When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our little ones, nothing is too much. That's why finding the best baby monitor is a top priority for parents. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which one is the right fit for your family. But fear not, because in this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the best baby monitors out there. From WiFi monitors to non-WiFi options and even wearable movement monitors, we'll cover it all. So if you're ready to take the next step in ensuring your baby's safety, let's dive in!

Miku Pro: Top Premium WiFi Baby Monitor

Miku Pro Top Premium WiFi Baby Monitor

The Miku Pro is our selection for the Top Premium WiFi Baby Monitor with numerous features, exceptional video performance, but an app that’s slightly less user-friendly compared to the Nanit Pro.


Miku Pro Baby Gear rating 9.7


Miku Pro Amazon rating 4.0

The Miku Pro stands out as one of the finest premium WiFi baby monitors available since it can track your baby’s breathing pattern without the need for additional electronics to be worn on their body. Miku consists of parents and engineers who have designed a high-quality product with exceptional video performance and an impressive array of features, albeit with a higher price point.

This innovative monitoring system employs a smartphone app or a dedicated device and offers an extensive range of capabilities, including breathing, sound, video, motion, humidity, and temperature alerts. The Miku Pro app may be slightly more challenging to navigate, but it comes with free cloud storage, no annual subscription fees, and the ability to download clips to your device. Each monitor also includes all the necessary components for wall or table mounting, with the option to purchase a floor stand for an additional .

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro: Top Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 top non-WiFi baby monitor

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro distinguishes itself as the Top Non-WiFi Baby Monitor we tested, thanks to its user-friendly dedicated parent device and impressive noise reduction feature, as well as superior audio and video quality compared to other options.


Infant Optics Baby Gear rating 9.5


Infant Optics Amazon rating 4.8

Compared to its predecessor, the DXR-8 Pro offers a larger 5-inch screen, improved range, louder speaker, better battery life (replaceable), background noise reduction that filters out sounds from fans and humidifiers, and a higher-resolution camera. It comes at a higher price than our runner-up, the Eufy SpaceView Pro, but we believe the enhanced picture quality, especially the clearer night vision, makes it worth it.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro monitor displays signal strength, battery life, the camera in use, as well as time and temperature at the top of the screen. The monitor also features an LED audio indicator and dedicated buttons for adjusting volume and screen brightness. However, the standout feature is the Active Noise Reduction, which filters out background noise and unwanted sounds from fans, humidifiers, and more.

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Eufy SpaceView Pro: Runner-Up for Top Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Eufy SpaceView Runner-Up for Top Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Our second pick for the Top Non-WiFi Baby Monitor is the Eufy SpaceView Pro, offering an even longer battery life and more adjustable pan and tilt functionality compared to our winner, the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro.


Eufy SpaceView Pro Baby Gear rating 9.3


Eufy SpaceView Pro Amazon rating 4.2

The Eufy SpaceView Pro baby monitor is a dedicated video monitor that does not require WiFi and comes with its own wedge-shaped, freestanding parent device. Many parents prefer a non-WiFi baby monitor that relies on a local video feed, as it is often more reliable and has fewer security concerns.

The menu on the Eufy SpaceView Pro's parent device is clear and easy to navigate, providing information on the time of day, signal strength, battery life, temperature, and the camera in use (supports up to four cameras). The device offers clear picture quality and decent night vision mode, although the sound quality is less impressive (slightly quiet and fuzzy) and may take a moment to activate after detecting a noise.

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Heart Rate and Oxygen Level Readings

This intelligent baby monitor goes beyond the capabilities of a standard monitor. It consists of a "Dream Sock" wearable attached to your baby's foot and a Cam 2 monitor placed in the nursery. You can then keep an eye on your baby through the comprehensive Owlet App on your smartphone, which streams 1080p HD video over WiFi. With the wearable sock, you can track your baby's heart rate and average oxygen level. While not as accurate as a hospital-grade tracker, we found it to be effective enough.

The app provides additional useful information and can monitor the temperature, humidity, and noise level of the nursery room. It also offers a wealth of sleep data, possibly more than you'll ever need, but it's a great bonus. In addition to watching and saving video clips of your baby, you can analyze their sleep patterns using the app's data. The "Predictive Sleep Technology" attempts to identify your baby's sleep patterns and predict their next nap or sleep time, although this may be challenging in practice.

The Owlet monitor itself sends real-time motion and sound alerts directly to your smartphone when your baby moves or makes noise. It features a 4X zoom, wide-angle view, night vision, and the option for two-way talk, allowing you to soothe your baby with your voice through the camera. The entry-level wearable sock is designed for babies up to 18 months old, but there is also a larger design available that works for up to 5 years. However, it may work best when the baby is younger and less likely to remove it. While it would be a nice addition, the kit does not include a separate parent unit, relying solely on your smartphone.

  • Rollover Alerts

    To access real-time video of your baby with this monitor, you need to connect to the SimHome app on your smartphone. Despite its nursery-friendly design, available in charming blue, pink, and yellow options with bird-like wings, this monitor comes with advanced onboard technology that provides a clear and reassuring picture of your baby.

    Simshine's smart baby monitor is packed with a multitude of high-tech features that you can utilize as needed. With its 360-degree rotation and 2K resolution, the camera can pan, tilt, and track your baby's movements. It provides real-time sleep and wake data, as well as alerts for roll-overs, "face covered," and more, offering reassurance during those critical first six months. Whenever your baby rolls over during sleep or their face becomes covered by a soft toy or swaddling blanket, you will receive instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet. The camera can also detect when your baby cries and automatically play soothing music while sending you an alert. This feature enables you to have a little more time for yourself, and as any new parent will tell you, every second counts.

  • Best Overall Sound Baby Monitor

    VTech DM221

    vtech dm221 sound monitor review Editors' Choice Award REASONS TO CONSIDER

    Superior sound quality

    Sound activation feature

    Budget-friendly option


    Limited range

    Fewer additional features

    The VTech DM221 is equipped with essential sound monitoring features that parents need, along with the best sound quality and clarity in our tests. The VTech DM221 includes a user-friendly sound activation feature and adjustable microphone sensitivity, ensuring a quiet environment for optimal sleep by transmitting sound only when the baby cries. The talk-to-baby function on the VTech DM221 creates natural-sounding audio on the baby's side, preventing surprise or distress caused by robotic voices or static, which can occur with other competitors. This straightforward unit is also budget-friendly, making it an excellent choice for most families. It fulfills your requirements for the best sound monitor without breaking the bank.

    Keep in mind that the VTech DM221 has a shorter range compared to some of the competitors we tested, which may limit its suitability for larger homes or areas with multiple walls between the nursery and parent devices. However, if your home is within the VTech DM221's range, it is challenging to find another sound-only product that offers better sound quality and useful features at a similar price point.

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    best overall sound baby monitorThis unit offers a wide range of features, making it more complex than its competitors. While you can use it without delving into the menu settings, taking the time to set some preferences will result in a more optimal experience.

    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Best Budget Baby Monitor

    VTech DM111

    vtech dm111 sound monitor review Best Value Award REASONS TO CONSIDER

    Easy to use

    Extended range

    Great for those on a tight budget


    Lacks fancy features

    No sound activation

    The VTech DM111 is a no-frills audio monitor that delivers sound without the added features of more expensive models. The VTech DM111 provides excellent sound quality from the nursery to the parent device, without any confusing settings or functions to worry about. This device is a simple plug-and-play baby monitor, making it remarkably easy to use and a great option for parents who are not tech-savvy or for grandparents who might find more advanced monitors intimidating. Despite its lower price, this product does not sacrifice sound quality or usefulness.

    Keep in mind that the VTech DM111 does not have sound activation, so the parent device may transmit some white noise, which could disrupt the parent's sleep if they find white noise bothersome. However, if the consistent sound comes from a fan or noise machine in the baby's room, some parents may find it conducive to sleep or reassuring that the device is functioning properly. The VTech DM111 is an excellent choice for those on a budget who want to hear their baby but do not require the additional features found in pricier competitors or other types of monitors. It is also a budget-friendly option that works well as a backup to a movement or video monitor, or as a portable monitor for travel.

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    best budget baby monitorThe DM111 parent unit features only a power button and volume control, making it incredibly user-friendly with minimal room for errors.

    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Top Choice for Additional Features

    Phillips Avent Dect SCD730/86

    phillips avent dect scd730/86 sound monitor review

    Top Pick Award


    Adjustable sound activation and microphone sensitivity

    Extended range

    Numerous features

    The Phillips Avent Dect SCD 730/86 is a high-quality audio option that offers a variety of features for both parents and babies. This unit boasts impressive sound activation and filtering capabilities, with microphone sensitivity that helps create a noiseless monitor when your baby is not crying. Achieving restful sleep is easier when there is no static or continuous noise emanating from the monitor. Additionally, this Philips model has one of the longest ranges among dedicated sound monitors, and its actual performance exceeded the manufacturer's claims. It also features a long battery life, a battery backup in the baby unit, ceiling projection, night light, lullaby functions, and more.

    This monitor may be costly, with a higher price tag compared to the competition and even most video monitors. However, the quality and array of features somewhat justify the expense, if it fits your budget. We highly recommend this monitor to parents seeking a straightforward audio option with a plethora of features. While the cost may be a dealbreaker for some, those within budget should seriously consider it.

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    baby monitor - best for extra featuresThe baby unit on the SCD730/86 features an intuitive user interface with clearly labeled buttons.

    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Top Multi-functional Sound Baby Monitor

    Hatch Rest

    hatch rest  sound monitor review

    Top Pick Award


    Built-in nightlight and toddler clock

    Extended range



    Subpar sound quality

    Lack of sound activation

    The Hatch Rest is an audio monitor with app connectivity, offering multiple features for both babies and parents, making it a more appealing option than a standard monitor. It provides sound filtering, a sound machine, a nightlight, a toddler training clock, lullabies, and much more. The nightlight can be controlled remotely, and up to 5 smart devices can connect to a single monitor. This monitor also facilitates two-way communication and is compatible with Alexa.

    The Hatch Rest operates via WiFi and requires the use of an app to function. Setting it up may require slightly more technological proficiency compared to traditional baby monitors, but it is not challenging for those comfortable with smartphones and app-controlled devices. Although the sound quality may not be exceptional for this monitor, it surpasses most video monitors in this regard, and we believe its additional features make it worthwhile. Overall, the Hatch Rest is a versatile nursery accessory that serves multiple purposes in one device, providing longer usability compared to some competitors.

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    best multi-purpose sound baby monitorWhile utilizing the Hatch Rest requires an app, navigation is straightforward for those accustomed to smartphones and apps.

    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Top WiFi Video Camera for Long-term Use

    Google Nest Cam 2nd Gen

    google nest cam 2nd gen video monitor review

    Top Pick Award


    High-quality real-life video

    Versatile usage options

    Multiple functions and long-lasting


    Slightly more challenging setup

    Internet connection required

    The Google Nest Cam 2nd Gen is a sophisticated camera that can be paired with your smartphone or tablet. This user-friendly camera delivers exceptional visual clarity and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It offers various useful features and is not limited to monitoring babies; it can serve as a nanny cam or for security purposes once your child grows older. We appreciate that the Google Nest Cam is reasonably priced and its value remains intact over the years, outlasting traditional monitoring devices.

    As the Google Nest Cam relies on an internet connection, it may falter if your connection is unreliable. Thus, if connectivity issues or concerns about your internet connection keep you up at night, you should consider a reliable alternative that operates independently of the internet. However, if you have a spacious home, WiFi options may be your only choice due to the range limitations of dedicated products. Also, note that the camera may not function simultaneously with other apps, so we suggest using a dedicated device solely for monitoring to avoid losing the connection to your baby's room. Nonetheless, it is challenging to find a more versatile camera suitable for families who desire a long-term solution and the ability to monitor their little ones from beyond their homes.

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    baby monitor - best longterm-use wifi video cameraThe video image on the Google Nest Cam is vivid and clear, providing ample detail.

    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Top Budget-friendly Video Baby Monitor

    Wyze Cam V3

    wyze cam v3 video monitor review

    Best Value Award


    High-quality video and audio


    Impressive WiFi range


    Lack of specialized baby features

    Smart device dependency

    The Wyze Cam V3 camera offers an affordable option for video monitoring that allows parents to view their baby from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need for baby-specific features. This camera is simple to use, and its app is easy to download and pair with the device. Despite its small size, unassuming appearance, and low cost, the Wyze Cam V3 delivers excellent video quality during the day and night, providing the necessary information to assess the baby's needs.

    Using this device requires connectivity to a smart device for monitoring purposes. Moreover, it lacks the entertaining baby-centric features that some parents may desire, such as lullabies or night lights. If you are not a fan of technology-driven gadgets or using apps, this camera may not be the best fit for you. Nevertheless, if you prioritize superior video quality, reliable connectivity, and a straightforward, affordable camera, the Wyze Cam V3 is an excellent choice.

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    best budget video baby monitorThe night-time video from the Wyze Cam V3 shows some minor bright spots but still provides a sharp image with sufficient details to assess your baby's needs.

    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Top Wearable Movement Baby Monitor

    Snuza Hero SE

    snuza hero se movement monitor review

    Editors' Choice Award



    Vibration stimulation

    Simple to use


    Potential false alarms

    Limited to monitoring in the nursery, without parent unit

    Possibility of discomfort

    The Snuza Hero SE is a wearable movement monitor that attaches to your baby's diaper. It is equipped with a unique vibrating alert system that aims to prompt babies to move before sounding the audible alarm if they do not. The vibration feature reduces the chances of false alarms resulting in a crying baby, although frequent false alarms could disrupt your baby's deep sleep. The Snuza Hero SE is a straightforward wearable device that is portable, easy to utilize, and had minimal false alarms during our testing. While it is not a substitute for safe sleep practices, it may offer added peace of mind, promoting a more restful night's sleep.

    This monitor is only suitable until babies can roll or crawl. Additionally, it may cause discomfort for some babies or prove ineffective if your baby is too small or if their diapers do not fit snugly. We caution against relying solely on this type of device to prevent SIDS, as there is no evidence indicating that it can actually prevent SIDS. Nevertheless, if you wish to monitor your baby's movement patterns and find comfort in this knowledge for better sleep, the Snuza Hero SE could be an excellent budget-friendly choice without requiring adjustments to your mattress or crib.

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    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Premium Wearable Movement Monitor

    Sense-U Baby v3

    Top Pick Award


    Easy setup and usage

    Highly portable

    Includes a base station


    Requires Bluetooth and WiFi

    Dependent on smartphone

    The Sense-U Baby V3 is a button-style wearable monitor that connects to your smartphone and includes a base station. This button utilizes both WiFi and Bluetooth, resulting in a broader range compared to some competitors. It comes with an external base station alarm, featuring visual and audible alerts alongside your smartphone notifications. The device requires downloading a user-friendly app that provides positional information, such as if your baby has rolled onto their stomach or is sitting up. With its compact size and swift setup, this monitor can be an excellent option for traveling with a baby or nearby outings away from home.

    The Sense-U Baby V3 relies on WiFi and can only pair with one smart device. While it is easy to use, you should remember to remove the button after sleep to prevent it from getting lost in the laundry or hamper. Overall, we appreciate this uncomplicated wearable monitor and found it impressive during testing.

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    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    When selecting a baby monitor, it is crucial to choose the right type and features that suit your needs and preferences. The Philips Avent DECT SCD570/10 shown here is an exceptional audio monitor that performed well in our tests.

    Credit: Philips

    Different Types of Baby Monitors

    If you wish to keep an eye on your baby while getting some shut-eye, there are several types of monitors available, each providing different information or serving specific purposes. Traditional baby monitors primarily alerted parents when their baby cried or required assistance. However, monitoring technology has evolved to include video monitoring and detection of irregular baby movements. Understanding the functionalities of these products can help you determine the most suitable option for your family's needs.

    Invest in All-in-One Solutions

    Certain products offer comprehensive monitoring solutions, incorporating sound, video, and movement monitoring in one package or through additional features. Generally, these products can perform multiple functions, but they tend to be less outstanding in each aspect. While we understand the appeal of making a single purchase, we advise caution and acceptance of potential compromises in terms of capabilities. Our tests have revealed that video monitors often deliver subpar sound quality, while many movement monitors provide below-par video quality, if they offer video monitoring at all. Some video monitors also trigger false alarms more frequently than desired. If your "one and done" dream falls short of your expectations, make sure to buy from a retailer with a hassle-free and cost-free return policy. Our recommended all-in-one solution is the Nanit Pro, which, while not flawless, delivers exemplary performance in most tests.

    Learn more below. The DM111 audio monitor shown here may not have remarkable sound clarity, but at such an affordable price, the absence of distortion and the vibrancy of the sounds, aided by effective sound filtering, make it an attractive option.

    Credit: Abriah Wofford

    Is One Product Capable of Everything?

    The answer is both yes and no. It depends on what you want the device to do and what standards you have for EMF levels or subpar metric results. If you're looking for video and sound, you're in luck because all video monitors provide both. However, if you want sound and movement monitoring, there are only a few movement products that come with sound, and they are all mattress-style devices. This can impact your choice of the best crib mattress or the best baby cribs. If you want a single product that offers movement, audio, and video, you are limited and may introduce high levels of EMF to your baby's nursery or end up with a disappointing product. To avoid this and get the best of the best, we recommend combining two products (movement and video). It may cost a little more, but we believe it's worth it to avoid higher EMF levels. Since movement monitors only work for about six to nine months and have false alarms, they can't replace safe sleep practices or reduce the occurrence of SIDs. If you're on a tight budget, we suggest choosing a video product and skipping the movement feature. Another option is to consider a WiFi video baby monitor with a sound monitor backup. The sound monitor works without the Internet, so you won't miss anything even if your Internet goes down. Sound monitors typically offer better sound quality and features like sound activation for a quiet baby monitor. This setup allows you to hear your baby through a high-quality sound product and check on them via the video option if needed.

    How Long Can You Use It?

    The lifespan of your baby monitor depends on your needs and the type of device you choose. Movement monitors have the shortest lifespan, usually working until your baby is 6-9 months old or when they start rolling and moving. On the other hand, sound and video products can often be used for years, even beyond toddlerhood. Video monitors have the longest lifespan because they can also be used to keep an eye on older children as they nap and play. WiFi cameras have an even longer lifespan because they can be used to monitor a babysitter or for security purposes. If the duration of use is important to you, we recommend choosing WiFi video products to get the most value.

    Finding the Right Baby Monitor

    Choosing the best baby monitor for your baby can be a straightforward process if you use key considerations to narrow down your options. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed or ending up with a monitor that you're not satisfied with.

    The Nest Cam 2nd Gen

    The Nest Cam 2nd Gen does not come with a remote control camera. It only allows for digital pan and tilt within the field of view.

    Consider Your Needs and Range

    The range of a baby monitor is an important factor to consider to ensure it will work in your home. If your house has a large distance or multiple walls between the nursery and your room, a WiFi option will likely be your best bet. However, if your home is smaller or has fewer walls, a wider variety of products will be suitable for you. Wearable movement monitors usually work within the baby's room and don't need to communicate with a parent's device. However, if your room is out of earshot, you'll never hear the alarm, rendering the monitor useless without a sound monitor. If you anticipate range issues, we recommend carefully choosing your product and purchasing from retailers with generous return policies. Don't let the monitor sit in the box; try it right away and return it immediately if it doesn't work well in your intended location. Manufacturer's range claims are often inaccurate during testing, so it's best not to rely on them.

    What Features to Look For

    Once you have determined the type of baby monitor you need and considered your indoor range, you can explore the potential products and features. Budget-friendly options may lack advanced features but are still highly functional. If you want additional baby-centric features like nightlights, lullabies, and two-way talk, you can expect to pay more for a monitor with those capabilities. However, one feature that we believe is essential is sound activation. This feature keeps the monitor silent when your baby is not making any noise, allowing you to get a better night's sleep.

    The Best Baby Monitors for 2023

    Most smart baby monitors essentially function as home security cameras, allowing you to watch another location with video, night vision, and sound. However, baby monitors prioritize different features than security cameras since they are primarily used for monitoring your baby. Night vision is important for watching your baby sleep, and most monitors offer this feature. Motorized pan-and-tilt controls are less common but useful for scanning an entire room. HD recording is a nice addition, but not necessary for baby monitoring. Baby monitors also offer more immediate alerts and notifications for detecting movement or lack of movement. Some high-end monitors provide temperature and humidity measurements. All the monitors connect to the internet, allowing you to watch your baby using your phone or tablet. Standalone displays are not always included, but options are available to purchase separately. It's important to be aware of the potential security risks of these devices and keep both the firmware of the monitor and your router up to date.

    Do You Really Need a Dedicated Baby Monitor?

    It's not uncommon to be cautious about using a smart baby monitor due to potential security vulnerabilities. While camera breaches are not widespread, it's crucial to weigh the convenience of these devices against the risk of unauthorized access. Keeping your baby safe is a top priority, so it's essential to diligently update the firmware of your monitor and router if you choose to use a connected baby monitor or home security camera.

    In conclusion, choosing the right baby monitor for your needs can be a daunting task with so many options available on the market. However, after careful research and consideration, we have compiled a list of the best baby monitors to help make your decision easier. Whether you prioritize WiFi connectivity, advanced features, or budget-friendly options, there is a monitor on our list that will suit your needs. From the Miku Pro, with its premium WiFi capabilities, to the Heart Rate and Oxygen Level Readings offered by the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro, and the Eufy SpaceView Pro as a strong runner-up, these monitors provide peace of mind and keep your little one safe. So, be confident in your choice and invest in a baby monitor that will ensure the utmost safety and security for your precious baby.