Basketball enthusiasts are constantly on the hunt for the perfect pair of kicks that will give them an edge on the court. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, finding the best basketball shoes can make all the difference in your performance. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the choices. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top contenders in each category, from the overall best basketball shoe to the most comfortable option. Whether you're in need of ankle support, wide feet, or superior traction, this article has got you covered. So lace up and get ready to soar to new heights with the best basketball shoes on the market.

The Top Basketball Shoe Overall

Nike KD 15View complete analysis The Nike KD 15 is an outstanding performer, just like its predecessor. The same technical specifications that we have grown to appreciate are present, along with a few minor enhancements that elevate this shoe to the next level.

The foam midsole is made of Cushlon, which provides a soft and plush feel, and on top of that foam lies the full-length Nike Zoom Air Strobel, which gives you a sensation similar to springs under your feet. The materials have undergone slight modifications, but they remain breathable and flexible. Currently, these are the top basketball shoes available in the market. Read the complete analysis. Price: $150

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Li-Ning Wade 808 2View complete analysis The Li-Ning Wade 808 2 brings back a technology that is widely loved: drop-in midsoles. They were particularly popular on various Nike Kobe models, the Nike LeBron 11, and the Harden Vol 5. For this pair, the drop-in consists of pure Cloud foam, providing plush and comfortable cushioning. You also have the option to switch it out for the BOOM drop-in from the Li-Ning Wade 808 2 Ultra. The upper is lightweight and remarkably breathable. It is delightful to have the ability to personalize the cushion according to your preferences. This model is regarded as one of the finest Li-Ning Basketball Shoes. Read the complete analysis. Price: $119 $109

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Nike LeBron 20View complete analysis The Nike LeBron 20 is among the most anticipated basketball shoes from LeBron James. It deviates from previous releases like the Nike LeBron 19, even in terms of traction. The grip of that shoe was inconsistent, but this one is outstanding. The multidirectional pattern covers all your movements. The midsole consists of full-length Cushlon, with a forefoot Zoom Turbo unit and an additional standard Zoom Air unit in the heel. The upper is lightweight and comfortable. Read the complete analysis. Price: $200

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Way of Wade 10 Performance ReviewView the complete analysis The Li-Ning Way of Wade 10 is one of the most technologically advanced signature shoes on the market, regardless of the brand. Li-Ning provides a comprehensive breakdown of everything included in the package. For support, it features a full-length carbon fiber torsional plate that also functions as a spring plate. The cushioning is enhanced with the brand's BOOM cushion. These shoes are exceptional for on-court performance. If you are a fan of DWade or wish to explore non-mainstream shoe options, this sneaker is definitely for you. Read the complete analysis. Price: $225-240

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Nike Kyrie InfinityView complete analysis The Nike Kyrie 8 is extraordinary and is considered the best shoe in Kyrie's signature line, alongside the Kyrie 6. The shoe offers an ideal combination of cushioning and low-profile performance, which raises the question why Nike does not implement the same setup in every Kyrie shoe.

The shoe features a large volume forefoot Zoom strobe unit and another standard unit in the heel. Additionally, it provides excellent lockdown and premium materials throughout the upper. The shoe can be compared to a sleeker version of the Jordan 13, which is high praise. Please note that the traction requires some break-in time. We should also mention that the Kyrie 5 Low is a similar shoe if you prefer low tops. Read the complete analysis. Price: $140

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Puma TRC Blaze CourtView complete analysis The Puma TRC Blaze Court continues Puma's resurgence in the basketball performance sneaker industry. The outsole boasts an impressive appearance and delivers exceptional performance. It consists mainly of multidirectional lines, with a herringbone pattern strategically placed. The outsole may experience chipping when played on outdoor courts, so bear that in mind. The Trinomic cushion is foam-based and is visible when you inspect the shoe's underside. The rest of the midsole is made of ProFoam, ensuring comfort. If you have not yet tried Puma basketball shoes, this model is an excellent option for your introduction. Read the complete analysis. Price: $120

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Curry 10 Performance ReviewView complete analysis The Under Armour Curry 10 is an enhanced version of an already exceptional shoe, the Curry 9. The shoe incorporates Under Armour's Flow cushioning/traction system. Flow provides exceptional impact protection, a seamless transition from heel to toe, and incredible traction. Its design is perfect for guards, as it offers a running shoe's characteristics, beefed up for basketball. The Curry 10 also showcases an upgraded Warp 2.0 upper, which provides superb comfort. Read the complete analysis. Price: $160

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Puma Rise Nitro Performance ReviewView complete analysis The Puma Rise Nitro surpasses its predecessor, the Puma Fusion Nitro, and Puma appears to have taken note of the suggested improvements we provided. The outsole not only has an appealing appearance, but it also delivers optimal functionality. The torsional and spring plates are combined to create the ProPlate, which is similar to the one used in the Puma Clyde All-Pro. The midsole is infused with Nitro foam throughout its length, similar to the Puma MB.01. It incorporates some of the brand's best technology and represents one of the most exceptional basketball shoes offered by Puma. Read the complete analysis. Price: $125

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Nike Zoom GT Cut 2View complete analysis The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 follows one of the most highly anticipated basketball shoes in recent memory, the Nike Zoom GT Cut. The GT Cut features a low-profile, lightweight design comparable to its predecessor. The React foam, full-length Air Zoom Strobel, and heel Zoom unit work in harmony, providing solid cushioning despite the shoe's low profile. It is truly a dream shoe for quick guards, although taller players may prefer different options. Read the complete analysis. Price: $150

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New Balance Two WXY v3View full analysis The New Balance TWO WXY V3 represents an upgrade from the previous version and surpasses their flagship model for Kawhi Leonard. The traction is excellent, as long as it lasts. From the moment you wear them, you will be able to make sudden stops effortlessly. The comfortable FuelCell cushioning caters to most player positions. The FitWeave upper is comfortable and moves naturally with your feet. New Balance offers a very impressive basketball shoe with this model. Read the complete analysis. Price: $120

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Additional Recommendations

Jordan Zion 2View complete analysis The Jordan Zion 2 is an extremely dependable performance basketball shoe. It improves upon the not-so-great performance of the Jordan Zion 1. This time around, with a different cushioning arrangement and upgraded traction, the performance is significantly better.

The traction, in particular, stands out in the Jordan Zion 2 as it provides exceptional grip on the court after a brief break-in period. It is most noticeable when making aggressive lateral movements. The materials, while not outstanding, get the job done, and the forefoot strap ensures a secure fit. The shoe provides substantial heel support, keeping your feet locked in at all times. Read the complete analysis. Price: $120

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Jordan Luka 1 Performance ReviewView complete analysis The Jordan Luka 1 received high praise from our team, which speaks volumes. Luka Doncic and the Jordan design team did an exceptional job with this shoe. Jordan Brand introduced its newest foam, Formula 23, with the Luka 1. From the moment you put them on, you will feel the exceptional comfort it provides. Support is clearly a priority with the IsoPlate system, offering torsional and lateral support for stepbacks and defensive slides. At a price of $110 ($120 for special editions), you receive a remarkable level of performance for your money. Read the complete analysis. Price: $110

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new balance kawhi 2View complete analysis The New Balance Kawhi 2 embodies what Kawhi represents on the court. It may not receive the highest praise, but it gets the job done. The cushioning is on the denser side, providing excellent stability. The FitWeave upper also reduces a significant amount of weight compared to the previous model. It is a great option for those who give their all on both ends of the floor. You can run up and down the court without any issues or concerns. See the complete analysis. Price: $160

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Notable Mentions

Top Outdoor Basketball Footwear

If you frequently play on outdoor courts, these shoes offer the toughness and padding required to endure long hours on concrete or asphalt. If you're wondering how to select the best outdoor basketball shoes, we have a helpful article that can assist you. Additionally, you can explore our comprehensive list of the finest outdoor basketball shoes or watch our video analysis of the top outdoor basketball shoes.

Nike KD 15Watch complete evaluation The Nike KD 15 isn't just one of the best basketball shoes overall this year, but it's also an excellent choice for outdoor wear, especially if you acquire the EP version (usually only accessible in Asian markets) with extra-durable rubber (XDR).

The cushioning system of the KD 15 is another reason why it stands out outdoors. Cushlon serves as the primary foam carrier, with the full-length Nike Zoom Air Strobel unit on top providing impact protection and a responsive feel. Together, they make extended periods of outdoor basketball a breeze. Read the complete evaluation. Price: $150

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Finest Affordable Basketball Footwear

When it comes to the most reasonable basketball shoes, we refer to the models that brands promote as their cheaper alternatives. Among these models, there are often some hidden treasures that provide exceptional value for your money. You can view the complete list here, as well as our compilation of the best ongoing basketball shoe deals.

Nike Air Max Impact 4 The Nike Air Max Impact 4 pleasantly surprised us as the ultimate budget-friendly option available. The shoe's standout attribute is its remarkable cushioning setup. It offers incredible softness and comfort, with an upper that requires no breaking-in time. Furthermore, the support provided by the shoe is exceptional, thanks to its two outriggers ensuring stability during gameplay. There truly isn't another shoe priced under $100 that performs as brilliantly and consistently as this one. Delve into the comprehensive review. Price:

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Peak Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

There aren't numerous exceptional choices available for individuals with wide feet. With the surge in online shopping's popularity, wide-footed individuals often lack the opportunity to try on sneakers in physical stores. Fortunately, Weartesters is here to assist you in finding the perfect shoe. Here, you will find our top selection for the finest basketball shoe for wide-footed individuals, along with our comprehensive list of wide-foot-friendly options.

Curry 10Watch complete evaluation The Under Armour Curry 10 is an upgraded version of its exceptional predecessor, the Curry 9. Steph Curry's signature line consistently delivers some of the finest sneakers on the market, and the Curry 10 is no exception, particularly for those with wide feet.

The shoe incorporates Under Armour's remarkable Flow cushioning/traction system (similar to the Curry 9). Flow provides excellent impact protection and a seamless transition from heel to toe. It almost feels like a running shoe that has been enhanced to perform on the basketball court. Additionally, the Curry 10 features an improved and updated upper with Warp 2.0. Explore the complete review. Price: $160

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Premium Traction Basketball Shoes

Traction is a crucial aspect of any high-performance basketball shoe. It serves as the basis upon which everything else relies. If exceptional traction is your utmost priority, superseding all other features, this is our top recommendation. Take a look at our extensive list of the best basketball shoes for traction.

Nike LeBron 20Watch complete evaluation The Nike LeBron 20 has garnered an enormous amount of hype as possibly the most sought-after LeBron James basketball shoe to date.

The Nike LeBron 19 was a colossal disappointment, prompting LeBron himself to demand a redesign for the LeBron 20. The 19th model's main flaw was traction, and we are pleased to report that Nike has dramatically improved it for the latest iteration. This shoe currently reigns as the best basketball shoe on the market in terms of traction. Its multidirectional pattern covers all movements, both on offense and defense. One of our testers, Bryan, believes it could rival the Nike Kobe 9 or possibly surpass it. Read the comprehensive review. Price: $200

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Top Basketball Footwear for Flat Feet

Finding suitable basketball shoes for individuals with flat feet can be a major challenge. Nearly 30% of the population has flat feet, and locating proper footwear for flat-footed basketball players can prove difficult. With this in mind, we have conducted extensive testing and research to determine the best basketball shoe for individuals with flat feet. Additionally, we have compiled a comprehensive list of suitable options.

Air Jordan 36 Performance ReviewWatch complete evaluation The Air Jordan 36 represents an improvement over its predecessor, the Air Jordan 35. The latter's Eclipse Plate was positioned so high that it proved to be one of the least suitable shoes for individuals with flat feet. However, Jordan Brand rectified this issue with the implementation of the torsional plate in the Jordan 36, making it the ultimate basketball shoe for flat-footed individuals in the market.

These shoes offer noticeable arch support, reminiscent of the Air Jordan 34. It feels fantastic and effectively fulfills its purpose. Not to mention the allure of a full-length Zoom Air. Read the complete review. Price: $185

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Top Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

While playing basketball, your ankle itself serves as the primary source of ankle support, rather than solely relying on shoes. However, if you seek an extra boost of confidence and support, we recommend our top pick, as well as a comprehensive list of the finest basketball shoes for ankle support.

Air Jordan 36 Performance ReviewWatch complete evaluation The Air Jordan 36 claims another spot on our list of the best basketball shoes due to its exceptional performance. One area where the Jordan 36 truly excels is in providing ankle support.

Again, it's crucial to acknowledge that ankle support primarily relies on your own ankle strength. However, the Jordan 36 offers commendable additional support to your ankles on the court. Read the comprehensive review. Price: $185

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Finest Basketball Shoes with Low Tops

Low-profile basketball shoes are among the most sought-after designs in the basketball shoe market. They offer a sleeker and more nimble feel compared to other styles, and after Kobe Bryant reintroduced them in 2008, basketball players can't seem to get enough of low-top basketball shoes. If you're interested, you can also take a look at our comprehensive compilation of the finest low-top basketball shoes.

Nike KD 15Watch the complete review The Nike KD 15 sets itself apart from the Nike KD 14 with one key difference: the height of the collar. However, this alteration does not compromise the exceptional performance that the KD line consistently delivers. The combination of Cushlon foam midsole and full-length Zoom Air Strobel ensures the same comfort, responsiveness, and bounce that you've come to expect from previous models in the KD line. This shoe retains the successful elements of its predecessors while reintroducing the low collar cut that KD fans appreciate. You can read the full review here. Price: $150

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Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes

Our selection for the most comfortable basketball shoes on the market always prioritizes two essential aspects: materials and, most importantly, cushioning. While the following shoe is our current top pick, you can browse our entire collection here.

Nike LeBron 20Watch the complete review The Nike LeBron 20 generates significant buzz in the LeBron James basketball shoe series. It takes a different direction from its predecessor, the Nike LeBron 19. The traction provides multidirectional coverage, supporting all types of movements. The midsole features full-length Cushlon, with a forefoot Zoom Turbo unit and an additional traditional heel Zoom Air unit. Compared to previous iterations and heavily cushioned shoes, it offers a more balanced feel. The upper is both lightweight and comfortable. Get all the details in the complete review. Price: $200

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First and foremost, no basketball shoe can magically make you jump higher. Any publication or company that claims otherwise is not being truthful. The fact of the matter is, a basketball shoe can assist in enhancing your leaping speed and cushion the impact when you land. So, with that in mind, we present our top choice for the best basketball shoe for jumping, and you can explore our complete list here.

Most Anticipated Basketball Shoe of All Time

Watch the complete review After years of anticipation, Kanye West finally unveiled his very own basketball shoe. The prolonged build-up surrounding the Yeezy BSKTBL created immense excitement, and the shoe proved to be a reliable performer thanks to its full-length Boost midsole and herringbone outsole. It stands out as one of the finest basketball shoes to grace the court, especially if you're captivated by the hype. Discover more in our detailed review. Price: $200.

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Superior Basketball Shoe Insoles

Watch the complete review Move Insoles come with the endorsement of esteemed athletes like Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, and Jamaal Crawford. These insoles boast an impressive array of performance features, including Shock-Free foam for step-in comfort, DS37 foam for optimal cushioning, a forefoot grip layer, an EVA torsion plate, and a nylon-based torsion plate for Game Day Pro. They are undeniably among the best basketball insoles available. You have two models to choose from: Game Day and Game Day Pro. Be sure to explore them further. Price: $39.99 or $59.99.

Purchase Move Insoles

In the world of basketball, having the right pair of shoes can make all the difference in your performance on the court. From the best overall basketball shoe to the most comfortable and even the most hyped, this list covers it all. Whether you have wide feet, flat feet, or need extra ankle support, there's a perfect pair out there for you. So lace up, hit the court, and elevate your game with the best basketball shoes that will have you looking and feeling like a true champion.