmed, Eugene Lee Yang, Indya Moore

Adapted from the delightful graphic novel, Nimona is a charming animated action-comedy film co-directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. With a screenplay by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor, Nimona showcases an exciting animation style that combines a science-fiction futuristic aesthetic with medieval elements, resulting in unexpectedly breathtaking visuals. Chloë Grace Moretz lends her voice to the title character, a young and spirited shapeshifter, while Riz Ahmed voices Ballister Boldheart, a knight wrongly accused of murder. As unlikely allies fighting for freedom and each other, Nimona and Boldheart unravel the power of trust, love, and the importance of family. – Yael Tygiel

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A Man Called Otto (2022)

Tom Hanks holds a cat in A Man Called OttoImage via Sony Pictures Releasing

Duration: 2 hr 6 min | Genre: Comedy, Drama | Director: Marc Forster

Cast: Tom Hanks, Mack Bayda, Mariana Treviño, Rachel Keller

Tom Hanks (known for his role in Cast Away) takes the lead in this American adaptation of the Swedish film based on the novel by Fredrik Backman. The film follows an elderly widower plagued by misery, who unexpectedly finds a new lease on life after being thrust into the lives of his neighbors. This refreshing role allows Hanks, a beloved actor known for his amiability, to showcase his versatility as he portrays grief and hopelessness in ways rarely explored. His transformation from a misanthrope prepared to reunite with his late wife to a compassionate and reluctantly outgoing individual is heartwarming to witness. The interactions between Hanks and Mariana Treviño (Club de Cuervos), who plays Marisol and serves as the catalyst for his metamorphosis, provide the highlights of this emotionally charged rollercoaster.

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Intense Emotions (2023)

hard feelings netflixImage via Netflix

Duration: 1 hr 43 min | Genre: | Director: Granz Henman

Cast: Axel Stein, Diana Amft, Tobias Schäfer

Intense Emotions is a German coming-of-age comedy that follows two best friends as they navigate puberty and the flood of hormones that bring them closer. The film doesn't take itself too seriously, portraying the bodily changes in a playful and fantastical manner. Teenagers, who often feel a loss of control over their own bodies, will find humor in the protagonists' struggle to resist succumbing to their desires. Overall, this lighthearted romp offers a fun-filled experience that is bound to leave you laughing.

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Fictional Fandom (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 1 hr 35 min | Genre: Drama | Director: Marta Karwowska

Cast: Jan Cieciara, Dobromir Dymecki, Anna Krotoska

Based on the novel by acclaimed Polish author Natalia Osińska, Fictional Fandom is a thought-provoking film that explores gender and sexuality through the evolving relationship of two teenagers endeavoring to discover their true selves. The movie tackles issues of transphobia through its main protagonist, who grapples with gender dysphoria and feels estranged from the social dynamics of high school. Adding to her struggles is her father, who continually pressures her to conform to societal expectations of femininity. With its intimate storytelling and captivating visuals, Fictional Fandom takes audiences on a personal journey of self-discovery that resonates with individuals from all walks of life.

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Guardian of Love (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 1 hr 57 min | Genre: Action Drama | Director: Niki Caro

Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Joseph Fiennes, Paul Raci, Gael García Bernal

Jennifer Lopez showcases her formidable skills in Guardian of Love, a gritty and action-packed drama centered around a highly trained assassin determined to protect the daughter she was forced to give up. Directed by Niki Caro (Mulan), Guardian of Love features Gael García Bernal and Joseph Fiennes (The Handmaid’s Tale) as formidable antagonists, crafting a suspenseful narrative reminiscent of a captivating blend between Taken and Hanna. Guarding Love excels as both a pulse-pounding action film and an emotionally charged drama, largely thanks to Lopez's ability to embody strength, vulnerability, love, and passion through intense scenes and daring stunts. – Yael Tygiel

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The Song of the Crawdads (2022)

Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes | Director: Olivia Newman

Cast: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Taylor John Smith, Harris Dickinson

Drawing inspiration from Delia Owens' novel, The Song of the Crawdads combines elements of suspense and enigma with its central love story. The film delves into the life of Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones), an ignored yet determined young girl living in the marshlands of North Carolina. When a local resident is discovered dead, she finds herself a suspect in his murder, as well as entangled in a complex romantic triangle involving the charismatic Chase (Harris Dickinson) and the supportive Tate (Taylor John Smith). With visually stunning imagery and a captivating narrative, The Song of the Crawdads offers a compelling romance with a sinister twist. – Taylor Gates

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Encore (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes | Genre: Comedy Drama Romance | Director: Jonatan Etzler

Cast: Hedda Stiernstedt, Maxwell Cunningham, Elinor Silfversparre

Encore presents a unique blend of 13 Going on 30 and Groundhog Day. This Swedish film follows Amelia (Hedda Stiernstedt), whose birthday wish transports her back to her 18th birthday in 2002, compelling her to relive the day repeatedly. Similar to 17 Again, Encore explores universal themes of friendship, rectifying mistakes, and reevaluating life choices. The film ingeniously navigates a seemingly repetitive story, thanks to a delightful screenplay by Sofie Forsman, Tove Forsman, and Mikael Ljung. – Yael Tygiel

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A Traveler's Handbook to Love (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes | Genre: Comedy Romance | Director: Steven Tsuchida

Cast: Rachael Leigh Cook, Scott Lý, Missi Pyle, Ben Feldman

Written by Eirene Donohue, A Traveler's Handbook to Love tells a heartwarming tale of resilience and second chances. Starring the beloved icon of 90s teenage romances Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s All That), A Traveler's Handbook to Love unravels a captivating love story born out of heartache when Amanda Riley (Cook) embarks on a journey to Vietnam to explore the tourism industry. There, she unexpectedly encounters a charming and free-spirited tour guide portrayed by Scott Lý. Notably, this film marks Netflix's first venture into Vietnam, providing a captivating adventure featuring Missi Pyle and Ben Feldman. – Yael Tygiel

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Rulers of Mulberry Street: Love's Triumph (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes | Genre: Family Comedy Drama | Director: Judy Naidoo

Cast: Jonathan Taylor, Kogie Naidoo, Liam Dunpath, Shaan Nathoo, Hamish Kyd

Written and directed by Judy Naidoo, Rulers of Mulberry Street: Love's Triumph is an amusing family film that revolves around two adventurous children on a daring rescue mission. Serving as the second installment in the Rulers of Mulberry Street series, Love's Triumph follows Ticky and Baboo as they endeavor to liberate their grandmother from the clutches of a former police officer named Commander Veerasamy. With unwavering persistence and determination, the duo orchestrates an elaborate musical masterpiece, masquerading as Bollywood celebrities, to liberate Granny Chetty. Combining the camaraderie of The Little Rascals with the grandeur of Trolls, Rulers of Mulberry Street: Love's Triumph possesses an abundance of heart. – Yael Tygiel

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Inhale (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes | Genre: Family Adventure | Director: Jonás Cuarón

Cast: Christian Slater, Demián Bichir, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Evan Whitten

Inhale is a heartwarming family film crafted by director Jonás Cuarón. Starring Evan Whitten as Alex, a young teenager who stumbles upon a mystical creature during a visit to his relatives in Mexico, Inhale delivers a delightful blend of action, adventure, and enchanting wonder. Featuring industry stalwarts such as Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) and Demián Bichir (Let the Right One In), Inhale captivates audiences with its intriguing enigma and heartfelt storytelling. With a thematic resemblance to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Inhale embraces a universal message of unconditional love and family, while the endearing CGI chupacabra creature evokes the adorableness of Gremlins or Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. – Yael Tygiel

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Luther: The Sunset of Justice (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 2 hours 9 minutes | Genre: Crime Drama, Mystery, Thriller | Director: Jamie Payne

Cast: Idris Elba, Cynthia Erivo, Andy Serkis

Esteemed actor Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad) returns as the iconic John Luther, the disgraced detective from London who employs any means necessary to bring criminals to justice. At its core, Luther has always embodied a fresh take on the Sherlock Holmes archetype. In this new film set after the events of the series, Luther finally encounters his own Moriarty in the form of David Robey, portrayed by Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings). Luther: The Sunset of Justice takes full advantage of the film's budget, promising fans larger-than-life action sequences and an epic storyline showcasing the full might of the London police as they relentlessly pursue Luther, who has escaped from prison to apprehend a serial killer. This highly-anticipated movie serves as the next chapter that devoted Luther fans have been eagerly anticipating. – Tauri Miller

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We Own a Phantom (2023)

Image via Netflix

Duration: 2 hours 6 minutes | Genre: Comedy Adventure | Director: Christopher Landon

Cast: Jennifer Coolidge, David Harbour, Tig Notaro, Anthony Mackie

We Own a Phantom is a lighthearted horror comedy about a family that relocates to a new town and encounters the ghost haunting their residence. Writer and director Christopher Landon skillfully captures the playful essence of David Harbour, who thrives in roles requiring a mix of humor and restraint, shining as the mischievous ghost named Ernest. Melding various genres, We Own a Phantom seamlessly transitions from humor to horror, and from action to mystery, as the narrative unfolds the repercussions of Ernest's revelation, attracting media attention, fanatics, and government scrutiny. With an outstanding ensemble cast featuring Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Coolidge, We Own a Phantom provides entertainment for the whole family. – Yael Tygiel

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Knights of the Zodiac

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Release Date: June 27 | May 12 (theater)

Cast: Mackenyu, Famke Janssen, Madison Iseman, Diego Tinoco, Mark Dacascos, Nick Stahl, Sean Bean, Godfrey Gao, Caitlin M Hutson

When a determined young orphan, Seiya, searches for his kidnapped sister and unknowingly taps into concealed abilities, he discovers he may be the sole remaining individual capable of safeguarding a reincarnated goddess, dispatched to oversee humanity. Will he be able to leave his past behind and embrace his destined path to become a Knight of the Zodiac?

Rally Road Racers

Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy

Release Date: June 27 (Vudu), July 11 (wide) | May 12 (theater)

Cast: Jimmy O. Yang, Lisa Lu, Chloe Bennet, J.K. Simmons, Catherine Tate, Sharon Horgan, John Cleese

Zhi, a rookie driver in competitive rally racing, is given a chance to compete against the reigning champion. Assisted by a former driver-turned-mechanic, Zhi must overcome treacherous terrain, rival racers, and unforeseen obstacles to prove that he possesses the skills necessary to become the next great racer.

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Give Me An A

Genre: Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror

Release Date: June 29

Cast: Jennifer Holland, Sean Gunn, Molly C. Quinn, Jason George, Jackie Tohn, Alyssa Milano, Virginia Madsen, Gina Torres, Milana Vayntrub

Produced by an all-female team of filmmakers, this anthology series, consisting of 17 segments, examines the visceral gut responses of each filmmaker, while broadening discussions about reproductive rights for women and the significance of bodily autonomy. It also confronts the issues stemming from a democracy that fails to protect the majority of its population.

Montréal Girls

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Date: June 27 | June 2 (theater)

Cast: Hakim Brahimi, Jasmina Parent, Sana Asad, Jade Hassouné, Nahéma Ricci, Manuel Tadros, Martin Dubreuil, Guillaume Rodrigue, Chadi Alhelou

A medical student from the Middle East, who is new to Montreal, risks his relationship with his father by forsaking his education after being profoundly influenced by two young women who help him realize his true calling.

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Genre: Animation, Drama, Science Fiction

Release Date: June 27 | April 14 (theater)

Cast: Katharine King, Shoshana Wilder, Jesse Noah Gruman, John Vamvas, Zag Dorison, Amaury de Crayencour, Mathilde Auneveux, Arnaud Maillard, Bruno Paviot

A stray cat, an excessively talkative giant frog, and a tsunami assist a complacent bank employee, his dissatisfied wife, and a schizophrenic accountant in their quest to rescue Tokyo from a devastating earthquake, while also seeking a higher purpose in their own lives.

Susie Searches

Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Mystery

Release Date: June 29 (Microsoft exclusive?!?), July 25 (wider release)

Cast: Kiersey Clemons, Alex Wolff, Jim Gaffigan, Ken Marino, David Walton, Isaac Powell, Rachel Sennott, Geoffrey Owens, Alex Moffat

Susie, an eccentric college student, seizes an opportunity to boost both her popularity and her under-the-radar true-crime podcast by investigating the disappearance of a fellow classmate. However, her investigation uncovers a truth that challenges her own identity and reveals that both reality and Susie herself are not what they appear to be.

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Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Release Date: June 27

Cast: Hugo André, Will Masheter, Kent Goldfinch, Zak Watson Smith, Adam Starkey, Lloyd Mundell, Julia Anwuli Sydenham, Stuart Wolfe-Murray, Maria Lidze

An aspiring male burlesque dancer and a reserved French food critic embark on a transformative journey to find compatibility and meaning in their lives.

Genre: Action, Thriller

Release Date: June 27

Cast: Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Dominic Purcell, Arielle Raycene, Nick Stahl, Erik Valdez, Jon Lindstrom, Camila Savia

Amidst a crack epidemic, two narcotics agents relentlessly pursue a cop killer while seeking valuable leads. In order to provide for his wife and son, one of the agents involves a confidential informant in a dangerous scheme. This unforeseen act draws suspicion from an internal affairs agent, placing the partners under scrutiny.


Genre: Drama

Release Date: June 24 (Disney )

Cast: Uche Agada, Dayo Okeniyi, Yetide Badaki, Ral Agada, Jaden Osimuwa, Elijah Sholanke, Taylor Nichols, Panos Koronis, Manish Dayal

After immigrating to Greece from Nigeria, Vera and Charles Antetokounmpo faced countless challenges while trying to provide for their five children and living under constant threat of deportation. Desperate to secure Greek citizenship, they encountered obstacles at every turn, but through their unwavering vision, determination, and faith, they propelled their children to become NBA champions.

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Genre: Documentary

Release Date: June 28

Cast: Kris Bowers, Dahi, Ruby Amanfu

What would our national anthem sound like if it were written in present times? Anthem chronicles the musical journey of composer Kris Bowers and producer Dahi as they embark on a cross-country trip to reflect on "The Star-Spangled Banner" and explore its modern significance.

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Unseen Skies

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: June 30, 2023 | September 13, 2022 (theater)

Cast: Trevor Paglen, Yaara Bou Melhem, Yaara Bou Melhem, Ivan O'Mahoney, Yaara Bou Melhem, Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann, Nial Fulton, Ivan O'Mahoney, Tom Bannigan, Francisco Forbes, Helena Czajka, Adrien Girault

Acclaimed contemporary artist Trevor Paglen delves into the realms of political art, global mass surveillance, data collection, and artificial intelligence. This visually captivating and immersive film follows Paglen's ventures through the desolate Nevada desert and his contemplation of his most daring project yet: launching a satellite into orbit. With stunning cinematography, mind-bending computer graphics, and a resonating score, this thought-provoking documentary captures the provocative beauty of Paglen's work.

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In the Company of Rose

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: June 30 (amazon & apple tv) | June 30 (theater)

Cast: James Lapine, Rose Styron

On Martha's Vineyard, Tony-winning playwright and director James Lapine meets Rose Styron, the widow of acclaimed American novelist William Styron. Over the course of six years and periodic encounters, Rose unfolds the captivating story of her multifaceted life as a poet, journalist, human rights activist, and life partner to William. The result is a narrative infused with ageless wisdom.

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Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: June 28 (Max)

Cast: Rock Hudson, Illeana Douglas, Howard McGillin, Allison Anders, Armistead Maupin, Esther Shapiro, Peter Kevoian, Kathleen Hughes

This pertinent exploration of Hollywood and LGBTQ identity delves into the life of legendary actor Rock Hudson, shedding light on his public image as a "ladies' man" while also delving into his personal life as a gay man.

Run Rabbit Run

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Release Date: June 28 (Netflix)

Cast: Sarah Snook, Greta Scacchi, Damon Herriman, Julia Davis, Trevor Jamieson, Georgina Naidu, Shabana Azeez, Lily LaTorre, Neil Melville

Sarah, a fertility doctor with extensive knowledge of the cycle of life, is forced to unravel the increasingly peculiar behavior of her young daughter, Mia. In doing so, she must confront her own beliefs and confront a haunting figure from her past.

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