The Best Man Holiday, a soulful and heartwarming film, captures the essence of friendship, love, and the bonds that endure through time. With an exceptional cast and captivating plot, this holiday-themed movie not only resonates with viewers but also brings a fresh and dynamic perspective. The production of The Best Man Holiday was nothing short of brilliance, delivering a visually stunning and emotionally rich experience. Its well-deserved acclaim was further heightened by a remarkable reception, propelling it to become a fan-favorite. Accompanied by a stellar soundtrack and a host of awards and nominations, this film has left an indelible mark on the hearts of many. And as the anticipation grows, fans eagerly wait for news of a sequel, hoping for another unforgettable journey into the lives of these beloved characters.


Mia Sullivan, the wife of Lance, has gathered the group of friends for a Christmas reunion. Among them are Harper Stewart and his pregnant wife Robyn, Julian "Murch" Murchison and his wife Candace Sparks, Jordan Armstrong and her boyfriend Brian McDonald, Quentin "Q" Spivey, and Shelby Taylor.

Shelby has gained fame as a reality television star on the popular show The Real Housewives. Meanwhile, Q is a successful brand manager who has strong connections with prominent celebrities.

Harper, who once had a successful debut novel, is now struggling with writer's block and financial hardships. He was let go from NYU and Robyn is having difficulties conceiving. In an attempt to bounce back, Harper's agent suggests that he write a biography about Lance, who is about to retire from football. Although they are on speaking terms, Lance keeps Harper at a distance. Reluctantly, Harper agrees to write the biography in secret.

Julian and Candace now have two daughters, and Julian runs a prestigious school where Candace works as the head of admissions. However, their lives are turned upside down when their main donor withdraws his funding upon discovering Candace's past as a stripper. To make matters worse, Julian finds a video of Candace stripping at a fraternity party and accepting money for sex, which he shows to Q.

After 14 years, the group reunites. During dinner, old tensions resurface as the friends catch up with each other.

As Brian prepares to leave for his family's annual Christmas gathering in Vermont, Jordan tells him that while she loves him, she doesn't rely on him. He responds by saying 'Everybody needs somebody.'

One evening, Mia witnesses the men dancing and lip-syncing to the song "Can You Stand the Rain," which helps mend the rift between Lance and Harper. On another night, Harper discovers Mia downstairs vomiting blood. She reveals her terminal cancer diagnosis to him and asks for his help in getting Lance to accept it.

The next morning, Q and Shelby accidentally swap phones, and Shelby finds the video of Candace. She tries to manipulate Julian into rekindling their relationship, but he refuses. This leads to a physical altercation between Candace and Shelby, resulting in Candace leaving with their children. However, she later returns and reconciles with Julian.

While the women are getting ready for a spa day, Mia suddenly collapses. This prompts Harper to inform everyone about Mia's condition, and they all offer their support.

While Harper is wrapping Christmas gifts for the children, Lance approaches him and they reminisce about their college days, seemingly reconciling. However, the next day at a shelter where the group volunteers, Lance discovers Harper's iPad and journal in Mia's purse. He also finds a mock book cover for Harper's unauthorized biography. Enraged, Lance confronts Harper and tells him to stay away from him and his family forever. Mia attempts to calm Lance, but her efforts are unsuccessful. Lance takes Mia home, leaving Q and Harper behind. Harper finally breaks down and confesses the truth about his financial situation. Q assures him that he will take care of his debts as a friendly favor, offering words of comfort.

Lance remains angry about the biography, but Mia challenges him to face reality. It is revealed that the long-standing feud between Lance and Harper was sparked by Mia's affair with Harper, as depicted in The Best Man. Mia then removes her wig, forcing Lance to confront the severity of her condition.

On Christmas Day, Lance has an important football game. Brian returns and apologizes to Jordan. Inspired by Mia's phone call, Lance breaks the all-time rushing record. The men rush home to Mia, who unfortunately succumbs to the cancer.

During the memorial service, Harper delivers a heartfelt eulogy. Lance expresses gratitude towards Harper during their conversation and affirms that God is always there when they need him. This encouragement uplifts Harper, who appreciates Lance's words.

The friends reconcile, and Q and Shelby confront their incompatibility. In a generous gesture, Shelby gives Julian $2 million to cover the lost funding without any conditions. Later, Jordan's boyfriend Brian promises to help through his connections.

Robyn goes into labor, so Lance, Harper, and Candace rush her to the hospital. However, they encounter traffic and are unable to reach the hospital in time. As a result, Lance delivers Harper's baby in the backseat of the SUV. The baby girl is named Mia, in honor of Lance's late wife.

Ten months later, Harper and Lance have grown closer than ever before. Harper has completed Lance's biography, titled God, Family and Football. When Lance visits Harper and Robyn in NYC, Q calls to announce his upcoming marriage but jokingly warns Harper against sleeping with his bride.


  • Taye Diggs as Harper Stewart
  • Sanaa Lathan as Robyn Stewart
  • Nia Long as Jordan Armstrong
  • Morris Chestnut as Lance Sullivan
  • Harold Perrineau as Julian "Murch" Murchison
  • Terrence Howard as Quentin "Q" Spivey
  • Monica Calhoun as Mia Sullivan
  • Melissa De Sousa as Shelby Taylor
  • Regina Hall as Candace "Candy" Sparks
  • Eddie Cibrian as Brian McDonald
  • John Michael Higgins as Stan
  • Isis Moore as Kennedy
  • Riele Downs as Faith Sullivan
  • Millie Davis as Hope
  • Catherine Bruhier as Dr. Perkins
  • Chris Williams as Dr. Nelson (voice)
  • Shailyn Pierre-Dixon as Kelly
  • Shailene Garnett as Jordan's Assistant
  • Miles J Stroter as Lonnie


In October 2011, it was announced that a sequel to the 1999 film The Best Man was in development.[5] On February 22, 2013, it was announced that the film would be titled The Best Man Holiday.[6]

In March 2013, Terrence Howard shared details about the film,[7] stating that it would be an amazing film that evokes emotions, including tragedy. He praised director and screenwriter Malcolm Lee for showcasing the capabilities of intelligent young black people in the first film and expressed excitement about the second film portraying the paths individuals take, whether right or wrong, and the importance of community.[8]

Principal photography commenced in April 2013 in Toronto, Ontario.[9]


Box Office Performance

[icon]This section requires additional information. You can contribute by expanding it. (October 2016)The Best Man Holiday exceeded expectations with a strong opening day, earning $10.7 million and surpassing Thor: The Dark World to claim the top spot at the box office.[10] The film had a successful second day, grossing $12.4 million on Saturday.[11] In its opening weekend, it secured the second position and generated nearly $30.6 million in revenue.[12] Overall, it earned .5 million in the United States and .8 million globally.

Critical Response

As of October 2021, the film holds a 70% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 97 reviews, with an average rating of 6/10. The critical consensus on the site states that The Best Man Holiday effectively combines broad humor with genuine drama, despite its conventional plot.[13] Metacritic gives the film a score of 59 out of 100 based on 30 critics, indicating mixed or average reviews.[14] CinemaScore reported that audiences had given the film an exceptional "A " grade.[15]

Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post awarded the film 2.5 stars, describing it as a mix of a romp and a tearjerker. She noted the presence of baggy melodrama and Howard's talent for delivering crude one-liners with finesse. Hornaday also highlighted the film's incorporation of social media and its references to popular figures such as Barack Obama, Melissa Harris-Perry, Olivia Pope, and Robin Thicke.[16]


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The film's musical compilation features tunes performed by R. Kelly, Jordin Sparks, Mary J. Blige, Monica, Ne-Yo, Marsha Ambrosius, John Legend, Emeli Sandé, and more.[17]

Awards and nominations

Acapulco Black Film Festival

  • Best Ensemble Cast (winner)
  • Best Actress—Nia Long (winner)
  • Best Supporting Actor—Terrence Howard (winner)
  • Best Actor—Morris Chestnut (nominated)
  • Movie of the Year—Malcolm D. Lee and Sean Daniel (nominated)
  • Best Screenplay—Malcolm D. Lee (nominated)
  • Best Supporting Actress—Sanaa Lathan (nominated)
  • Best Director—Malcolm D. Lee (nominated)
14th BET Awards
  • Best Film (nominated)
2014 Black Reel Awards
  • Outstanding Actress, Motion Picture—Nia Long (nominated)
  • Outstanding Director, Motion Picture—Malcolm D. Lee (nominated)
  • Outstanding Screenplay (Adapted or Original), Motion Picture—Malcolm D. Lee (nominated)
  • Outstanding Ensemble—Julie Hutchinson (nominated)
  • Outstanding Score—Stanley Clarke (nominated)
45th NAACP Image Awards
  • Outstanding Film (nominated)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Film—Morris Chestnut (nominated)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Film—Terrence Howard (nominated)
  • Outstanding Directing in a Film—Malcolm D. Lee (nominated)


In February 2021, Peacock granted a limited series order for a continuation comprising of ten episodes. The Best Man: The Final Chapters is helmed by Lee and Dayna Lynne North, who also assume the roles of executive producers. Chestnut, Diggs, Hall, Howard, Lathan, Long, Perrineau and De Sousa are slated to reprise their respective characters.[18] The series, consisting of 8 episodes, premiered on December 22, 2022.[19]

In conclusion, "The Best Man Holiday" is a must-watch film that combines an incredible plot, a talented cast, exceptional production, and a heartwarming reception. With a mesmerizing soundtrack complementing every scene, this movie captivates its audience from start to finish. Its success led to several awards and nominations, solidifying its place in cinematic history. But the story doesn't end here, as fans eagerly anticipate a sequel that promises to bring more laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let "The Best Man Holiday" take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions that you won't soon forget.