If you're in the mood for tacos, you're in luck! This article will take you on a mouthwatering journey to discover the best tacos near you. From traditional family-owned establishments like Carniceria Lily and Mi Tapatia, to hidden gems like Sabor Latino and Taco Riendo, we'll guide you through a list of tantalizing options that are sure to satisfy your cravings. So, get ready to indulge in some flavorful bites and explore the vibrant world of tacos right in your own backyard.

Carniceria Lily

Carniceria Lily

Carniceria Lily is among the numerous trailers located next to Latino grocery stores on Williamson Road that offer delectable tacos! At this local establishment, you place your order inside the store at the counter and then proceed back out to the trailer where your food is prepared. The menu showcases traditional taco options like asada, al pastor, and pollo (chicken), but if you're feeling adventurous, give the lengua, tripa, and suadero tacos a try!

Mi Tapatia

Mi Tapatia

Mi Tapatia is a fantastic local establishment with a lively Mexican ambiance on Williamson Road. It's a casual eatery with a bar and dining room that offers a menu filled with various Mexican dishes. An order of tacos will treat you to four tacos served on house-made flour tortillas with your choice of meat, such as campechana or carnitas, accompanied by cilantro, onions, and lime.  

Sabor Latino

Sabor Latino

Sabor Latino is a truck that can often be found in the parking lot of the Laesquina Latina convenience store. Indulge in a few carne asada (steak) tacos topped with grilled onions, cilantro, and salsa verde, and don't forget to add some fresh lime juice. Seating options are limited, but you can always grab your tacos to go and take a short walk to Preston Park for a picnic! 

Taco Riendo

Taco Riendo

It's only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but a meal at Taco Riendo on Williamson Road is a must during your weekend! The food truck is parked next to the Reyna Produce market and its authentic Mexican cuisine is a hit with local food enthusiasts. If you're a fan of beef, you can't go wrong with the carne asada, lengua, and barbacoa tacos.

Tacos Rojas

 Three Locations       Vegetarian      

best tacos roanoke va yonokes - Best Tacos Roanoke VA - Yoanoke Onliine

Situated in Grandin Village, Downtown Roanoke & Keagy Village, Tacos Rojas is sure to be conveniently nearby. Choose from Fish, Steak, Chicken, and numerous other toppings to create your perfect taco.

Taqueria Express

Taqueria Express

Taqueria Express is a food truck nestled in the back of the parking lot at the La Estrella Latina store on Williamson Road, but it's a delightful discovery. While most of the menu highlights authentic dishes from Honduras, you can also order carne asada tacos and tacos dorados to satisfy your taco craving. The freshly made tortillas truly hit the spot!

Taqueria Rosita

Taqueria Rosita

When you order Tacos Mexicanos at Taqueria Rosita, you'll savor five small, traditionally styled tacos with corn tortillas topped with steak, onions, cilantro, and accompanied by grilled onions, fresh lime, radish, and spicy red salsa. If the weather permits, take a seat at the picnic table in front of this Williamson Road taco truck. Need more space? Find a spot in the dining room located behind the truck.

Alejandro's Mexican Grill

 Three Locations       Margaritas       Fish Tacos     

best tacos roanoke va yonoke

With 3 locations spanning Roanoke and Salem, Alejandro's Mexican Grill has been delighting customers with their made-from-scratch tacos for over 14 years.

Cabo Fish Taco

 Downtown Roanoke       Full Bar       Curbside Pickup       

best tacos roanoke va yonoke

Conveniently located in Downtown Roanoke, Cabo Fish Taco offers perhaps the most extensive selection of tacos in the area. From oyster, mahi-mahi, steak, and chicken to buffalo ranch shrimp tacos, Cabo can cater to any taco craving within your group.

Lupita's Tacos

 Al Pastor       Handmade Tortillas       Sweet Bread      

best tacos roanoke va yonoke

The proprietor of Lupita's Tacos arrives at 6am every day to make fresh tortillas from scratch. Stop by to taste their renowned marinated pork taco and mark your calendar for the one dollar Taco Tuesday.

Rincon Catracho

 Honduran Cuisine        Rice & Beans      Margaritas      

best tacos roanoke va yonoke

Rincon Catracho is the go-to place in Roanoke for authentic Honduran Cuisine. Choose from tacos de carne asada, pollo asado, camaron, and lengua, all available for takeout or delivery. 

Tuco's Taqueria Garaje

 Curbside Pickup & Delivery       Modern Latin American Food           

best tacos roanoke va yonokeTuco's Taqueria Garaje offers Modern Latin American Food with select ingredients grown organically on-site. Choose from fried chicken, catfish, veggie, Al Pastor, and more, accompanied by a full bar to complement your meal.

Xicamiti La Taquería Bistro

This extraordinary gem doesn't simply assemble tacos, it masterfully composes them with culinary finesse (and dollops of the multitude of house salsas they proudly offer): Sample the grilled shrimp with chorizo, onions, poblanos, and queso fresco or indulge in a weekly special like cauliflower al pastor, paired with a margarita such as the kiwi-infused Catrina.

Tacos campechanos

Where there's consomé, quesabirria is sure to follow — and this truck situated on the corner of West Colfax and Xavier does an outstanding job with both. The broth is light and citrusy, the tacos slightly puffed and abundantly cheesy, and the red and green salsas that accompany not only these, but all the tacos on offer are top-notch.

Birria tacos at El Consome de Morelos

Fusing Filipino and New Mexican influences with finesse, this newcomer in West Highland excels at blending sweet, spicy, and savory elements, whether it's the succulent chicken spicy pinoy taco topped with green chile, pineapple, and scallion, or the smoked carnitas version with lime-fig jam, chicharrón, and cilantro.

Chicken adobo taco

With a proven track record at Work & Class, the incomparable Dana Rodriguez (aka "Loca") brings her expertise to the forefront at this modern LoHi cantina. In addition to flawless barbacoa and cochinita pibil, don't miss the exceptional, perfectly flaky fried fish. Cocktails featuring Rodriguez's own agave spirits brand, Doña Loca, round out the meal.

La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas

Behind a vibrant orange facade on Alameda, this eatery awaits, a favorite among connoisseurs. It stands out in part due to the sheer variety of options it offers, including higado (beef liver) and lamb barbacoa. This is the perfect chance to try cueritos — pig skin that, unlike the fried version, boasts a mild sweetness and creamy texture — or indulge in the rich and tangy chivo (goat). Of course, rest assured that all the classic staples are executed flawlessly as well.

Assorted tacos

For top-notch birria in town, there's no better choice than the newly established brick-and-mortar location of this former West Highland food truck. It has garnered such a devoted following that diners should prepare themselves for a bustling atmosphere to access those mouthwatering tacos — with or without cheese — accompanied by a subtly smoky and pleasantly spicy consomé, as well as cucumber and radish slices and a blistered jalapeño. (But once they try the expanded menu, they'll discover even more to love.)

Birria tacos at Kiké's Red Tacos

La Diabla Pozole and Mezcal

Operated by the exceptionally talented Jose Avila, this sensational spot in Ballpark is producing the most innovative and artistic surprises imaginable in the form of tacos. One particularly astonishing example is the res con tuetano, a cornucopia of beefy delights that showcases a whole marrow bone alongside velvety birria; another standout is the chuleta enchilada, a succulent pork chop topped with nopales and creamy salsa verde. However, the offerings don't end there, extending to the tres chorizo — red, green, and black — and the stuffed chile de agua smothered in frijoles, which pairs perfectly with a stylish agave cocktail or two. (Attention food enthusiasts: Avila also hosts a Sunday-only pop-up, El Borrego Negro, that serves barbacoa from his own flock of sheep, complete with all the fixings for assembling tacos at home.)

Birria taco with bone marrow, pork chop taco with cactus, and pollo pibil with avocado.

Dubbed the ultimate hidden gem (or in this case, gas station), Garibaldi is adored for its unconventional offerings such as the tacos azules — blue corn tortillas loaded with chorizo or cecina (cured beef), queso fresco, sauteed onions, and nopales, among other ingredients. It also features a vegetarian version with poblanos and mushrooms. Expanding the boundaries slightly, it prepares tacos dorados filled with chicken or potatoes.

For purists, be cautious; for iconoclasts, rejoice: This vibrant taqueria in Cap Hill fearlessly adds an array of toppings to its tortillas, ranging from bulgogi and kimchi to ahi tuna and cucumber-wasabi aioli to cornmeal-fried shrimp and Cajun remoulade. But don't be fooled by the free-spirited approach, as every creation demonstrates thoughtful execution. Don't miss the crispy-tender bison topped with griddled queso asadero, tamari-and-lime-marinated onions, and avocado or the mouthwatering monthly specials like the loaded potato with bacon, sour cream, pico de gallo, and scallions.

A colorful trio of tacos from Wild Taco

Rosa Mexican Kitchen Thornton

Adorned with a vibrant mural, stunning tilework, and pops of bright pink and orange, this charming gem in Thornton offers a festive atmosphere that perfectly complements its elaborate tacos. Grilled mahi mahi rests upon a bed of rice, adorned with diced mango and crema; lamb birria oozes with a tangy roasted tomato–chile sauce; and thick slices of batter-fried avocado are drizzled in chipotle aioli over a refreshing jicama slaw. To add to the festivities, there are 20 different margaritas infused with everything from cucumber and mint to habanero and tamarind.

Rosa’s batter fried–avocado taco

Before dismissing gourmet tacos, give Bellota's a chance. Encased in a crispy flour tortilla, the costra de ribeye is sumptuous yet soulful, featuring housemade chorizo, queso Chihuahua, and salsa verde. The shrimp variation is equally delightful, enhanced by shrimp-infused butter and tomato cream. Meanwhile, the king-trumpet mushroom al pastor is a revelation for vegetarians, with its charred pineapple.

Shrimp taco

For a lighthearted tropical escape in RiNo (with a second location in Wash Park), this establishment presents tacos unassembled, allowing diners to mix, match, and mash their ingredients to their heart's content. Here are some dos and don'ts: Do add chorizo verde or rojo to the fabulous smoked potatoes dusted with chile-garlic crunch, and make sure to request extra crema. Don't overlook the coconut-braised pork shoulder with fried sweet plantains and pickled red onions. And, of course, be sure to pair it all with a spicy mezcal margarita.

Ruth Tobias

Similar to campechanos, tacos de discada are topped with a mixture of chopped meats that are traditionally cooked together with vegetables on a discada, or plow blade. These tacos alone are worth the journey to this East Colfax fixture, where they are served crispy and juicy, featuring steak, ground beef, marinated pork, chorizo, bacon, and ham, accompanied by onions, peppers, a sprinkle of queso fresco, and cilantro. Coming in a close second are the tacos al carbon, which involve grilled beef cooked with chunks of potato and pico de gallo. The excellent salsa on the side is the cherry on top, so to speak.

Tacos de discada

San Julian Mexican Restaurant

Indulge in melt-in-your-mouth chicharrones, incredibly tender lengua, and crispy shavings of al pastor fresh off the trompo at this hidden gem in Commerce City. Their tacos come with delightful additions like grilled onions and a selection of salsas for an extra touch of joy. Here's a fourth reason to visit: prices that hark back to the pre-pandemic era (good luck spending more than $12).

Traditional pottery elevates the presentation at San Julian

Drawing inspiration from the West Coast, this Greenwood Village establishment knows how to make a fantastic fish taco, while their shrimp offerings are succulent and so plump that they seem too big for the handmade tortillas. Accompanied not only by onions and cilantro but also salsa verde and crema, they are a delightful treat. The cauliflower, deeply browned and tender, serves as a wonderful alternative for those opting for a vegetarian option. Additionally, diners can choose between soft and hard shells, crispy cheese shells, and other delicious variations of the standard taco.

Shrimp taco

Nestled in a slightly worn-out strip mall, this delightful spot surprises visitors with its delectable carnitas and campechanos. They also offer unique tacos topped with chorizo and scrambled eggs, providing a delightful twist. To complement the flavors, they serve potent (and affordable) margaritas.

Metro Balderas Aztek Food

Boasting not one, but two trompos spinning behind the counter, this exciting addition to Aurora not only serves al pastor, but also offers tacos árabes, which are wrapped in a way that they almost resemble burritos. These filling delights consist of spit-roasted pork (with a recipe derived from shawarma), onions, cheese, and salsa. Don't forget to leave room for the lamb quesabirria, accompanied by a spiced consomé that contains rice, as well as the machete stuffed with huitlacoche and squash blossom. (Credit to Denver Food & Scene for discovering this gem.)

Tacos y Machetes La Carpa

Set up with a tent in the parking lot of an Auto Zone, this outstanding roadside stand offers excellent value with its generously topped tacos. Whether it's the chicken fajitas, peppers, and onions or the smoked pork chop, queso, jalapeño, and tomato, each taco is a meal in itself. Though adding a massive quesadilla-like machete to the mix may be excessive, there are worse mistakes to make in life.

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El Consome De Morelos

Where you find consomé, you'll find quesabirria. This truck, stationed on the corner of West Colfax and Xavier, serves up top-notch versions of both. The broth is light and tangy, the tacos are slightly inflated and generously cheesy, and the salsas that accompany them, as well as all the other tacos on the menu, are superb.

Birria tacos at El Consome de Morelos


With a fusion of Filipino and New Mexican influences, this new addition to West Highland offers a tantalizing mix of sweet, spicy, and salty flavors. The succulent spicy pinoy taco topped with green chile, pineapple, and scallion, as well as the smoked carnitas version with lime-fig jam, chicharrón, and cilantro, are both outstanding.

Chicken adobo taco

Cantina Loca

Renowned for their quality meats at Work & Class, Dana Rodriguez (also known as "Loca") brings her expertise to the taco-centered menu at this trendy LoHi cantina. Alongside the exquisite barbacoa and cochinita pibil, be sure to try the exceptional, perfectly crispy fried fish. The cocktails, featuring Rodriguez's own brand of agave spirits, Doña Loca, complete the meal.

Kiké's Red Tacos

For the best birria in town, head to the newly established brick-and-mortar location of this former West Highland truck. Expect to encounter a crowd of eager diners eager to savor the succulent tacos, accompanied by smoky and spicy consomé, refreshing cucumber and radish slices, and a grilled jalapeño. The expanded menu offers even more to delight your taste buds.

Birria tacos at Kiké’s Red Tacos

Carnitas California

Although this strip-mall joint on Santa Fe Drive offers all the usual suspects like cochinita pibil and adobada, it's the carnitas that steal the show. Opt for the classic carnitas or go all out with the carnitas mix, which includes delectable bits like skin. Either way, you're in for a treat.

Garibaldi Mexican Bistro

A hidden gem, Garibaldi is nestled in a gas station and beloved for its unique offerings such as tacos azules. These blue corn tortillas are loaded with chorizo or cecina, queso fresco, sauteed onions, nopales, and more. They also offer a vegetarian version with poblanos and mushrooms. Additionally, try their tacos dorados stuffed with chicken or potatoes for a delightful twist.

Wild Taco Denver

Purists, watch out! This vibrant taqueria in Cap Hill goes against the grain by topping its tortillas with Korean bulgogi, tangy kimchi, refreshing ahi tuna, zesty cucumber-wasabi aioli, crispy cornmeal-fried shrimp, and Cajun remoulade. However, don't let the freewheeling creativity fool you. The execution is meticulous. Don't miss the crispy yet tender bison taco with griddled queso asadero, tamari-and-lime-marinated onion, and avocado. Keep an eye out for mouthwatering monthly specials like the loaded potato taco with bacon, sour cream, pico de gallo, and scallions.

A colorful trio of tacos from Wild Taco


Don't underestimate gourmet tacos until you've tried Bellota's creations. Enclosed in a crispy flour tortilla, the costra de ribeye is rich and flavorful with housemade chorizo, queso Chihuahua, and salsa verde. The shrimp variant is equally delightful, enhanced by shrimp-infused butter and tomato cream. The king-trumpet mushroom al pastor is a revelation for vegetarians, thanks to its charred pineapple.

Shrimp taco

Mister Oso

For a fun and laid-back dining experience, head to this tropical-inspired spot in RiNo (or their second location in Wash Park). The tacos are served unassembled, allowing you to mix and match to your heart's content. Some recommendations: add chorizo verde or rojo to the fabulous smoked potatoes with a sprinkle of chile-garlic crunch, and don't forget to ask for extra crema. Indulge in the coconut-braised pork shoulder with fried sweet plantains and pickled red onion. And to complete your meal, pair everything with a spicy mezcal margarita.

Ruth Tobias

7 Leguas Mexican Grille

Tacos de discada, similar to campechanos, are topped with a medley of chopped meats that are traditionally cooked together with vegetables on a plow blade, or discada. At this fixture on East Colfax, the tacos de discada are crispy and juicy, packed with steak, ground beef, marinated pork, chorizo, bacon, and ham, along with onions, peppers, queso fresco, and cilantro. Tacos al carbon are also a hit, featuring grilled beef cooked with chunks of potato and pico de gallo. Don't miss out on their excellent side of salsa, it's the cherry on top.

Tacos de discada

Carrera's Tacos

Seeking inspiration from the West Coast, this Greenwood Village establishment serves up fantastic fish tacos. The shrimp tacos are juicy and plump, almost bursting out of the handmade tortilla, complemented by onions, cilantro, salsa verde, and crema. For vegetarians, the cauliflower option is tender and deeply browned, giving it a similar richness. With various choices such as hard shells, crispy cheese shells, and other unique variants, patrons have plenty of options beyond the standard fare.

Shrimp taco

Takero Mucho

Located in a slightly rundown strip mall, this charming spot offers more than just delicious carnitas and campechanos tacos. It takes a unique twist with its chorizo and scrambled eggs combination, which adds a touch of originality to the menu. Wash those mouthwatering tacos down with affordable yet potent margaritas.

Tacos Selene

The barbacoa is incredibly tender, the adobada is packed with flavor, and the salsa bar is a treasure trove of options. This family-run establishment in Aurora has gained widespread adoration for its exceptional execution. Don't expect anything out of the ordinary from the menu featuring classics like asada, carnitas, lengua, and buche. However, you'll soon realize why Tacos Selene stands out from the crowd. Make your weekend visit even better by adding a bowl of menudo to your order. (P.S.: There are two other locations, one on Santa Fe Drive and one in Littleton.)

Tacos El Metate

While this hidden gem in Aurora (with another location in the University neighborhood) offers a variety of options, including flavorful buche and juicy barbacoa, their standouts are the batter-fried fish and shrimp tacos. These tacos are simultaneously crispy and incredibly fresh, capturing the essence of the day's fresh catch. For an extra treat, order a side of carne asada fries to complement your feast.

With this extensive list of the best taco spots near me, there's no excuse not to satisfy your cravings for these delectable Mexican delights. From the authentic flavors of Carniceria Lily and Mi Tapatia to the vibrant ambiance of La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas and La Diabla Pozole y Mezcal, each establishment promises a memorable culinary experience. So, dive into the rich tradition of tacos at these local gems and discover the diverse and mouthwatering world of Mexican street food right in your own neighborhood.