When it comes to keeping a close eye on your little one, a reliable baby monitor is an essential tool for any parent. With a wide range of options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. Luckily, we've done the research for you and rounded up the top contenders. From the advanced features of the Miku Pro and Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro to the runner-up Eufy SpaceView Pro, there's a perfect baby monitor out there for every parent. Join us as we delve into the world of the best baby monitors, ensuring you have peace of mind and a watchful eye on your little bundle of joy.

Miku Pro: Top-Quality WiFi Baby Monitor

Miku Pro Top-Quality WiFi Baby Monitor

The Miku Pro is our selection for the Best Premium WiFi Baby Monitor, offering numerous features and exceptional video performance, although its app may be slightly less intuitive compared to the Nanit Pro.


Miku Pro Baby Gear rating 9.7


Miku Pro Amazon rating 4.0

The Miku Pro stands out among premium WiFi baby monitors due to its ability to monitor your baby's breathing pattern without the need for additional wearable devices. Miku, a team of parents and engineers, has developed a high-quality product with outstanding video performance and an impressive range of features, albeit at a premium price point.

This innovative monitoring system utilizes an app on your smartphone or a dedicated device and offers a comprehensive set of features, including alerts for breathing, sound, video, motion, humidity, and temperature. While the Miku Pro app may require a bit more effort to navigate, it provides free cloud storage and doesn't have any annual subscription fees. Additionally, you have the option to download clips to your device. Each monitor also includes all the necessary components for wall or table mounting, with the floor stand available as an additional accessory for .

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro: Outstanding Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 outstanding non-WiFi baby monitor

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro distinguishes itself as the Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor we tested, featuring a user-friendly parent device, exceptional noise reduction, and superior audio and video quality.


Infant Optics Baby Gear rating 9.5


Infant Optics Amazon rating 4.8

Compared to its predecessor, the DXR-8 Pro offers a larger 5-inch screen, extended range, louder speaker, replaceable battery with improved life, and background-noise reduction that effectively filters out sounds from fans and humidifiers. Additionally, it features a higher-resolution camera. Although it is more expensive than our runner-up, the Eufy SpaceView Pro, we believe the enhanced picture quality, especially the less noisy night vision, justifies the higher price.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro monitor displays important indicators such as signal strength, battery life, selected camera feed, and time and temperature at the top of the screen. The monitor also includes an LED audio indicator and dedicated buttons for adjusting volume and screen brightness. However, its standout feature is the Active Noise Reduction, which eliminates background noise and unwanted sounds from fans, humidifiers, and similar sources.

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Eufy SpaceView Pro: Runner-Up for Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Eufy SpaceView Runner-Up Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor

Our second choice for the Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor is the Eufy SpaceView Pro, offering an even longer battery life and greater pan and tilt adjustability compared to our top pick, the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro.


Eufy SpaceView Pro Baby Gear rating 9.3


Eufy SpaceView Pro Amazon rating 4.2

The Eufy SpaceView Pro baby monitor is a dedicated video monitor that doesn't rely on WiFi, providing its own freestanding parent device with a convenient ergonomic design. Many parents prefer non-WiFi baby monitors for their reliability and reduced security concerns.

The menu on the Eufy SpaceView Pro's parent device is simple and easy to navigate, providing information such as the current time, signal strength, battery life, temperature, and camera selection (supports up to four cameras). With clear picture quality and a decent night vision mode, it fulfills basic video monitoring needs. However, the sound quality is less impressive, being somewhat quiet and fuzzy, and it takes a brief moment for sound activation after detecting a noise.

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Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Optimal for Sleep Training


The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System is the most comprehensive smart baby monitor and service we've evaluated, particularly suitable for first-time and/or anxious parents. However, it comes with a considerable price tag.


  • High-quality camera resolution (up to 1080p) and effective night vision

  • Monitoring of breathing and growth

  • Outstanding app functionality

  • Built-in night-light


  • Expensive supplementary accessories

  • Sleep data requires subscription after one year

  • Subpar speaker quality

Papalook BM1 Video Baby Monitor

Finest User-Friendly Handheld Monitor


The Papalook BM1 Video Baby Monitor is an affordable and effective solution for basic real-time video monitoring, making it ideal for parents seeking a low-tech option.


  • Simple setup and usage

  • No need for internet connectivity

  • Fully adjustable camera with pan and tilt functions


  • No motion or noise detection capabilities

  • Lack of audio-only monitoring when screen is off

  • Mediocre video recording quality and requires separate memory card (not included)


.99 on Amazon

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Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Generates the Most Notifications


The Cubo AI Plus is a feature-rich smart baby monitor that provides a clear overview of your baby's crib, complete with crying and rollover alerts, environmental sensors, and sleep analytics.


  • Crisp image quality

  • Clear two-way audio communication

  • Alerts for crying and rollover movements

  • Sleep analytics for tracking sleep patterns

  • Temperature and humidity sensors


  • Relatively high price

  • Some features require subscription

  • Lack of support for IFTTT integration

  • Slightly inaccurate humidity readings in testing


$299.00 on Amazon

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Top-of-the-line Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor With Smart Audio Unit

Superior Choice for Distinct Audio Monitoring

Final Verdict:

The Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor With Smart Audio Unit is a cutting-edge two-piece surveillance system that enables you to effortlessly observe and listen to your infant using your smartphone and a remote audio device.


  • Quick and easy installation process.

  • Exclusive portable audio unit included.

  • Crystal-clear 720p video quality.

  • Efficient motion and sound detection.

  • Enjoy the benefits of free cloud storage.


  • No built-in lullabies or white noise features.

  • Absence of manual recording capabilities.

  • No inclusion of environmental sensors.

  • Inconsistent uploading times for videos.

Buying Guide: Discover the Best Baby Monitors for 2023

Heart Rate and Oxygen Level Readings

This smart baby monitor takes monitoring to the next level. It combines a wearable "Dream Sock" that you securely fasten to your baby's foot and a Cam 2 monitor that you position in the nursery. From there, you can easily observe your baby through 1080p HD video streaming via Wi-Fi to the remarkably comprehensive Owlet App on your smartphone. With the Dream Sock in place, you gain the ability to track your baby's heart rate and average oxygen level. Although it may not offer the precision of a hospital-grade tracker, we found it to be quite effective.

The app comes loaded with a wealth of helpful additional information and provides the ability to monitor the temperature, humidity, and noise levels in the nursery. We appreciate the fact that it offers an abundance of valuable sleep data, even though you may not need all of it. For instance, the "Predictive Sleep Technology" endeavors to identify your baby's sleep patterns and predict their next nap or sleep time (though we wish you the best of luck with that).

The Owlet monitor itself instantly sends real-time alerts to your smartphone when your baby moves or makes a sound. With 4X zoom, a wide-angle view, and night vision capabilities, it also offers the option for two-way communication, allowing you to comfort your baby with your voice through the camera. While the included wearable sock fits babies up to 18 months old, there is an option for a larger size that accommodates children up to 5 years old (although it will likely work best with younger babies, as they are less likely to remove it). It would be a welcome addition for the kit to include a separate parent unit so that you're not solely reliant on your smartphone, but as it stands, we remain enthusiastic supporters of this baby monitor.

  • Simshine Baby Monitor and two smartphones
  • In conclusion, when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of your little one, investing in a reliable baby monitor is paramount. Whether you prefer the convenience of WiFi connectivity or the simplicity of non-WiFi options, the market offers a range of top-notch choices. The Miku Pro, with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, takes the crown as the best premium WiFi baby monitor. For those seeking a non-WiFi option, the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro and Eufy SpaceView Pro prove their worth as excellent choices. Other notable mentions, such as the Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System and Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor, also stood out for their impressive features. With the Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor providing heart rate and oxygen level readings, and issuing rollover alerts, parents can have peace of mind knowing they are equipped with the latest in baby monitoring technology. Choosing the right baby monitor is undoubtedly a crucial decision, and with the options outlined here, you can make an informed choice to ensure the safety and security of your beloved little one.