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If you have a morbid fascination with true crime, then look no further than the world of podcasts. These audio shows have taken the genre by storm, offering gripping and chilling stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From mind-boggling mysteries to notorious serial killers, there is a podcast out there for every true crime aficionado. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best true crime podcasts that will satisfy your craving for thrilling tales of deceit, murder, and justice. So, get ready to indulge in some spine-tingling storytelling as we explore the dark underbelly of human nature.


This captivating podcast explores in great detail a particular unsolved case. This time, it delves into the mysterious murder of Arpana Jinaga, a 24-year-old woman who was found strangled in her Washington State apartment in 2008 following a Halloween party in her building. Matthew Shaer and Eric Benson, seasoned journalists, skillfully guide listeners through the events of that fateful night, as well as the subsequent trial, meticulously examining the complex issues surrounding the case, such as the mishandling of DNA evidence and the intricate dynamics between race and law enforcement.

The Enigma of Tom Brown

Set against the backdrop of Canadian, Texas, this engrossing narrative podcast, hosted by renowned journalist Skip Hollandsworth of Texas Monthly magazine, delves into the disappearance of an admired high school senior in 2016. With the discovery of Tom Brown's remains two years later, the entire Panhandle community becomes engulfed in suspicion (as often seen in true crime stories), including members of Brown's own family.

Obsessed with Crime

True to its name, hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat are deeply fascinated by all aspects of true crime. Every week, they explore the most captivating and perplexing cases, ranging from historic mysteries to more recent convictions. In this episode, Flowers and Prawat discuss the tragic murder of Loren Donn Leslie, whose remains were found along Canada's Highway of Tears, a 450-mile stretch of road notorious for the vanishings and homicides of numerous Indigenous women.

A Tale of Downfall

One of the most gripping stories of ambition and hubris comes to life in this ABC News podcast, which chronicles the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of a disgraced medical technology company called Theranos. This podcast, hosted by Rebecca Jarvis, provides a powerful exploration of Holmes's toxic blend of ambition and arrogance, offering a riveting account of her trial in California. The developments surrounding the trial are as enthralling as any courtroom drama written by John Grisham.

Perilous Practice

Based on a true story that captivated audiences across both podcasts and TV screens, Dr. Death exposes the horrifying career of Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon now serving a prison sentence for causing significant harm through botched operations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area over a span of several years. The show not only sheds light on Duntsch's sociopathy as he continued to inflict harm, but also highlights the systemic dangers and dysfunctions within the American healthcare system. Be forewarned: Some of the details explored in Duntsch's cases venture into gruesome territory, making this podcast unsuitable for the faint-hearted.

Unconventional Insight

The Clearing takes a unique approach in the true crime podcast landscape, as it features not only the perspective of an investigative reporter, Josh Dean, but also the voice of April Balascio, the daughter of the perpetrator. Balascio, suspecting her father's involvement in a string of murders in the early 1980s, courageously tipped off the police in 2009. This podcast delves into her father's heinous crimes and the emotional impact it had on Balascio, her family, and the victims' families, offering an empathetic and introspective exploration of this complex subject matter.

Unveiling the Truth

This impactful podcast from NPR delves into the secrets and untold realities of race relations in the American South through the lens of the 1965 murder of Reverend James Reeb, a white pastor involved in the civil rights movement, in Selma, Alabama. A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in audio reporting, White Lies offers a masterful work of audio journalism, shining a light on a subject that remains distressingly relevant in the era of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Dark Legacy

Sisters Yvette Gentile and Rasha Pecoraro host Root of Evil, a podcast that revisits one of the most notorious cases in American crime history: the Black Dahlia murder. The unique perspective of the hosts, who are the great-granddaughters of one of the prime suspects, George Hodel, adds an intimate dimension to their investigation. They not only unravel the intricacies of the infamous murder of Elizabeth Short but also delve into the profound impact the case had on their own family, weaving a narrative that explores intergenerational trauma.

Uncovering the Truth

Former broadcast journalist Delia D'Ambra captivates fans of procedural crime shows with her meticulous approach to investigating murders. With her expert interviews of law enforcement officers and careful examination of witness timelines and case files, D'Ambra uncovers overlooked clues and exposes procedural errors that may have compromised evidence. In the third season, she delves into the brutal 1989 murder of the Pelley family in Indiana, raising doubts about the conviction of the victims' teenage son for the crime. The fourth season, available now, investigates the unsolved 2003 murder of John Welles, a 17-year-old who tragically lost his life while working on his family's farm in Florida.

The Menace of Atlanta

Following the success of Tenderfoot TV's flagship series Up and Vanished, host Payne Lindsey sheds light on the unjustly underreported case of Atlanta's child murders in Atlanta Monster. During the 1970s and 1980s, a vicious predator targeted young Black boys from impoverished neighborhoods, subjecting them to brutal killings. Lindsey's interviews with individuals who grew up in the city during that era capture the profound fear experienced by Black residents. Lindsey thoroughly scrutinizes the assumption that Wayne Williams, convicted for two of the murders, was solely responsible for all the killings, juxtaposing the perspectives of confident law enforcement officials with those of activists and public figures who believe otherwise. Through an extraordinary jailhouse interview with Williams himself, the Tenderfoot team attempts to unravel the truth, although Williams lives up to his reputation for speaking at length without revealing much. Subsequent seasons of Monster explore the cases of the Zodiac Killer and the D.C. Sniper, hosted by different individuals.

The Untold Stories

Accused, hosted by Amber Hunt, an accomplished reporter from the Cincinnati Enquirer, takes a refreshing approach by shining a light on older, lesser-known cases in the Midwest. This podcast delves into compelling stories such as the 1978 murder of Miami University student Elizabeth Andes and the mysterious death of pipe fitter David Bocks in 1984. Despite the absence of widespread fame surrounding these cases, Hunt's comprehensive investigation and captivating storytelling will keep listeners engrossed.

Exploring the Anatomy of Crime

Anatomy of Murder, produced by Audiochuck, presents a different perspective from most true crime podcasts. Hosted by a former homicide prosecutor and a former deputy sheriff turned investigative journalist, this podcast provides an insider's view into the world of criminal investigation. While it may lack some of the dramatic narrative elements found in other podcasts, its focus on showcasing the realities of law enforcement adds a unique dimension to each episode.

Inside the Underworld

Crimetown, produced by Gimlet Media, breaks the traditional true crime podcast mold by delving into the realm of organized crime in various locations. The first season, set in Providence, Rhode Island, explores multiple crimes and individuals, weaving through the lives of law enforcement officers, menacing Mafia figures, and corrupt politicians. Despite the departure from the typical single-crime focus, this podcast proves to be an enthralling and captivating tour de force. The second season takes listeners on a historical journey through the underbelly of Detroit.

Unveiling Secrets

On Someone Knows Something, produced by CBC Radio, each season uncovers the truth behind disappearances, unsolved murders, and shocking deaths. With multiple seasons of intriguing content, this podcast provides a platform for shedding light on stories that may have been overshadowed by more well-known cases.

Exploring Indigenous Mysteries

Journalist Connie Walker has dedicated over a decade of her career to shedding light on the struggles faced by missing and murdered indigenous women. Through a collaborative effort between CBC and Gimlet, Walker presents powerful and thought-provoking storytelling. From Season One, focusing on the unsolved murder of Alberta Williams in British Columbia in 1989, to Season Two, which tells the story of Cleo, a young girl lost in the welfare system in the 1970s, Walker tackles these stories with sensitivity, highlighting the real issues faced by indigenous women. The latest season, titled Stolen: The Search for Jermain, continues to explore the disappearance of a young mother in 2018, showcasing Walker's commitment to raising awareness of these important cases.

Unmasking a Killer

Bear Brook, produced by NHPR, takes listeners on a captivating journey into one of the most perplexing murder cases in American history: the Bear Brook murders. In 1985 and 2000, bodies were discovered in barrels in New Hampshire's Bear Brook State Park. Jason Moon skillfully investigates this chilling case, uncovering the connections that span across the country and ultimately leading to the identification of a murderer whose crimes spanned decades. The second season, set to be released in February, delves into the story of Jason Carroll, a man who has spent over 30 years in prison for a crime he admits to on tape but claims he did not commit.

Morbidmorbid podcastAmazon/WonderyLISTEN NOW

A fusion of real-life criminal cases, eerie historical events, and a generous sprinkle of humor has catapulted this podcast into popularity among its fans. Alaina, a medical examiner, and Ash, a hairdresser, present meticulously researched episodes encompassing everything from notorious serial killers to haunted properties, all interwoven with ample charm and banter to maintain a more light-hearted atmosphere than the title might suggest.

Chameleon Hollywood Con Queen

This is an imageLISTEN NOW

In this gripping podcast, hosts Josh Dean and Vanessa Grigoriadis embark on a relentless quest to uncover the truth behind a bizarre scam that plagued workers in the Hollywood industry for years. A powerful woman enticed them with the promise of their dream job, only for them to realize upon arriving in Indonesia that the opportunity they were seeking was nothing but a cruel illusion.

Ridiculous Crime

This is an imageLISTEN NOW

If graphic content is not your cup of tea, this offering focuses on the lighter side of the true crime genre, vowing to be "99% murder-free." Prepare yourself for astonishing, peculiar, and often amusing stories of cons, thefts, and kidnappings that defy belief. Reality often takes a stranger, and more comical, turn than fiction, and this podcast is here to unveil those remarkable narratives.

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Persona: The French Deception

This is an imageLISTEN NOW

Our fascination with con artists is unparalleled, and this account of the incredible Gilbert Chikli's exploits will keep you engrossed from start to finish. Chikli gained notoriety as a modern-day Robin Hood figure, cunningly swindling millions of dollars from major banks and corporations, even impressing the most influential individuals worldwide. However, the man behind these elaborate deceptions proves to be larger than life itself.



One of the most satisfying aspects of Criminal is its eloquent brevity, in addition to the soothing voice of host Phoebe Judge. As we grasp the temporary nature of existence, particularly in the context of true crime, these self-contained stories, ranging from 20 to 30 minutes in length, serve as exquisite, albeit disquieting, works of art that seamlessly fit into your daily commute.

From tales of prized poodles being pilfered to the origins of the term "Stockholm Syndrome," and even a narrative from a police investigator who ventured into the La Brea Tarpits disguised in a suit, each episode offers a fresh expedition into the realm where the truth surpasses fiction's wildest imagination. While true crime podcasts sometimes tend to blend together, Judge unfailingly introduces new perspectives from engaging storytellers, leaving audiences in a constant state of surprise and leaving a long-lasting impression.


This is an imageLISTEN NOW

This weekly podcast by journalist and comedian Azlo Slade offers a tantalizing blend of delightfully indulgent schadenfreude and moral dilemmas. With riveting narratives of some of the greatest scams, frauds, and scandals the world has witnessed, it prompts us to ponder whether breaking the rules can ever be justified.

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Stuff the British Stole

stuff the british stoleABC Radio NationalLISTEN NOW

Although it may not conform to the typical true crime mold, this Australian podcast, which has also spawned a television show, sheds light on crimes that have had a profound impact on society as a whole. Broadcaster Marc Fennell delves into the intricate and vexing histories of various stolen items, ranging from African bronzes looted during periods of war to Pekingese dogs co-opted for less virtuous purposes. These stolen treasures have found their way not only into the world's most renowned museums but also into the fabric of everyday life.

Small Town Dicks

small townCourtesy of Small Town DicksLISTEN NOW

Witness the convergence of major crimes and close-knit communities in this podcast hosted by Yeardley Smith, known for her role in The Simpsons. Offering in-depth examinations of lesser-known stories, this podcast provides unique insights from both suspects and the detectives who cracked the cases, complemented by captivating audio evidence. In addition, the inclusion of perspectives from identical twin detectives Dan and Dave adds an extra layer of intrigue to each episode.

Park Predators

This is an imageLISTEN NOW

"Sometimes, the most picturesque locations conceal the most haunting secrets." This weekly series unveils the tales of mysterious and bone-chilling crimes that have occurred in national parks and forests. Instead of conventional campfire ghost stories, this podcast presents real-life cases, both solved and unsolved, for your contemplation.

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font,Courtesy of SwindledLISTEN NOW

Indulge in stories of con men, white-collar criminals, and the darkest forms of corporate corruption in this podcast that ventures into all types of crimes. From the notorious Flint water crisis to deaths caused by tainted baby formula and the con artist who helped the FBI bring down illicit members of Congress, these accounts undoubtedly prove that greed is far from good.


best true crime podcasts scamandaSpotifyScamanda narrates the tale of Amanda C. Riley, a former educator and principal who deceived everyone with a fictitious Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis over a span of seven years. Throughout that time, she managed to collect an astounding sum of over $105,000 in online donations for what she claimed were medical expenses.


Slow Burn: Watergate

best true crime podcasts slow burn watergateSlateThis miniseries delves into the Watergate scandal through the perspectives of those directly involved. The first season of Slow Burn was transformed into the limited series political thriller Gaslit, featuring acclaimed actors Julia Roberts and Sean Penn.


The Thing About Pam

best true crime podcasts the thing about pamAmazon MusicThis original podcast from Dateline scrutinizes the murder of Betsy Faria, which occurred during the Christmas season in 2011 in a small town in Missouri. Initially, suspicion falls on her husband, but as the police investigation unfolds, a surprising new suspect emerges—Betsy's friend Pam, the last person to see her alive.


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The Mysterious Incident Involving Sandy Beal

highly recommended true crime podcasts what happened to sandy bealListen on Amazon MusicIn the year 1977, the lifeless body of Sandy Beal, a young woman barely 18 years old, was discovered inside her vehicle. Officials promptly concluded that she had ended her own life, but a few peculiar details raise doubts about this explanation.


The Disappearance of Tara Grinstead Explored

best true crime podcasts up and vanishedAvailable on Apple PodcastsThis gripping podcast delves deep into the perplexing vanishing of Tara Grinstead, a former beauty queen and high school educator from Georgia.


The Enigma Behind Paper Ghosts Unveiled

best true crime podcasts paper ghostsGet It on AmazonVenerated journalist and renowned true crime author M. William Phelps delves into the enigmatic disappearance of four young girls in 1970s New England.


The Allure of Unsolved Mysteries

best true crime podcastsProduced by Cosgrove Meurer Productions, Inc. Cadence13Fans of the original television show and its reboot on Netflix will undoubtedly savor the podcast adaptation. As you are probably aware, you will delve into a wide array of enthralling unsolved mysteries including abductions, deaths, and even supernatural encounters.


The Intrigue Surrounding the Long Island Serial Killer Unraveled

best true crime podcastsExplore on Investigation DiscoveryTake a meticulous look at the notorious Long Island Serial Killer, who is believed to have slain anywhere between 10 and 16 women from the 1990s to 2010. This case remains unresolved, but hosts Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter delve into the missteps along the investigation path.


Serial: The Game-Changing Podcast

best true crime podcastsCreated by Serial ProductionsArguably one of the most renowned true crime podcasts ever produced, Serial initially gained fame for its deep dive into the perplexing case of Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed.


The Astonishing Secrets of The Shrink Next Door

best true crime podcastsStream on WonderyVeteran journalist Joe Nocera believed his neighbor, Ike, who happened to be a therapist for famous individuals, was an ordinary person. Little did he know, another man would enter Ike's residence and unravel the secrets behind his psychological manipulation and fraudulent actions.


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Chasing the Truth about Cosby

Chasing Cosby

(Image credit: LA Times)Listening to Chasing Cosby can be an incredibly challenging experience, but its significance cannot be understated. This podcast, produced by the Los Angeles Times, is hosted by journalist Nicki Wiesensee Egan and features interviews with numerous women who were victims of Bill Cosby, as well as individuals involved in his prosecution. The fact that these accounts represent only a fraction of the women he sexually assaulted should be profoundly shocking, highlighting both the scale of Cosby's criminal actions and the deception that prevailed for decades as a result of his fame. 

In just six episodes and one bonus episode, Egan paints a devastating portrait of the harm caused by a flawed legal system that allowed only one woman, Andrea Constand, to bring Cosby to justice. However, amid the darkness, these stories are also tales of survival. These women endured years of silence, unable to share their experiences until now. While the Cosby story is tragically not an isolated incident, podcasts like this one send a critical message that needs to be heard. 

The Elusive Case of the Missing Cryptoqueen

The Missing Cryptoqueen

(Image credit: BBC Sounds)The finest true crime podcasts don't solely focus on heinous murders. The Missing Cryptoqueen from BBC Sounds delves into one of the largest modern-day cryptocurrency scams, resulting in an astonishingly captivating listen. Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the mastermind behind One Coin, had it all—a charismatic presence, widespread recognition, and the trust of countless investors. However, when she vanished without a trace, things took a bizarre turn. Strangely enough, even her disappearance wasn't enough to dissuade people from investing in One Coin. 

Join Jamie Bartlett on his incredible investigation into Ignatova's enigmatic disappearance and the multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme known as One Coin. Throughout his quest, Bartlett uncovers the heartrending stories of One Coin scam victims, ordinary individuals who fell prey to aggressive and convincing sales tactics. These global narratives are deeply distressing, but Bartlett goes beyond that, offering insight into the psychology and techniques employed by scammers, shedding light on how anyone can become a victim of such schemes. Complete with interviews with those who were fortunate enough to be at the top of the pyramid, this podcast offers a captivating exploration. And as of December 2022, the search continues. 

Unraveling the Manson Enigma

You Must Remember Manson

(Image credit: You Must Remember This)Between Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Mindhunter season 2, it becomes evident that Charles Manson's horrific actions still leave a lasting impression, even after more than half a century. But who exactly was Charlie Manson? What did he and his Family do? And how did The Beatles fit into the equation? These questions find answers in Karina Longworth's exceptional podcast series, a special installment within her comprehensive history of Hollywood podcast, You Must Remember This. Her exploration of Manson's history is nothing short of essential for true crime enthusiasts. 

While Longworth dives deep into the disturbing specifics of the murders, she also provides a vivid picture of the era itself. With seamless flair, she brings 1960s Hollywood to life, emphasizing the film industry's struggle for relevance amidst the rise of Flower Power. Atmospheric and occasionally featuring exceptional voice acting, You Must Remember Manson offers a true crime experience that is both horrifying and enlightening. 

Unveiling Cults, Extreme Belief, and Manipulation

Trust Me Podcast

(Image credit: Trust Me)True crime coverage often follows certain trends. For months, it may revolve around cryptocurrency scams, before swiftly redirecting attention towards corporate hoaxes and Tinder swindles. Yet, there is one constant that remains—an enduring fascination with cults. And who better to explore the abuses of power within these communities than two cult survivors themselves? Trust Me, hosted by Lola Blanc, a filmmaker, actress, and musician, alongside Meagan Elizabeth, a comedian and former psychologist, features interviews with specialists in the field, current and former cult members. The tone strikes a fine balance between entertaining and informative, while never trivializing the seriousness of the topic. The underlying message is clear: falling into a cult is not exclusive to other people. With over 100 episodes focusing on cults, this podcast provides captivating and at times disturbing insights. If you've ever felt that your fandom was taking on a cult-like atmosphere, you definitely don't want to miss this. 

Unraveling the Mystery of Hamish

Who the Hell is Hamish?

(Image credit: Who the Hell is Hamish)Finished listening to The Teacher's Pet? It's time to meet Hamish, a podcast also produced by The Australian newspaper. If you listen to this and Dirty John back-to-back, chances are you'll never trust anyone you meet online ever again. Thank you, internet. Hamish Watson, a seemingly sophisticated businessman with flashy cars and an irresistible smile, turns out to be a con artist who swindled over million from unsuspecting individuals around the world, leaving behind a trail of broken hearts. Journalist Greg Bearup serves as the perfect narrator, giving Hamish's numerous victims the opportunity to share their stories in depth. Terrifying on multiple levels, Who the Hell is Hamish is a compelling reason to conduct a thorough Google search on your Tinder matches. Twice.

The Dream Reimagined

The Dream

(Image credit: The Dream)Are multi-level marketing companies – MLMs for short – truly a malefaction? Can it really be detrimental to engage in events where individuals sell products to one another? Well, it turns out that if your acquaintance, who consistently inundates your Facebook wall with links to their Arbonne merchandise, gives off a cult-like vibe, they are, to some extent, part of a cult. Journalist Jane Marie, who has won an Emmy award and previously produced for This American Life, delves into the shady realm of MLMs in this captivating eleven-part podcast.

While companies like Amway assert that they do not operate as pyramid schemes – "because that would be illegal" – the regulations surrounding MLM structures are extraordinarily ambiguous. By interviewing individuals at all levels of MLMs, Jane Marie uncovers the riveting truth behind these intricate exercises in psychology, manipulation, and, of course, monetary gain. In an X-Files-esque fashion, it becomes clear that the deceitfulness extends all the way to the highest echelons.

What's even more satisfying is the availability of Season 2, where Jane Marie investigates the culture of wellness and the numerous associated products in the United States. If you've ever harbored any doubts regarding Goop, dietary supplements, and essential oils allegedly "transforming your life at a cellular level," this is the ideal source to expose the falsehoods.



(Image credit: KSL)The finest true crime podcasts immerse us in investigations like no other. They make us feel intimately involved. Few series accomplish this as spectacularly as Cold. In 2009, Susan Powell vanished, and while her husband Josh was a prime suspect, he never faced charges or arrest, and her body remains undiscovered. Dave Cawley dissects the case in meticulous detail over eighteen hour-long episodes, along with three comprehensive bonus add-ons. This is no fleeting taste of true crime. Stories of this nature demand time.

While we hear from key individuals such as members of the Powell family and the detective assigned to the case, Cawley conducts his own investigative efforts, sharing insights from Susan's diary and audio recordings captured within the Powell household. The story, in and of itself, is deeply distressing and frustrating, as Cawley lays bare the desperation of law enforcement at the time, as they failed to gather evidence implicating Susan's husband before tragedy befell the family once again. Yet, as the title suggests, the case remains unsolved, and Cawley remains deeply engaged, tracking GPS movements from 2009 and attempting to access hard drives. It is no easy feat, but Cold represents quintessential investigative journalism.

The Educator's Pet

The Teacher’s Pet

Are spoilers truly spoilers if they are based on real-life events? This is undoubtedly a 21st-century existential dilemma. Let's err on the side of caution and simply guide you toward this exceptional multi-part series from The Australian, The Teacher's Pet. Hedley Thomas, an investigative journalist, presents this tour-de-force documentary series, unraveling the details surrounding the disappearance of Lynette Dawson, who curiously vanished from her family residence in Australia in 1982.

If you're already exclaiming, "the husband's guilty," then you're no stranger to true crime. However, the stories revolving around Lynette's well-known rugby player husband, Chris Dawson, are devastating. The interviews and the desperate pleas from Lynette's family and friends for justice, even after 37 years, make The Teacher's Pet an emotionally raw and occasionally exasperating journey. Consider this your new fixation, similar to Making a Murderer.

As of 2022, you can now listen to The Teacher's Trial, a podcast that closely follows Chris Dawson's trial after he was charged with Lynette's murder subsequent to the release of The Teacher's Pet.

Unmasking NXIVM

Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

If I were to describe these podcasts as episodes of Friends, this would be "The One With the Allison Mack Sex Cult." Yes, that Allison Mack, the actress from Smallville. Now your curiosity is piqued. Uncover: Escaping NXIVM (pronounced Nexiom) is an eight-part podcast series that unveils the inside story of Sarah Edmondson, an actress who became involved in this multi-level marketing scheme and self-help organization, only to uncover highly questionable activities taking place. Can you detect the faint scent of tainted Kool-Aid?

What makes this case particularly fascinating is that Edmondson happens to be an old friend of CBC journalist presenter Josh Bloch, adding an extra layer of honesty and uniqueness to the tale. Bloch delves into the astounding story of NXIVM, which oscillates between cult-like practices and its operation as a multi-level marketing company. The leader, Keith Raniere, wields a level of influence over women that can only be characterized as downright super villainous. This case has captured headlines and led to prison sentences, making it an absolutely perfect starting point to understand the human stories behind the sensationalized news coverage. 

And Escaping NXIVM is only the beginning, as Uncover continues to explore a series of captivating cases. The Village plunges into a heart-wrenching investigation of a serial killer preying on men in Toronto's gay neighborhood, Sharmini investigates the tragic unsolved murder of a 15-year-old, and Satanic Panic takes a fascinating dive into the sensational story of daycare owners accused of Satan worship and extreme child abuse. 

The Final Podcast on the Left

The Last Podcast on the Left

If you desire to be the person on the bus desperately attempting to stifle your laughter at the macabre, then The Last Podcast on the Left is the perfect fit for you. Host Ben Kissel, researcher Marcus Parks, and comedian Henry Zebrowski have accumulated over 350 episodes under their metaphorical blood-spattered belts, but don't let that deter you. Whatever aspect of true crime you find intriguing, you'll find it here.

Whether it's serial killers, cults, or the paranormal, if it's bizarre or disturbing, you can rest assured that these three hosts will enlighten you on the subject matter, all while making you feel a twinge of guilt for finding humor in it. It's important to note that although Zebrowski's brand of humor is delightfully madness-inducing, Parks's meticulous research ensures that you'll delve far deeper into the horrors at play than your nightmares would prefer. The multi-part episodes exploring the grisly "Heavy Hitters" of true crime such as H.H Holmes or Jeffrey Dahmer are unforgettable journeys into the malevolence that both men and women can exhibit.

West Cork Chronicles

West Cork was previously exclusive to Audible as an Audible Original, but it is now accessible on all podcast platforms, eliminating any excuse not to listen. West Cork delves into the captivating investigation surrounding the enigmatic murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Ireland in 1996. What truly astonishes here is the level of access to the inhabitants of West Cork, as well as the myriad twists and turns that make up this intriguing case. Not to mention the multitude of memorable quotes from the individual whom many suspect to be the murderer. Similar to Serial, your internal gauge of guilt will sway like a metronome as this intricate web of events unravels. Prepare to lose yourself in eight hours within the blink of an eye. Additionally, as a bonus Audible Original podcast, check out Body of Proof, an investigation into the conviction of an Edinburgh man for the murder of Suzanne Pilley, as well as Murderabilia from 2019, a dive into the world of criminal mementos that sell for exorbitant amounts online. Serial killer hair, anyone?

The Teacher's Accusation

From the news team that produced The Teacher's Pet and The Teacher's Trial podcasts comes their latest addicting series, The Teacher's Accusation. If you've been following the Chris Dawson case closely, this announcement should come as no surprise. For those who need to catch up, the previously mentioned podcasts ultimately shed light on the mysterious disappearance of Lynette Simms, a Sydney woman who vanished in 1982. They extensively explore the life of Chris Dawson, Lynette's husband and a former rugby player and schoolteacher, who emerges as the primary suspect in her disappearance. These investigations delve into allegations of infidelity, the secrets concealed within their marriage, and raise questions about the potential involvement of others.

The Teacher's Accusation essentially provides news coverage and analysis from Chris Dawson's trial after he was convicted of having unlawful sexual relations with a 16-year-old in 1980, during his time as a physical education teacher on Sydney's northern beaches. It stands out as one of the most high-profile cases in Australia. So, if you haven't yet reached your threshold for interest in this case, binge-listen to it here.

The Chillest Mystery In Laramie

Kim Barker, an investigative reporter who won the Pulitzer Prize while working for The New York Times, revisits an unsolved murder that occurred nearly 40 years ago in Laramie, Wyoming, during her time in high school. She confronts the conflicting narratives that people have constructed around the crime due to an unexpected development: the arrest of a former Laramie police officer accused of committing the murder. Listen here.

Dr Doom

Few true crime podcasts shake our intellect quite like Dr Death. What originated as a stand-alone series exposing the deeply horrifying story of 'Dr' Christopher Duntsch and his spinal surgery patients, who often emerged with severe complications, has evolved into an anthology podcast spanning multiple seasons that sheds light on other cases where doctors are not quite what they seem. Listen here.

Enigmatic Secrets & Alibis

Undeniably one of the finest true crime podcasts from the past year, this masterpiece delves into the devastating double homicide of Cheryl Williams and Carol Bareis in Altamonte Springs, Florida, in June 2004. Red flags emerge as authorities discover a criminal record, mental health issues, and the questionable whereabouts of an illegal immigrant on the night of the murders. Listen here.

The Sydney Standoff

December 15, 2014, was one of the darkest days in Australia's history when an armed assailant took 18 hostages in the heart of Sydney's bustling Lindt Cafe. Seventeen hours later, two innocent lives were lost, the terrorist was deceased, and the vibrant Martin Place would never be the same again.

This podcast meticulously examines the timeline of the standoff through a series of interviews and firsthand accounts from eyewitnesses and those who were in the midst of the unfolding drama. An incredibly heart-wrenching and suspenseful portrayal of events, your pulse will quicken as you listen.

The Vanishing Of Des

On August 2nd, 1979, Desmond Francis Carr went to work alone on a remote road in rural Western Australia. He was meant to be picked up from the work location at the end of the day, but when his colleague arrived around 4pm, Mr. Carr's road roller's engine was still running, yet there was no sign of him. The Disappearance of Des takes you down a rabbit hole filled with unforeseen twists and turns as the desperate search for answers unfolds.

Expanse: The Pink Diamond Heist

This recently released ABC Podcast traces a daring heist that occurred in the vast expanse of Western Australia's remote outback, involving a cast of peculiar characters, illicit deals, and unimaginable amounts of precious diamonds. With a new episode dropping every week, you'll discover a fascinating piece of Australia's dark jewel history.

Who Was Behind Dr Bogle & Mrs Chandler's Demise?

This podcast delves into one of history's most bewildering and perplexing cold cases. On January 1, 1963, renowned physicist Dr. Gilbert Bogle and his wife Margaret were discovered dead beside the picturesque Lane Cove River in Sydney, not far from their residence, with no discernible evidence pointing to the cause of their demise. Sixty years later, advancements in toxicological examination have shed new light on this gripping investigation, holding listeners captive until the stunning resolution.

The Glitch

Imagine discovering that your ATM card had the ability to withdraw millions of delectable dollars without any legitimate earnings. This is precisely the situation that ordinary Aussie Dan Saunders found himself in, as he managed to withdraw $1.6 million dollars of other people's funds before squandering it all in less than four months. The Glitch chronicles Dan's journey through a captivating narrative of sex, drugs, philanthropy, and his eventual downfall.

Who Killed Daphne?

When a car bomb tragically takes the life of Daphne Caruana Galizia on the stunning Mediterranean island of Malta, the pursuit of her murderers uncovers secrets with far-reaching consequences. In the aftermath of her untimely demise, an international team of journalists joins forces to continue her groundbreaking work.

Along their path, they begin to unearth clues that may lead them to Daphne's killers. From Wondery comes a fresh tale of power, corruption, and one woman's relentless battle for the truth. Hosted by investigative reporter Stephen Grey, this story is making waves in the news right now, so it's best to delve into it immediately. Listen to it here.

Should Be Alive

Should Be Alive dives deep into the investigation of the tragic murder of Nikki Kuhnhausen, a transgender teenage girl from Vancouver, Washington in 2019. Through this true crime podcast, host Ashlet Korslien explores the challenges faced by the transgender community and sheds light on the increasing acts of violence directed towards them. Offering both intriguing insights and informative content, this podcast is brought to you by the team behind the award-winning investigative true crime podcasts The Yellow Car and Urge To Kill. Listen to it here.

Final Days On Earth

In the second season of this riveting true crime podcast that has flown under the radar, we are led through the mysterious disappearance of Jennifer Harris from Bonham, Texas on Mother's Day, 2002. On the last known night of Jennifer's presence, she left her house to visit a friend, but in the ensuing days, the circumstances surrounding the abandonment of her car by the side of the road remain shrouded in uncertainty. Listen to it here.

Australian True Crime

Undoubtedly one of the most exceptional true crime podcasts in Australia, Australian True Crime presents an endless collection of captivating stories. Within Australia's suburbs lie some of the world's most enigmatic and disturbing true crime cases. Meshel Laurie, a true crime enthusiast, teams up with Emily Webb, a true crime author, to explore investigators, perpetrators, writers, and victims in their quest for truth. Listen to it here.

Run Bambi, Run

This compelling podcast, presented by Apple TV Originals, delves into the real-life tale of Laurie "Bambi" Bembenek. Laurie, a captivating 21-year-old Milwaukee police officer, was unjustly convicted of killing her new husband's ex-wife before embarking on a daring escape as part of her relentless pursuit to clear her name. Allow us to elaborate.

Run Bambi, Run chronicles the captivating story of this infamous individual and her transformation from a Playboy Bunny to a cop and ultimately, a murderer. This case became a tabloid obsession and a prominent feminist cause, especially after Laurie's prison escape. Dubbed the 'most glamorous murder case of the 1980s,' you won't be able to resist being entirely engrossed by this enthralling narrative.


What originated as a personal side project in 2016 has evolved into an award-winning podcast with teams spanning multiple continents. In each episode of Casefile, an in-depth exploration is conducted into the circumstances, investigations, and trials of both solved and unsolved cases from around the globe. 

Darknet Diaries

If you've ever pondered over the enigmatic world of the dark web, this true crime podcast is tailor-made for you. Darknet Diaries delves into a wide range of topics, including hackers, security breaches, clandestine government operations, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the hidden elements lurking within the depths of the network.

The Night Driver

From the acclaimed Australian journalist Hedley Thomas, The Night Driver will send shivers down your spine. This podcast delves into the haunting tale of Janine Vaughan, who was abducted on a rainy night in Bathurst nearly two decades ago and has never been seen since.

The Nurse

This Australian true crime podcast will leave you utterly shocked. It follows the ongoing investigations into a pediatric nurse in a tranquil Tasmanian town who has spent over 20 years working with children. Esteemed by friends, family, and the community alike, he was seen as a paternal figure to many. However, unbeknownst to everyone, this seemingly caring nurse harbored a dark and disturbing secret.

With a staggering number of bone-chilling true crime podcasts available today, listeners are spoiled for choice when it comes to thrilling tales of intrigue and suspense. From the shocking twists and turns of Suspect to the gripping investigation of Run Bambi, Run, these podcasts have become an essential source of entertainment for those with a thirst for real-life mysteries. Whether you're a seasoned detective aficionado or a true crime newbie, these podcasts are sure to keep you up at night, eagerly listening to the darkest corners of human nature. So grab your headphones and prepare to delve into the captivating world of true crime storytelling - you won't be able to resist the allure of these gripping tales.