Grenade spots can make all the difference in the game of Dust 2. Whether you're attacking or defending, having the right knowledge and skills to strategically throw your grenades can give you a significant advantage. From Xbox Smoke to B Main Flash, this article will guide you through the best grenade spots on Dust 2. So, gear up, study these spots, and get ready to dominate the battlefield!

Xbox Smog

Ah... Xbox. Everyone desires to engulf Xbox. Why? Because there is always an irritating AWP in mid obstructing your path to short. So here are two alternatives for you.

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Long Corner Haze

Why do we release this haze? It compels the CT to have to widen their view to see double doors on long. This way, even if they get the first kill, the follow-up has an opportunity to eliminate them through the haze when they attempt to retreat. If the haze is absent, the CT can secure a kill and take cover behind the wall.

Here are my favorites, but head over to Dust2 nades if you prefer to throw it from T Spawn:

A Site, CT Spawn

Almost there, let's establish A site! Nothing can impede us now... Oh, wait... You just got eliminated by an AWP while crossing to A-site. You should have covered CT spawn. You can execute this one quite effortlessly, but you could get caught with a grenade in your hand.

The Mid to B Smog

Rush B!? Rush A!!.. Nah... Let's make our way through mid to B instead. Execute this smog and execute a B split. Optionally execute the flash to make life a little easier. It blinds anyone standing behind the door perfectly.

Popflash grenade positions

Popflashes are intended to blind and disorient the enemy unexpectedly, compelling them into a state of panic and hopefully enabling you to quickly eliminate them. A well-placed Popflash has the potential to completely alter the outcome of the game, so it is crucial that you target all the correct positions.

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Popflash Long A

A Long DoorsValve Corporation / Hidden Path EntertainmentApproach as close as your courage allows to execute a well-aimed Popflash towards this spot.

Occasionally, inflicting damage on the enemy is not the most effective strategy when attempting to rapidly advance to a specific area on the map. Sometimes, all you need to do is disorient them and strike without warning.

This is particularly advantageous when swiftly moving through Long A, especially given the frequent frustration caused by individuals peering through those doors. Here’s how to disorient the enemy and gain an immediate advantage:

Towards A Long

A long flash line-upA long flash line-upStarting from the T (terrorist) Spawn, the pathway lead by an arched gateway that leads the terrorists towards the A Site is called the A Long. New or grassroots-level players tend to rush towards the position without any usage of grenades. However, at the higher echelons and professional level, a dry peek will simply be met with terminal punishment.

Therefore, in order to safely peek at A Long to scout for advantageous positions from the counter-terrorists, the terrorists must first throw a flashbang while running from T Spawn towards A Long. This not only disorients the enemy but also ensures that your teammates do not get disoriented, facilitating a smooth transition into A Long.

Smoking off CT crossing

Even if terrorists take control of A Long, they still need to cross the CT (counter-terrorist) Spawn in order to enter the A Site. While one could simply sprint across, it is exceedingly perilous. Any individual holding the angle from CT Spawn gains a wide field of vision and can expose anyone attempting to cross.


Therefore, in order to secure the crossing, a player simply needs to position themselves beside the barrels and toss a running smoke as demonstrated in the video.

New Car inferno

Since the redesign of Dust in CS: GO, the new car position has been vigorously exploited by players as it provides inconspicuous cover where the players entering from A Long cannot detect the player.

Therefore, eliminating this position is one of the most critical tasks before seizing or retaking Bombsite A. It can easily be removed by aligning a Molotov or Incendiary Grenade from A Long.

If the CS: GO player stands on the long barrel and throws a Molotov aligned exactly as shown in the picture below, they can effectively ignite the new car position, flushing out the concealed player. The player just needs to leap and throw the Molotov and let it take effect.

New Car molly line upNew Car molly line up

T Spawn to A Short smog

In order for players to safely cross the A Short on Dust 2 map in CS: GO, they must first release a smoke to conceal the catwalk, preventing the opposing players from detecting their movement. To do so, the players must first position themselves as shown in the picture below.

T Spawn corner for A Short smokeT Spawn corner for A Short smokeThen the CS: GO player must align their crosshair as depicted in this picture and perform a jump throw to effectively envelop the enemy's line of vision.

Line up for A Short smokeLine up for A Short smoke

Cross fog

Head to this spot for the cross fog on Dust 2 in CS: GO (Image via Valve)Head to this spot for the cross fog on Dust 2 in CS: GO (Image via Valve)This is a superb fog placement that enables teams to advance together. One or two players from the opposing team are likely monitoring this entry point, prepared to react immediately.

Pass the lengthy doors and retrieve the smoke grenade. Aim at the edge of the crosswalk, start running towards Long A, jump, throw the smoke, and continue moving with ample cover.

Car elimination/Molotov

Pop a Molotov or elimination over the Salon to eliminate New Car on Dust 2 in CS: GO (Image via Valve)Pop a Molotov or elimination over the Salon to eliminate New Car on Dust 2 in CS: GO (Image via Valve)New Car is a position users take in the early stages of a round and after the bomb has been planted. Therefore, this strategy can be employed for an assault or a potential flank to disrupt a post-plant hold.

Stand on the barrel beside the Long Doors location. Execute a frag or a Molotov over the Salon sign. The frag will expose anyone present, and the Molotov will engulf the area in flames, either eliminating them or compelling them to relocate.

Grenades For B Site Assault And Retake

Popflash For Dust 2 B Site

CSGO Dust 2 B Assault Pop-Flash

If you desire to employ a technique known as a 'pop-flash' to initiate an assault on B Site, you can enter B Main and position yourself against the pillar opposite the box shown in the image above.

Align your crosshair to the right of the red 'B' sign. Take a short sprint and throw. The Flashbang will detonate almost instantly, preventing opponents from having enough time to turn around and avoid being blinded. This is the objective behind employing a pop-flash.

Smoke For Dust 2 B Site Double Door

CSGO Dust 2 B Assault Smoke B Doors Position

Position yourself behind the pillar, right in the corner.

CSGO Dust 2 B Assault Smoke B Doors Where You Should Aim

Look up and aim between the planks of wood as demonstrated above, and toss your Smoke Grenade.

CSGO Dust 2 B Assault Smoke B Doors

This lineup will veil the primary area that must be engulfed - Double Doors. It will shield you and your team from anyone attempting to peer outside of B Doors, Mid Doors, and CT Spawn.

Molotov For B Backsite

CSGO Dust 2 B Assault Molotov B Backsite Position

If you find yourself in a situation where you are launching a B push from CT or reclaiming the site, you may want to Molotov backsite to eliminate any enemies. Stand on top of the box in the corner outside B Doors. Align your crosshair on the door frame in between the two dots, on the middle dot. Jump and throw over the wall.

CSGO Dust 2 B Assault Molotov B Backsite

It may require some practice, but eventually your Molotov will land at the back of B Site. This can be particularly effective if there is an AWPer on site, holding the spot.

HE Grenade For B Backsite

CSGO Dust 2 B Assault HE Grenade B Backsite Position

The exact same lineup as above can be executed with an HE Grenade. The grenade will detonate before it lands, causing damage to anyone in the vicinity.

Grenades for Mid Attack and Retake

Smokes for Mid Doors from T Spawn

CSGO Dust 2 Mid Attack Smoke Mid Position

When you're in spawn, position yourself against the short fence facing Mid, and target the upper portion of the 'square' on the wall. Leap and throw your Smoke above the wall.

CSGO Dust 2 Mid Attack Smoke Mid

Now you and your team have the freedom to traverse Mid, as Mid Doors are obscured by smoke.

Smokes for Mid Doors to Enable a Short Push

CSGO Dust 2 Mid Attack Smoke Mid Doors Position

This smoke is thrown from Lower Tunnels. Stand to the right of the boxes in Lower Tunnels. Aim at the 'line' on the wall, directly beneath the lamp, and launch your Smoke.

CSGO Dust 2 Mid Attack Smoke Mid Doors

Using this smoke, your team can confidently push A Short without worrying about enemies peeking from Mid Doors.

Smoke CT to Facilitate a Mid to B Push

CSGO Dust 2 Mid Attack Smoke Mid To B

Proceed to the bottom of Mid and position yourself against the corner next to the box. Look up, and on the left, identify the rectangular area of light on the building wall.

You'll notice a small dark spot above the black line (click the screenshot to zoom in and view the crosshair placement). Aim just slightly to the left of the dark spot.

CSGO Dust 2 Mid Attack Smoke Mid To B Looks Like This

This Smoke enables a Mid to B push. It's advisable to enter through Window rather than B Doors, as entering through B Doors exposes you to potential enemy sight.

Mastering the art of using grenades strategically can turn the tide of any Dust 2 match, and the map offers a wealth of opportunities for players to exploit. Whether it's the ingenious Xbox Smoke, the tactical A Site CT Spawn combo, or the versatile Popflash grenade spots, there's a technique for every situation. From smoking off CT cross to executing a flawless B Site attack and retake, or defending A with a barrage of grenades, Dust 2 leaves no room for mediocrity. So, gear up, perfect your aim, and dominate the battlefield with these explosive tactics – victory awaits those who dare to unleash the power of grenades.