In a world full of unique and creative names, there are some that undoubtedly leave us scratching our heads in confusion or even disbelief. From unimaginable combinations to downright bizarre choices, the list of worst names seems to be never-ending. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of questionable monikers, as we take a dive into the realm of Hellzel, Ahmiracle, Elizabreth, and a plethora of other shocking and eyebrow-raising names. Get ready to cringe, laugh, and wonder how on earth these names ever came to be.


Combination names are never a wise choice, and this particular name serves as evidence of that. According to a Reddit user, the mother favored the name Hazel while the father, being a biker, adored Hells Angel. As a result, they decided on the dreadful idea of bestowing their child with this peculiar name.


Every year, nearly 800 girls receive the name Miracle. Then there's the atrocious name Ahmiracle, along with Lamiracles and Jamiracles. We understand that a child is indeed a miracle for parents, but do we really need to make it so obvious? If you're fond of the name Miracle, why not select a name that signifies miracle instead?


No, this is not a typographical error by any means. Parents actually chose this name for their child. Doesn't it sound remarkably close to 'Lizard Breath'? A Reddit user made the same observation. So if you wish to spare your child from potential ridicule, it's best to avoid using names like Elizabreth for your daughter.


Pronounced as Olivia. Why not simply use Olivia?


Why is this name spelled so differently from its pronunciation?


Did they accidentally misspell Beverley?

Little Sweetmeat

We are at a loss for words to express our disappointment with this name. If you are still contemplating naming your child 'Little Sweetmeat,' consider the potential consequences it may bring. Think about the resumes that Little Sweetmeat will need to fill out or the reactions of other children when her name is called during attendance, etc.


We can't even fathom that this is a real name. What's even more astonishing is that there are 328 people in the United States with the name Abcde, the majority being girls. In the year 2009 alone, 32 babies were given this alphabetical name. It appears that the parents wished to provide their children a head start in learning.


Denoting the abbreviated version of the word America.


Is it Jessica or is it Erica? Make up your mind!


This one is a perplexing name. The mother admired the name Paisley but thought it was too ordinary and mundane. Hence, she chose the name Kaizyle as it rhymes with Paisley. Not only is the name peculiar, but it also has a confusing pronunciation.


This name was overheard from the daughter of a labor and delivery nurse. She claimed to have come across numerous terrible baby names, but this one takes the crown as the most repulsive. And we couldn't agree more. It's not only inappropriate but also offensive, embarrassing, and utterly vulgar.


Believe it or not, this is an actual name, and we firmly believe it deserves a place on the list of worst names!


Doesn't this name immediately bring to mind the Pink Panther?


The mother decided to alter the simple spelling of Riley to Reighleigh. But why? Simply because 'g' and 'h' were her favorite letters. How will the poor child spell her name during her elementary school years? Another mother named her daughter Eighmey, using an elaborate spelling for Amy.

Harley Quinn

Harley is charming and rhythmic, but why choose Harley Quinn? Anyone can guess that it's named after the antagonist from DC comics. What could be next? Joker? Or perhaps Batman.


This is disheartening and nauseating. How can a parent name their daughter Melanomia, which is a form of skin cancer that can metastasize if undetected? We hope the parents come to realize their mistake and change the name.


Why not simply use Veronica?

Heaven Lee

This is comical. Did the parents not know how to spell 'heavenly'? Or is Lee the family name? Perhaps it is, but the combination sounds rather amusing.


The parents initially intended to name their baby after their Uncle Alfred, assuming they would have a boy. However, they had a girl instead and had to come up with an alternative. Thus, they named her Derfla, which is Alfred spelled backward.


It's shocking, but this name is indeed used in America, where 'felony' is another term for a crime!

Tu Morrow

No, absolutely not!!

Moxie Crimefighter

Job titles should never be used as proper names, and what are the chances that she will actually grow up to be a crimefighter? Penn Jillette should definitely reconsider the name.

Fifi Trixiebell

Bob Geldof and Paula Yates named their daughter Fifi Trixiebell. Isn't this the same name Paris Hilton used for her dog? Bob and Paula's other two daughters are named Peaches Honeyblossom and Pixie.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Let's hope it also keeps the bullies at bay if you decide to name your daughter Apple. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin chose this name as it evoked thoughts of something good and wholesome.

Olive Garden

The father favored the name Garden for their baby girl, while the wife insisted on Olive. Thus, they compromised and named her Olive Garden Smith.

Worst Baby Names For Boys


We sincerely hope that you are not considering this seriously. Elfi Yaghi named her 14th child Jihad, which raised quite a few eyebrows. Most of you are likely aware that Jihad is an Islamic term referring to a war fought as a religious duty. The name also implies 'struggling', which your child will probably experience with a name like this.


Believe it or not, this is true. A French couple named their child Clitis. When asked for the reason, they claimed to be huge fans of a US actor with that name. The immediate question was, which US actor is named Clitis? Their response, with their French accent, was "Clitis Wood." They actually meant Clint Eastwood. Facepalm!


Indeed, there are children named Danger, and it is also a unisex name. What could be the inspiration behind this dreadful choice? Perhaps the television show "Lost in Space" (Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!) led them to believe that Danger is either the first or last name of Will Robinson. However, we have to admit, it's pretty badass.


Mhavrych is the alteration of the classic name Maverick. Trust us, it will not make a good impression on your child's teacher. It's not just the addition of 'h' that is bothersome; the replacement of 'I' with 'y' only adds to the disaster.


Meldor sounds like a character's name from "The Lord of the Rings." However, it was not invented by J.R.R. Tolkien. Instead, some enthusiastic parents, likely huge fans of the "Lord of the Rings" series, came up with the name Meldor. Unfortunately, it does not sound pleasant.


Imagine your child introducing themselves to their friends or an interviewer with the phrase, "Hi, I'm Colon." Do you think it would make a favorable impression? Certainly not, right? This detestable name has absolutely no redeeming qualities.


What on earth is this? Is it the name of a mythical god? Or a combination name? Absolutely not! It's actually the name of a town in Greece, but we doubt that a person with this name would even know that. The mother was inspired by the name of a bank teller, yet she had no idea of its meaning. She kept it simply because she liked it.


Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale named their child Zuma after a beach in Malibu. However, they may not be aware that Zuma is also the diminutive form of an unpleasant gastrointestinal condition. Additionally, it is associated with a mocked beverage.


This name may sound slightly less narcissistic than "I'munique." The mother simply changed the spelling of "unique" in this name. At least, no one can claim that Yunique is not distinctive.

Point to consider: Avoid naming your child Mallory, as it is considered an 'unfortunate person' in French.

Mercury Constellation Starcruiser

A Reddit user shared their experience in the navy, where they encountered a general with the last name 'Starcruiser.' To their surprise, they discovered that the general's full name was Mercury Constellation Starcruiser. This individual would undoubtedly be better suited as an astronaut.


What do parents do when the obsession with the 'terror of the night' becomes too overwhelming? They start naming their children Gotham. Hollywood is filled with movies and television shows that have us rooting for the hero. As a result, several baby names, including Gotham, have been influenced by these films and TV series.

Pilot Inspektor

Even Pilot Inspektor is not an actual occupation. So, why did Jason Lee choose this name for his son? Is it because he has a fondness for pilots? Or perhaps he once aspired to become a pilot himself, but circumstances didn't align in his favor.


Poor parents believed they were naming their child Jamie. How we wish they had conducted some research on the name online.


This name demonstrates the extent to which social media has influenced people's lives. A young couple was so obsessed with Facebook that they decided to name their son Like, inspired by the iconic Like feature on the platform.


A mother named her son Mazen because she believed he was 'mazen' when he was born, meaning 'amazing.' As for a potential nickname, she could always shorten it to Maze. Nevertheless, the poor child may remain an enigma throughout his life.


Can anyone guess how this name should be pronounced? Here's a tip: it begins with "Four__". This name was encountered by a high-risk pregnancy nurse at the hospital, and her husband uploaded it on Reddit.


No matter how much one may struggle with anger issues, it is best not to name their child Rage. A girl ran into her ex-boyfriend at a gas station, where he was accompanied by his girlfriend and their little baby named Rage in the back seat. Guess who had the last laugh.

Bogart Che Peyote

This name belongs to the son of reality star David Rainey. While it may be acceptable to name your child after revolutionaries or drugs, using a common term associated with drooling is entirely unappealing. Neither of these two options is appealing, to be honest.


Surprisingly, in 2014, five babies were named Billion. The only advantage of using the name Billion is that it can be shortened to Bill or Billy. However, other than that, we can't imagine any reason to bestow this name upon your child. Will Trillion soon join the list of baby names?


Prince Charles is certainly unique. However, Princecharles is a name that will cause considerable trouble. The poor child would constantly have to spell out or correct people on the spelling of his name. The parents were inspired by Prince Charles of England when choosing this name.

Audio Science

No, this is not a course description from college. It is the name given to Shannyn Sossamon and Dallas Clayton's child. This moniker is rare, unconventional, and far from being a traditional name. Can you imagine the announcement at his school, 'Audio Science, please come to the stage?'


If the parents wanted to convey an emotion through their child's name, why did they choose sadness? They could have brightened things up by going with Cheerfulman. This name appeared on the list of worst baby names in 2014.


Famous musicians Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 named their son Seven, as it is a powerful number that cannot be divided.


Not just one or two, but several children are named Obamanique, inspired by the 44th U.S. President, Barack Obama. Most of these Obamaniques can be found in Kenya and the United States.


The name Hashtag was created by a couple who wanted something modern and unique for their children. They came up with Hashtag, hoping to capture attention and admiration for their creativity.


Natalya Menshikova of Russia named her son Lucifer, despite discouragement from Russian authorities. When asked, Natalya stated that the name does not represent evil at all and actually means 'light-bringing.'


You might be wondering why Cameron is included on this list. It is not a bad name in any way. However, it does become peculiar when the name is Cameron Cameron.

Prince Michael II/Blanket

Initially, Michael Jackson chose the name Prince Michael II for his son, but later gave him the nickname Blanket, assuming that this name would not be criticized.


Is it just us, or does this name automatically bring images of a cow to mind?


This name made it onto the official list of worst baby girl names in 2019, and we believe it deserves to stay there. How exactly do you pronounce it?!


Believe it or not, there is someone out there who actually has this name!


A great name for a type of wine, but not so great for a baby girl.


Cute for a little old lady, but perhaps not the best choice for a baby girl.


No further explanation is needed for this one!


Who wants their baby to remind them of a spreadable butter product?


Unless your baby is planning to become a German opera singer, we suggest skipping this name.


Well, it's safe to say that this name definitely lives up to its unique nature.


Spell this name backward and you'll see why it made it onto the list of bad name choices!


Mattel is known for making products like Hot Wheel cars and Barbies, not babies!


Maybe she's born with it? Maybe you shouldn't use the name Maybelline!


This name ranks among the worst baby names because, well, you gave birth to a baby, not a car!


Sorry Kim, but we are not fans of this name.


A cute nickname, but not so cute when the person is 30 years old.


This is a lovely nickname for a baby girl, but we believe it should remain just a nickname.


Yes, your baby girl may have a little sass, but is it really appropriate to name her Sassi? We don't think so!


This name translates to 'evil nymph' in Latin, making it one to avoid!


Twinkle twinkle!


It may sound lovely, but it actually means 'death' in Arabic!


Baby Tracey just doesn't have a nice ring to it.


This sounds like something you might do if you have a stomach bug!


Imagine the confusion when trying to call her out in a crowd by pointing and saying 'you!'

Possibly the least popular boys' names


Translated from Hebrew, this name means 'Angel of Death.' No, thank you!


This has to be one of the worst names for a baby boy and would be completely unfair to use!


Just like the cleaner...


Meaning 'dead and awake' in African, it may be an accurate description for new parents, but not a suitable choice for a beautiful newborn baby.


Many mothers told us they loved this name, but due to its popularity, they now believe it deserves a spot on the worst baby boys' names list.


It just reminds us of the Simpsons.


Is it a teddy bear or a grizzly bear?


Baby Bob... it just doesn't work!


Naming your baby after our prime minister?


Yes, this name has been used before, and yes, we think it is one of the worst!


Show us someone under the age of 50 named Brian! You won't, as it is not a popular name for babies.


Perfect for a dog, not so much for a baby.


Are we referring to a cannonball or a musical piece? Either way, it is not a great name choice.


Does this name not make you think of a thin, elderly hillbilly man chewing on a piece of hay?


A definite no from us!


A great name for a 90s TV character, but not so much for a baby boy.


No comment needed.


Naming your baby boy after a smelly fuel? No thank you!


This name might not seem terrible at first glance, but it actually means 'dark stranger.'


Yes, this is an actual name that people use, and yes, it deserves to be on this list as one of the worst names!


No, that's not a typo. Edwood is actually a baby boy's name!


Unless you want your child to always remind you of a high-pitched red puppet, do not use this name.


Does anyone else instantly think of the giraffe from the Toys R Us adverts?


All we hear when someone says this name is 'grey ham.' Why would anyone want their baby to remind them of outdated meat?


No comment needed on this one!


No! Just no!


It feels like a child named Jax would be born wearing a lumberjack hat and a checkered shirt.


You might be a Star Wars fan, but it doesn't mean your baby will be.


Whether it's Justin's House or Justin Bieber, we believe this name should be on the worst list.


This name sounds too similar to 'peeler' and definitely deserves a place on the worst baby boys' name list.


Unless your baby is truly royal, we think this name should be on our worst list.


Your baby may be an absolute legend, but we believe this name belongs on the list of worst names.


Does anyone else instantly think of Louis Walsh?!


This name always reminds us of a 40-year-old man; we can't imagine it being used for a baby!


Another name that should definitely be avoided if you don't want your baby boy to be associated with the devil and hell!


Many people believe this is a name for a 'bad child,' so it might be one to avoid.


Can you imagine a child named Spartacus being called out during school registration?


We believe this name is not suitable, regardless of whether it is used for a girl or a boy.

In a world filled with unique and diverse names, it's hard to believe that some parents would choose to burden their children with the worst names imaginable. From the bizarre and cringe-worthy to the downright offensive, these names make us question the sanity of those responsible. While we may debate the impact of a name on one's life, it's hard not to feel a pang of sympathy for those who will navigate their way through the world with names like "Little Sweetmeat", "Colon", or even "Lucifer". Perhaps these names serve as a reminder that while naming a child is a personal choice, it's important to consider the lifelong consequences. After all, a bad name can truly be a heavy burden to bear.