Are you curious about some of the most cringe-worthy hairstyles of the past and how they can be transformed into desirable looks? We've got you covered! From the dreaded cropped haircut to the not-so-cool frosted tips, we'll explore why these styles missed the mark and provide tips on how to make them desirable. So, get ready to say goodbye to the hair faux pas of yesteryear and hello to a fresh and modern look. Let's dive in!

The cropped haircut

Why it fails to impress

Few hairstyles scream DIY more than the cropped cut. Without any layering or texture, this haircut creates an unflattering shape that envelops the entire head, earning its apt name.

Not only does the cropped cut look terrible and unoriginal, but it also offers very little practicality. As the hair grows out, it becomes a nuisance, flopping over the eyes and bulking out over the ears.

By this point, the concept of a shapeless and dull cropped cut should be confined to medieval history books.

How to make it desirable

In order to elevate the cropped cut into a contemporary medium-length hairstyle, consider incorporating varying lengths around the sides and fringe compared to the back. While maintaining a semblance of a cropped shape, refining the shaping around the head will result in a more impactful overall haircut and heightened comfort.

Additionally, using texturizing products can add depth and definition to the style.

The party-mullet hybrid

Why it falls flat

Business at the front, party at the back. Whether you experienced the 80s or not, most people can envision the quintessential mullet hairstyle, often paired with a handlebar mustache.

Despite its previous popularity, this haircut now looks rather dreadful due to its rigid and square shape. Moreover, the lack of quality styling products led many individuals to possess dry and wig-like hair instead of a natural and textured look.

How to make it desirable

Inspired by a rebellion against the prevailing bald fade trend, the mullet has experienced a resurgence in recent years. To make it appealing, individuals have adjusted the traditional template, creating a more natural and flowing shape.

Rather than maintaining the stereotypical choppy cut on the fringe and back that results in a square and boxy outline, incorporating textured flicks and curls adds both business and party elements to both ends of the hairstyle.

Furthermore, shaved sides following a clean arch above the ear, similar to a burst fade, can enhance the shape of the weightier top and back.

The trendy top knot and man bun

Why it doesn't quite work

Top knots and man buns faced inevitable criticism once they became associated with certain stereotypes and lifestyles. Climate warriors, angry vegans, and shallow hipsters have all contributed to the negative perception of this hairstyle. Unfortunately, these associations tend to overshadow the practical benefits of the top knot, particularly for active individuals or those needing to keep their hair out of their face while working.

However, the hairstyle falls flat when excessively tightened and shaved too high on the sides, leaving only a small island of hair on top. Similarly, having insufficient hair to tie back often results in an awkward and protruding tip.

How to make it desirable

While it may be challenging to escape the stereotypical associations, individuals with longer hair who still desire the convenience of tying it back can opt for a contemporary ponytail look. This offers the benefits of a man bun without creating a harsh disconnect between the top of the hair and the back and sides.

To achieve this style, maintain a sufficient amount of hair on the sides that can be neatly pulled back. Alternatively, for a more defined top, gradually incorporate a subtle taper fade up the back and sides. This solution allows guys with longer hair to quickly style their hair while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Frosty hair tips

Why it misses the mark

Oh, the regrets of frosted tips! Once a staple of summer holidays, these hair highlights exuded teenage rebellion and edginess. However, looking back, they did nothing to enhance our appearance—especially for those who embraced the wet look, resulting in hair that appeared thin and akin to premature balding.

This literal hairstyle mess justified our parents' reasonable attempts to dissuade us from getting frosted tips.

How to make it desirable

For those willing to experiment with hair coloring, it is crucial to avoid the DIY approach and seek the expertise of a specialist who can recommend and use high-quality products. These products not only enhance color but also maintain the hair's cleanliness and texture, allowing for the desired style without leaving hair wet, thin, or lifeless.

The scene/emo bangs

Why it doesn't quite work

The long, angled bangs, stiffened with hairspray or left loosely hanging to be dramatically swept away from the eyes, were the trademark of the scene/emo look. The topsy-turvy mess on top, often styled with excessive height, and the pointed ends that extended beyond the back of the neck added to the drama.

Although it was considered edgy and daring during the Myspace era, this hairstyle has now become associated with "Karens" caught on camera causing trouble in supermarket parking lots.

How to make it desirable

Styling hair with messy texture will always draw attention. If you are determined to pursue a more rugged style, you can loosely follow the "emo" template. However, opt for a shorter cut with less extreme volume, akin to high-fashion runway looks rather than grungy teenage house parties.

Maintaining a cleaner-cut shape allows you to transform a messy hairstyle into something modern and cool.

The spiked bangs

Why it doesn't quite work

The vertical, spiked, wet-look bangs dominated the 90s. This hairstyle seemed to be everywhere, with barbers having to recreate it for clients who wanted to resemble their favorite boyband members.

In retrospect, the aggressive nature of the bangs, particularly when contrasted with a flat top and straightforward back and sides, fell short of impressing. Additionally, as the hair lengthened, an awkward claw-shaped overhang formed, requiring copious amounts of hairspray to maintain its upright position.

They say less is more when it comes to hair products, but this simple look demanded the complete opposite.

How to make it desirable

To transform this outdated style into something desirable, avoid spiking the bangs straight up. Instead, grow the bangs slightly longer and sweep them back using a traditional pomade or lighter, matte styling product.

This creates a cleaner, more natural, and sophisticated look that works both in and out of the office. It also eliminates the risk of Backstreet Boys jokes. A win-win situation.

The thinning combover

Why it doesn't work

Thinning hair tends to be an inevitable part of life. While some men can create passable styles with their thinning hair, others struggle to let go and resort to desperate measures.

Instead of embracing their fate, the combover hairstyle screams desperation. It clings to wispy strands that only expose the scalp in an unattractive manner, giving the impression that embracing baldness would be a better option.

We all like to be in control, but there are some things in life that we can't escape, and attempting to do so only worsens the situation.

How to make it desirable

For most men, the solution is simple: shave it off. While it may not be the hair they desired, embracing baldness allows for the adaptation of a stylish new look. This often leads to a sense of liberation and eliminates the constant struggle to hold on.

If the hair is thinning but still at a stage where it doesn't expose the scalp, utilizing texture-enhancing and volume-boosting products can help create the illusion of thicker hair.

However, most men should embrace the change and opt for a buzz cut. It's a liberating experience that makes them feel lighter. Focus on the positives, such as finally being able to rock hats, saving money on styling products, and having extra time each morning. Plus, it provides an opportunity to grow a strong beard.

Shaved symbols and patterns

Why it doesn't work

Regardless of whether you're a world-class athlete, incorporating intricate artwork into your hair is a bold choice. Racing stripes can add a playful element within the realm of professional sports. However, brand logos, pop-culture characters, and symbols are better suited as tattoos than as features in a haircut. Moreover, the latter can often lead to a slippery slope.

Black man with a faded buzz cut

How to make it desirable

As previously mentioned, elite athletes may get away with shaved-in artwork due to their talent and celebrity status. However, for those seeking a standout buzz cut, barbers can utilize their clipper skills to create a more mature hairstyle with clean fading. This intricate and attractive style is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons, leaving behind any desperate cries for attention.

There is much more potential with a buzz cut than one might initially think.

In conclusion, hairstyles from the past may have had their fair share of misses, but with a little creativity and modernization, they can be transformed into desirable and stylish looks. By incorporating varying lengths, textures, and shapes, these outdated haircuts can become contemporary and impactful. So, don't be afraid to experiment and embrace change. With the right techniques and products, you can turn any hairstyle into a winner. Remember, the potential for a great haircut is endless, so go out there and rock your new style with confidence.