Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of the best man! With a captivating plot, an incredible cast, and a reception that left audiences wanting more, this film has become a true cinematic gem. But it doesn't stop there; the soundtrack adds an extra layer of emotion, perfectly complementing the gripping storyline. And speaking of more, we'll also delve into the exciting world of the sequels. From start to finish, this article is your ultimate guide to everything best man. So sit back, relax, and let's jump right into this thrilling journey.


In Chicago, Harper Stewart is an emerging writer whose debut novel, Unfinished Business, has been chosen by Oprah's Book Club. Harper's dedicated girlfriend Robyn is frustrated with his reluctance to commit to their relationship.

Harper travels to New York City to spend the weekend with old college friends before attending the wedding of Lance Sullivan, a running back for the New York Giants, and Mia Morgan. Harper, who serves as the best man, reunites with his friends Julian "Murch" Murchison and Jordan Armstrong. Jordan has shared an early copy of Unfinished Business with their inner circle of friends, who the book is inspired by.

None of the friends approve of Murch's controlling girlfriend Shelby, and Harper criticizes Quentin Spivey for his inability to settle into a job. Throughout the weekend, several revelations occur: Quentin has always been a free spirit, Lance has changed his womanizing ways, Harper is unsure about remaining single, and Murch has never been able to keep a secret. Flashbacks from their college days reveal that Lance met Mia through Harper, and Jordan almost had a romantic encounter with Harper. Quentin provokes Lance about Mia, causing Lance to believe she has never been with another man. Harper, worried that Lance will discover his past one-night stand with Mia, confronts the situation.

Jordan admits to Harper that she is attracted to him and wants to sleep with him before Robyn arrives for the wedding. They share a kiss, and Harper is confronted by Lance in the bathroom. However, instead of expressing anger, Lance thanks Harper for being a true friend. The conversation is interrupted before Harper can confess. As the groomsmen head off to the bachelor party, Jordan invites Harper to meet later, and Murch finally stands up to Shelby.

At the party, Harper steals Lance's copy of Unfinished Business, much to Quentin's disgust. As the party becomes more intoxicated, Murch becomes infatuated with one of the strippers named Candy, and Harper accepts Jordan's invitation. Lance discovers the book in Harper's coat and learns the truth about Mia and Harper's college fling, intended as retaliation against Lance's infidelity. Enraged, Lance physically attacks Harper for his betrayal, nearly throwing him off the balcony. However, Quentin calms Lance down, and Lance calls off the wedding.

Harper, badly injured, seeks solace at Jordan's apartment. Harper blames her for spreading the book but is reprimanded for revealing his own personal secrets and leading her on. The next day, Harper meets Robyn at the airport, where she notices his injuries. Harper confesses his actions to her, and although disappointed, Robyn agrees to help save the wedding.

Arriving at the church with Candy, Murch ends his relationship with Shelby. Lance arrives, and his friends desperately try to prevent him from informing his parents about the canceled wedding. Harper, who doesn't share Lance's religious devotion, prevents Lance by asking him to pray. While Robyn and Jordan comfort Mia, oblivious to the previous night's events, Harper manages to reason with Lance and assures him of the love between him and Mia. After a tearful prayer together, Lance proceeds with the wedding.

Harper delivers a heartfelt speech, deeply touching Mia and Lance with their love. Lance forgives Harper, and Shelby pushes aside a bridesmaid to catch the bouquet, while Quentin catches the garter. Jordan finds closure with Harper, affirming that Robyn is the right woman for him. On the dance floor, Harper expresses gratitude to Robyn for her assistance and, in front of the entire wedding party, proposes to her. She accepts. The film concludes with everyone dancing the electric slide to the song "Candy" by Cameo.

In a post-credit scene, Shelby and Quentin wake up together in bed, shocked and disgusted.


  • Taye Diggs plays Harper Stewart
  • Nia Long plays Jordan Armstrong
  • Morris Chestnut plays Lance Sullivan
  • Harold Perrineau plays Julian "Murch" Murchison
  • Terrence Howard plays Quentin Spivey
  • Sanaa Lathan plays Robyn
  • Melissa De Sousa plays Shelby
  • Monica Calhoun plays Mia Morgan
  • Jim Moody plays Uncle Skeeter
  • Regina Hall plays Candace "Candy" Sparks
  • Jarrod Bunch plays Wayne
  • Victoria Dillard plays Anita
  • Malcolm D. Lee plays Emcee


The film garnered predominantly positive reviews from critics. According to reviewer Jason Clark from AllMovie, the film received a 3/5 star rating. Clark mentioned that the film occasionally presents moments of rich humor but fails to bring anything new to the table in terms of exploring troubled weddings or the experiences of upwardly mobile African-Americans in search of love.[2] The Yahoo! Movies website has recorded an average rating of B from users.[3]

Howard's exceptional performance received significant acclaim from film critics, catapulting him to prominence. The Best Man is widely regarded as the film that launched his career.[4][5] According to Jason Clark of AllMovie, Howard's character is so captivating that one secretly wishes the entire film revolved around him.[2]

The film holds a 72% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on reviews from 71 critics, with the site's consensus affirming that The Best Man is an intelligent, funny romantic comedy featuring a strong cast and well-defined characters. It marks an impressive debut for writer/director Malcolm D. Lee.[6] With an average favorable rating of 61% from 30 critics, the film received a favorable reception on Metacritic.[7]

Box office

Made on a relatively modest budget of million, the film exceeded expectations and grossed over $34 million during its theatrical run.[1]

Awards and nominations

The film received numerous awards and recognition. All eight main cast members received nominations at the 2000 NAACP Image Awards, with Terrence Howard and Nia Long winning for their performances. The film also won the award for Outstanding Motion Picture.

2000 Black Reel Awards[8]

  • Best Actor (Theatrical)—Taye Diggs (nominated)
  • Best Actress (Theatrical)—Nia Long (winner)
  • Best Director (Theatrical)—Malcolm D. Lee (winner)
  • Best Screenplay, Original or Adapted (Theatrical)—Malcolm D. Lee (winner)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Theatrical)—Terrence Howard (nominated)
2000 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards
  • Most Promising Actor—Terrence Howard (nominated)
2000 Independent Spirit Awards[9]
  • Best Supporting Male—Terrence Howard (nominated)
2000 NAACP Image Awards[10][11]
  • Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture—Morris Chestnut (nominated)
  • Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture—Taye Diggs (nominated)
  • Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture—Monica Calhoun (nominated)
  • Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture—Nia Long (winner)
  • Outstanding Motion Picture (winner)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture—Harold Perrineau (nominated)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture—Terrence Howard (winner)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture—Melissa De Sousa (nominated)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture—Sanaa Lathan (nominated)


The Soundtrack of The Best Man - Music From The Motion Picture is an album featuring a variety of artists. It was released on October 12, 1999, and recorded between 1998 and 1999. The album falls under the genres of Hip hop and R&B, with a total length of 62 minutes and 45 seconds. Columbia Records produced the soundtrack, with Bonnie Greenberg and Lisa Brown serving as executive producers.

The album includes two singles: "Let's Not Play the Game," released on October 12, 1999, and "The Best Man I Can Be," released on October 29, 1999. Overall, the soundtrack received positive ratings from Allmusic. It reached number 2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and number 16 on the Billboard 200 in 1999.

Track listing

The following is the track listing for The Best Man: Music from the Motion Picture:

1. "What You Want" - performed by The Roots featuring Jaguar (4:16)

2. "Let's Not Play the Game" - performed by Maxwell (4:31)

3. "After All Is Said and Done" - performed by Beyoncé and Marc Nelson (4:15)

4. "Poetry Girl" - performed by Eric Benét (5:28)

5. "Liar, Liar" - performed by LaTocha Scott (4:41)

6. "Best Man" - performed by Faith Evans (3:26)

7. "Beautiful Girl" - performed by Kenny Lattimore (4:04)

8. "Hit It Up" - performed by Sporty Thievz (3:39)

9. "Turn Your Lights Down Low" - performed by Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill (4:02)

10. "Untitled" - performed by Meshell Ndegeocello (4:08)

11. "As My Girl" - performed by Maxwell (4:11)

12. "Wherever You Go" - performed by Sygnature featuring Simbi Khali (5:31)

13. "When the Shades Go Down" - performed by Allure (4:56)

14. "The Best Man I Can Be" - performed by Ginuwine, RL, Tyrese, and Case (6:29)


- The song "As" by Stevie Wonder from his album "Songs in the Key of Life" is played during the scene where Harper and Jordan almost make love in college. However, it does not appear on the soundtrack album but is covered by Anthony Hamilton and Marsha Ambrosius in the soundtrack for the sequel, The Best Man Holiday.

- The song "Candy" by Cameo from their album "Word Up!" is also significant to the film's plot. However, it is not included on the soundtrack album.

- The version of "What You Want" by The Roots played in the opening credits of the film has edited lyrics to avoid revealing a major plot spoiler.

Weekly charts

Chart (1999)

Peak position

US Billboard 200: 16

US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard): 2




Certified units/sales

United States (RIAA)



^ Certifications are based on shipment figures alone.


In 2013, a sequel to The Best Man titled The Best Man Holiday was written and directed by Lee. The cast members from the first film, including Chestnut, Diggs, Hall, Howard, Lathan, Long, Perrineau, Calhoun, and De Sousa, returned for the sequel, which received positive reviews.

In February 2021, Peacock ordered a limited series titled The Best Man: The Final Chapters consisting of ten episodes. Lee and Dayna Lynne North created the series and served as executive producers. The limited series features the return of Chestnut, Diggs, Hall, Howard, Lathan, Long, Perrineau, and De Sousa in their respective roles. The series premiered on December 22, 2022.

In conclusion, the best man is not just a movie, but an experience that leaves a lasting impact. With its captivating plot, stellar cast, accolades from audiences and critics alike, a memorable soundtrack that adds depth to every scene, and the promise of sequels to come, it's no wonder that this film continues to be celebrated as a true gem. So, whether you're a rom-com fan or just in search of a heartwarming story, The Best Man is a cinematic journey that will undoubtedly leave you smiling and craving for more.