Discover the secrets to maintaining and dyeing Bellami hair extensions for a flawless and natural look. If you're curious about the quality of Bellami hair extensions or how to care for them, we have all the answers. From the use of 100% Remy human hair to the expert maintenance techniques, we'll guide you through each step. Whether you're a salon pro or a newbie, get ready to enhance your hair game with Bellami extensions. Let's dive in!

Are the hair extensions from Bellami made of real human hair?

If you have been studying the differences between synthetic and human hair extensions, you will understand the significance of knowing what type of hair you are purchasing. Bellami hair extensions are crafted using 100% Remy human hair and are painstakingly drawn twice to achieve an exceptionally high-quality appearance and texture.

How should you maintain Bellami hair extensions?

Extensions exist in something of an enigmatic realm. They possess the appearance and texture of your own natural hair, leading one to believe they should be cared for in the same manner as the strands that grow from your scalp. However, this is not the case! Since these beauties are not attached to the hair follicles, they miss out on the natural oils that emanate from your skin and act as a natural moisturizer for your strands, keeping them soft and silky.

Clip-ins and semi-permanent extensions can sometimes become dry and develop a frizzy texture. This is exactly why Matrix has collaborated with Bellami to create the Total Results Length Goals collection, designed to assist you in maintaining splendid hair.

“Maintenance is not only carried out at the salon,” Lewis explains. “It also extends to what you do at home. Our sulfate-free shampoo is exceptionally gentle on the hair, and more significantly, it does not compromise the integrity of the adhesive. This ensures that your extensions last longer and maintain their optimal feel for an extended period.”

BELLAMI Professional Keratin Tip Hair Extensions (Hot Fusion, Cold Fusion)

The process functions in the following manner: Prior to installing your extensions, your Bellami professional will employ a professional-grade Length Goals clarifying shampoo to ensure that your hair is adequately prepared for extension adhesive or clip-ins. The collection also includes a shampoo and conditioner to aid in daily maintenance for a consistently beautiful look!

Finally, when you begin to observe the aforementioned dryness or require protection against heat during styling, opt for the Length Goals Extensions Perfector Multi-Benefit Styling Spray from Bellami. Apart from its divine fragrance reminiscent of a luxurious candle, this miraculous product detangles, revitalizes, and facilitates effortless blow-drying.

“Tangles are typically the most challenging issue when it comes to hair extensions, which is why this product functions as a detangler,” Papanikolas asserts. “It also provides protection for hair under temperatures up to 450 degrees. Additionally, it reduces drying time by 50 percent. People who have worn extensions before are well aware that these are the two primary concerns: detangling and the excessive duration of the drying process.”

Is it possible to dye Bellami hair extensions?

If you happen to be a salon connoisseur seeking to augment the volume of your hair twofold or even threefold, you are likely contemplating strategies for dyeing your extensions to match your hard-earned ash blonde shade. While you are certainly able to color Bellami hair extensions, our stylists recommend that you schedule your coloring and haircut appointment prior to your extension appointment. This way, your hair will be a blank canvas eagerly awaiting a transformation.

“Get your hair colored and ensure that it is toned according to your preferences because, during your appointment, you want the color to be an exact match,” Papanikolas suggests. “You want it to blend seamlessly, to the point where nobody can tell that you are wearing extensions. This means that the color and cut should be flawlessly integrated with your hair. Hence, if you have already received a haircut, the stylist at the salon and Bellami will have an easier time achieving your desired outcome.”

Once your hair is suitably colored, Bellami's trained professionals will step in. They will expertly match the extensions to your hair color and ensure that it harmoniously blends with one or two of the brand's extensive range of over 50 shades. Although customized color is an option, the majority of customers find the existing options more than satisfactory.

In conclusion, Bellami hair extensions offer a superior quality and natural look, thanks to their use of 100% Remy human hair. To keep your extensions in top condition, it is important to follow a proper maintenance routine. Bellami's collaboration with Matrix brings you the Total Results Length Goals collection, which includes gentle sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, and a multi-benefit styling spray. These products help to keep your extensions soft, silky, and tangle-free. Additionally, if you wish to dye your Bellami extensions, it is recommended to schedule your coloring and haircut appointment prior to your extension appointment to ensure a seamless and flawless integration with your natural hair. With Bellami, you can achieve your desired hair transformation with confidence and ease.