When it comes to finding the best landing spots in Fortnite, there are countless options to choose from. Whether you prefer high-intensity action or a quieter start to the game, there is a location on the map that suits your playstyle. From the towering Mega City to the serene beach by Kenjutsu Crossing, each spot offers its own unique advantages and challenges. In this article, we will explore some of the top landing spots in Fortnite, giving you the inside scoop on where to start your next match. So grab your glider and get ready to drop into the action!

Mega City

  • Number of treasure chests: 118
  • Safeholds: 1
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 introduced Mega City to the map and it remains one of the most popular points of interest (POIs) to land on. Boasting an extensive array of treasure chests, this location is ideal for both individual players and teams. By landing on the rooftops and utilizing the Grind Rails, you can swiftly escape encounters you don't wish to engage in.

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Mega City's proximity to the center of the map makes it an optimal choice for rotation. The vicinity is home to various vehicles, making it one of the premier locations to commence a match. It provides ample loot for early confrontations and offers numerous avenues for transitioning to the next zone.

mega city in fortniteEpic GamesThe recently added Mega City is among the potential spawning sites for the Highcard boss.

Shattered Slabs

An image of Shattered Slabs in Fortnite, one of the finest locations for landing in Chapter 4 Season 2.

If you're seeking fast-paced and frenzied gameplay, then Shattered Slabs is the destination for you. The principal attraction here is the Kinetic Ore, which can be repeatedly struck before being hurled at your adversaries. Additionally, you'll discover a plethora of weaponry and even uncover a hidden Vault.

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The layout of Shattered Slabs presents a multitude of hiding spots that can assist you in launching surprise assaults on other players. This particular POI is far more captivating than it initially appears, thanks to underground tunnels and various other features.

The Citadel

The Citadel POI in Fortnite

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Though it may lack the novelty of Mega City, The Citadel still stands as a significant POI this season. Encompassing a vast, sprawling castle with an extensive network of corridors and rooms to explore, it guarantees an abundance of valuable weapons and items found within regular Chests and scattered across the terrain.

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Given its substantial size, The Citadel offers a diverse experience. Should you desire a heated encounter, venture into the main castle and engage in face-offs with rival players. Conversely, if you prefer a more secluded ambiance, explore the surrounding towers and buildings, which house exceptional loot.

Lonely Labs

Lonely LabsLonely Labs. | © Epic GamesFor loot enthusiasts, Lonely Labs proves to be the ultimate destination. This area rarely witnesses any competition, and even if some players do land here, you can make a swift escape by utilizing the multiple cable cars.

Rumble Ruins

Fortnite rumble ruinsRumble Ruins. | © Epic GamesRumble Ruins, situated within the jungle biome of the Season 3 map, often attracts adversaries upon landing. However, once you vanquish them, you can delve into the temple ruins, engage in combat, and secure the valuable loot.

  • Access a comprehensive guide for all the temple vault puzzles here
This location also introduces the innovative kinetic boomerang, along with a reboot van located in the eastern section. For a quick escape, you can employ the zip lines situated on the western side in the event of a precarious situation.

Shady Stilts

We recommend choosing a landing spot near the northeastern periphery of Shady Stilts in order to acquire the most valuable loot initially. Progressing southward from this point will also grant access to an abundance of Slurp Plants, which offer protective shielding.

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Shady Stilts lies secluded from the center of the map and generally evades significant attention unless it lies directly in the path of the Battle Bus. Consequently, for players and teams seeking uninterrupted loot collection following the initial landing, Shady Stilts unquestionably presents itself as the most favorable option.

Shady Stilts in FortniteEpic GamesIn Fortnite, you can utilize Geysers similar to Launch Pads.

Brutal Bastion

  • Treasure Chests: 85
  • Non-Playable Characters (NPCs): Guardian Amara
  • Safeholds: 1
Brutal Bastion, despite being a highly competitive landing spot in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, is undoubtedly worth the risk. You can assert dominance over the area and unlock the vault, which harbors the most exceptional loot in the entire game. Subsequently, you can swiftly head southward, effectively positioning yourself in the heart of the map.

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The Guardian Amara NPC offers Shield Potions for sale, allowing you to promptly fortify yourself in preparation for impromptu battles immediately upon landing. While the region may lack a significant abundance of vehicles, it does feature Dirt Bikes and Launch Pads that greatly enhance mobility.

Brutal Bastion in FortniteEpic GamesThe Brutal Bastion overflows with an extraordinary quantity of loot.

The two medium-sized buildings at the summit of the mountains to the east of Mega City

To the west of the newly established metropolis lies a vast mountain featuring a crater lake atop it. Nestled beside the water's northern edge is a reboot van, while two structures grace the southern rim of the crater. This region grants abundant loot to equip your squad adequately, in addition to housing Neuralynx, an NPC offering epic-quality Twin-Mag SMGs and small shields for purchase. Hence, if you seek to guarantee the possession of at least one exceptional firearm before engaging in combat, this serves as the ideal destination.

3. The beach to the southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing

The beach to the southwest of Kenjutsu Crossing

Within the new section of the map for this season, numerous locations feature dueling circles that guarantee two Kinetic Blades. However, one particular site stands out, which I always direct myself to immediately after disembarking from the battle bus: the one situated to the south of Kenjutsu Crossing. Once you equip yourself with the sword, proceed along the western coast, where you will encounter a beach boasting a minimum of four treasure chests. Two of these chests reside beside a partially submerged fishing boat, while two or potentially three others await at the shoreline near a fallen Sticks sign from the Chapter 3 map.

Adjacent to this area stands a petite tower harboring two additional treasure chests, four Slap and/or Slurp kegs, several noteworthy chests, and a port-a-toilet, which transports you to an identical tower boasting an identical assortment of chests and kegs.

Indeed, the loot is somewhat dispersed throughout this vicinity; however, this is precisely what renders it an enticing locale. Positioned at the far edge of the island and inconspicuous on the map, this area will often grant you the privilege of having it primarily to yourself.

4. The small castle just north of the new race track

The small castle just north of the new race track

While the race track itself, positioned just north of Mega City, serves as a reasonable landing spot, its flat and open nature can prove to be a gamble. Additionally, rooftop snipers from Mega City enjoy an unobstructed view of this location when peering towards the north. Though this is typically not a significant concern, I found myself embroiled in a tense three-way standoff involving another individual at the track and a rooftop sniper in a solo match, which has made me somewhat wary of this spot.

Therefore, instead of venturing to the track itself, I opt to commence my expeditions just outside the new biome to the north of the track, at one of the small castles carried over from the previous season. This area boasts an abundance of Slap and Slurp kegs, ample loot for your team, and is also home to one of the very few NPCs available for hire this season, Remedy. As it lies beyond the new biome and does not rank as a major POI, you will more than likely enjoy the solitude and seclusion of this spot for a prolonged period. Once you have suited up, you are just a few steps away from the border leading into the new part of the island, enabling you to immediately engage in thrilling encounters.

5. Breakwater Bay, across the river from the main part of town

Breakwater Bay, across the river from the main part of town

If you wish to steer clear of the new additions to the Fortnite island, Breakwater Bay is the perfect refuge—it lies at the extreme opposite end of the island. Nonetheless, exercise caution when landing here, and that entails descending outside the main area of town, specifically to the east across the river. This region encompasses several houses brimming with plentiful gear for your squad, while most individuals who land at Breakwater typically gravitate towards the main vicinity of town.

6. The tower at Anvil Square

Steamy Springs

Steamy SpringsSteamy Springs. | © Epic GamesSteamy Springs made its debut on the Fortnite map in Season 2. This location tends to attract considerable attention, so anticipate encountering adversaries upon landing.

Nevertheless, Steamy Springs boasts an abundance of loot and several hot springs that provide an opportunity to replenish your Green-Life should you sustain damage. In the event that foes overwhelm the area, you can make a swift escape using the geysers located to the north and soar to safety.

Frenzy Fields

Frenzy FieldsFrenzy Fields. | © Epic GamesFor those seeking a location that guarantees ample loot right from the outset, Frenzy Farm is an ideal choice. The area teems with chests, ammo boxes, and various healing provisions. Moreover, it comfortably accommodates your entire team. And should any of your teammates fall, you can quickly head west to Meadow Mansion to revive them, all while keeping a wary eye out for lurking enemies in Frenzy.

Crude Harbor

Crude Harbor. | © Epic GamesSituated in the far north of the map, Crude Harbor caters to a more cautious playstyle. As a quaint port, this point of interest (POI) offers crates and even two shield trucks, ensuring a plentiful supply of shields for you and your team to kick off your adventure.

Slappy Shores

Slappy Shores. | © Epic GamesLocated to the east of the map, Slappy Shores serves as an exceptional point of interest (POI) adjacent to a regular town. Here, you will discover an abundance of loot and even encounter a shield truck. However, prepare yourself for fierce competition when arriving at this destination.

Whether you're looking for intense battles, hidden loot, or simply a change of scenery, Fortnite offers an impressive array of landing spots to suit every player's preference. From the bustling Mega City to the dilapidated ruins of Shattered Slabs, each location presents unique challenges and rewards. So grab your glider and prepare for an adventure like no other in the ever-evolving world of Fortnite. Happy landing!