When it comes to finding the best wings near you, the options can seem overwhelming. From classic fried chicken joints to trendy gastropubs, there are countless places to satisfy your craving for juicy, flavorful wings. Whether you prefer them tossed in tangy barbecue sauce or coated in a spicy buffalo glaze, we've compiled a list of the top-rated spots in the Chicago area. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure as we take you through a tantalizing tour of Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken, Timothy O'Toole's Pub, HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen, and many more. Prepare your taste buds for a journey you won't soon forget.

Uncle Remus Bold Crispy Chicken

Uncle Remus boasts three city locations and an additional one in the suburbs. Its wings are delightfully crispy and fried with a batter, then generously drenched in a tangy and fiery sauce.

A plate of chicken wings smothered in sauce

According to legend, Buffalo wings originated at the Anchor Bar, a restaurant in Buffalo, New York. Dr. Bird’s, a Jamaican restaurant off the Polish Triangle in Noble Square, opened its first location in Buffalo, but their wings aren’t the traditional type. These succulent pieces of meat are imbued with Jamaican jerk seasoning and slow-smoked using hickory. The taste is delicate and fragrant. The wings are generously sized, demanding a two-handed approach.

MAK, an acronym for “Modern Asian Kitchen,” has long been a top choice for Chinese American cuisine in Wicker Park. It’s an informal establishment that serves their signature lollipop wings coated in a sticky-sweet sauce infused with Sichuan peppercorns. While MAK may not be the rowdiest eatery, it deserves local patronage, especially when compared to other Chinese food options in the neighborhood. 

Wicker Park’s esteemed sports bar continues to thrive, even as the area becomes increasingly family-friendly. The star of the show is the wings, available in traditional fried or smoked varieties. With a plethora of sauces to choose from, the "OG Buffalo" stands out as the finest.

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A plate of Buffalo wings with celery and carrots and ramekins of ranch dressing.

Timothy O'Toole's Pub Chicago

This Chicago sports bar, established in 1992 in Streeterville, has witnessed only a single Super Bowl appearance by the Bears since its inception. However, the Buffalo wings take no responsibility for this. These moist chunks of meat possess a decent level of spiciness derived from red pepper, without being overly messy, and showcase a well-balanced flavor. While the Buffalo reigns supreme, patrons can choose from an array of seven other sauces, including sweet Thai chili and the Irish ghost (a Buffalo variant infused with ghost pepper powder).

The selection of wings at Output leaves most other establishments in shame, with unique and enticing sauce flavors like lemon pepper and roasted garlic barbecue. Conveniently located near the United Center in West Town, there is also a branch near Wrigley Field. This could very well be the ultimate "classic" wing experience in the city.

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This choice might be viewed as bending the rules since it involves duck instead of chicken. However, the delectable flavor of After's duck wings alone is worth the attention of wing enthusiasts. After, situated within the chic lounge belonging to the owners of the two-Michelin-starred Ever, resides in the same building, where every seat can be reserved. These crispy and sous vide delights are adorned with a savory and sweet sauce and garnished with scallions. They're visually stunning and exemplify how an upscale kitchen can have fun with bar snacks.

Phlavz began as a jerk chicken truck before evolving into a fully-fledged restaurant in University Village. The wings here boast exceptional flavor (though it's slightly disappointing that they're on the smaller side; ownership should address this concern) and are blackened with the familiar jerk seasoning. The accompanying jerk sauce is a hidden gem: sweet, tart, and carrying a touch of heat. These wings are undoubtedly a testament to quality.

Wings with fries in a checkered wrapped basket.

HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen

HaiSous and its more casual counterpart Cà Phê Đá next door both serve these splendidly crispy wings served atop a bed of rice. The wings remain whole, glazed with a sticky marinade infused with umami thanks to the inclusion of fish sauce. Fragrant herbs further enhance the experience, and there's a delightful joy in tearing the wings in half.

Bonchon, a beloved Korean chicken wing chain, finally arrived in Chicago, causing lengthy queues in Chinatown. The establishment specializes in wings coated with a savory soy glaze, which conveniently isn't overly messy. While not the spiciest option, the wings burst with enticing flavors. Additional locations can be found in Wicker Park and suburban Glenview.

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In 2019, Cleo’s Southern Cuisine made its debut in Bronzeville, offering delectable Creole and Southern dishes. The restaurant's crowning glory may very well be its chicken and waffles, featuring fried chicken breaded with a superb seasoning blend. Customers can enjoy full-sized wings with the option of drizzling one of five sauces on top. The standout sauce is the "honey hot," which provides a pleasant heat without causing excessive sweating, allowing diners to relish the crispy chicken underneath. All the sauces are equally mouthwatering, so requesting them on the side would be wise. A second location awaits in the West Loop at 190 N. Wells Street.

Lemon pepper wings are just one of the many sauce options available at this specialized wing establishment. Owned by a Black woman, this restaurant serves wings that can be enjoyed either battered or au naturel. The Gold Butter sauce option is among the more distinctive choices available. Expect potential wait times on busy days.

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BadaBing Wings

In the Uptown area, a wing joint with a gangster-inspired theme prides itself on using halal chicken, arguing that it offers superior quality meat. Badabing Wings offers a range of wet and dry-rubbed wings, presenting customers with a multitude of flavors to choose from. Vegetarians are also catered to, as they serve fried cauliflower prepared in the same style.

Great Sea Restaurant

While it seems that everyone is currently fixated on Southeast Asian-style wings, Great Sea has been delighting patrons for decades with their tangy and sweet drumettes. In fact, this restaurant was responsible for popularizing the lollipop-style wing, which was actually originated in Chicago. Despite a change in ownership, the new proprietors have managed to preserve the deliciousness and replicate the techniques of Great Sea's founders. It's common for customers to grab a bottle of the restaurant's sauce to enjoy at home.

Bayan Ko

While some may categorize Filipino cuisine as a mere trend, Bayan Ko, a fusion of Filipino and Cuban flavors in Lincoln Square, proves that cultural heritage is a timeless treasure. Lawrence Letrero and Raquel Quadreny have seamlessly blended the richness of these island cultures at their cozy spot near the Montrose Brown Line station. Chef Letrero's wings are adorned with a finger-licking-worthy adobo glaze, boasting succulent and perfectly cooked chicken.

Del Seoul

Del Seoul is not just about Korean tacos. The establishment made an even bolder move by introducing wings to their menu, featuring a mild garlic-and-ginger glaze that guarantees a triumphant flavor profile. These wings are served lollipop style.

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Broken Barrel Bar

This sports bar in Lincoln Park has established its dominance in local wing competitions, earning high accolades for its mild and barbecue sauce varieties. The standout among them is the Bourbon Barbecue wing, an exquisite combination of sweetness and smokiness. At Broken Barrel, all wings are meticulously smoked over oak for four hours. One interesting option is the choice between grilled or deep-fried wings. While the grilled wings may not have the same crispy skin, they offer a richer smoky flavor and a cleaner taste of the seasonings. The menu also features two other enticing choices: honey habanero and garlic Buffalo wings.

Six wings on a metal tray

The Albion Manor

Soccer enthusiasts who appreciate British pubs will find their heaven at Albion Manor. Nestled in an elegant cocktail lounge upstairs, this establishment offers more than just the traditional fish and chips. Albion Manor's wings showcase the fusion of British Indian (tikka masala) and Jamaican (jerk) flavors. Other delightful options include garlic rosemary and Buffalo-style hot wings. These wings are plump and generously sauced, so make sure to grab plenty of napkins.

A plate of wings.

Beck's Chicago

The owner of Toon’s in Lakeview extended their influence by opening Beck's, a new bar located conveniently at the Clybourn and Webster intersection, right next to the beloved Pequod’s deep-dish pizza joint. A strategic move would be to savor a pizza from Pequod’s alongside the legendary Buffalo wings from Beck's. The sauce has just the right amount of stickiness, and the wings are fried to perfection. This bar also offers a cozy patio area, but you can also grab the wings for carryout.


Legend has it that Buffalo wings originated in Buffalo, New York at the Anchor Bar. Dr. Bird’s, a Jamaican restaurant situated near the Polish Triangle in Noble Square, initially opened its flagship location in Buffalo. However, their wings are far from traditional. These succulent morsels of meat are rubbed with jerk seasoning and smoked with hickory, resulting in a subtle yet aromatic taste. As full-sized wings, they require a two-handed approach to devour.

MAK Restaurant

For years, MAK Restaurant, which stands for “Modern Asian Kitchen,” has been a go-to spot in Wicker Park for Chinese American cuisine. This casual eatery specializes in lollipop wings, which are coated in a sticky-sweet sauce infused with Sichuan peppercorns. While it may not be the most boisterous restaurant in the neighborhood, MAK deserves the support of locals, especially when compared to some of the other Chinese food options nearby.

The Fifty/50

A well-established sports bar in Wicker Park, The Fifty/50 continues to thrive even as the neighborhood becomes increasingly family-friendly. The true stars of this establishment are the wings, available in both traditional fried and smoked varieties. With a wide assortment of sauces to choose from, the "OG Buffalo" flavor reigns supreme.

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A plate of Buffalo wings with celery and carrots and ramekins of ranch dressing.


When it comes to variety, Output leaves most other establishments in the dust. Its menu boasts distinctive and flavorful wing options such as lemon pepper and roasted garlic barbecue. Located near the United Center in West Town, Output also has a convenient location close to Wrigley Field. These wings might just be the epitome of a classic wing experience.

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Phlavz Bar & Grille

Phlavz started as a jerk chicken truck and has since graduated to a full-fledged restaurant in University Village. While their wings may be tiny (a minor letdown that the owners should address), they are bursting with incredible flavor thanks to their blackened jerk seasoning. The secret weapon of these wings is the accompanying jerk sauce: a delightful combination of sweetness, tartness, and a touch of heat. These wings are undoubtedly a testament to quality.

Wings with fries in a checkered wrapped basket.


Bonchon, a beloved chain specializing in Korean chicken wings, has made its mark in Chicago with its vibrant outpost in Chinatown. Unique in their simplicity, the wings are glazed with soy and boast a mess-free eating experience. While not the spiciest option, they are bursting with flavor. Bonchon also has locations in Wicker Park and suburban Glenview, catering to wing enthusiasts across the city.

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Cleo's Southern Cuisine

In 2019, Cleo’s Southern Cuisine opened its doors in Bronzeville, serving up delectable Creole and Southern dishes. One of their signature dishes is the chicken and waffles, featuring fried chicken with a tantalizing blend of seasonings. The wings offered are full-sized and can be drizzled with any of the five delectable sauces. The standout is the "honey hot" sauce, delivering a perfect balance of flavors without overwhelming the crispy chicken underneath. All of the sauces are mouthwateringly delicious, and it would be wise to request them on the side. Another Cleo's Southern Cuisine location can be found in the vibrant West Loop at 190 N. Wells Street.

Bronzeville Wingz

Lemon pepper wings are just one of the more than 30 sauce options available at this dedicated wing spot. Owned by a Black woman, this restaurant lets customers choose between battered or naked wings. For a unique flavor, the Gold Butter sauce is a top choice. Please be prepared for potential wait times on busier days.

Taste and Variety

When it comes to Papa Johns wings, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Indulge in the wide range of flavors offered by Papa Johns wings. If you prefer a milder experience, the unsauced roasted wings are perfect with their simplicity. For those looking to spice things up, Papa Johns also offers buffalo wings, BBQ wings, and honey chipotle wings. Each option comes with just the right amount of sauce and flavor.

Convenient Delivery

Whether you're hosting a game night or simply craving a midday snack, chicken wing delivery has gained increasing popularity. Papa Johns is here to cater to your needs with No-Contact Delivery. Simply place your order for pizza and wings, and we'll leave them at your front door for you to collect after we leave. Need an early fix? Papa Johns offers delivery as early as 10 a.m. Hunger striking late at night? No problem. Delivery is available until 11 p.m., and sometimes even later. Make sure to check the operating hours of your local Papa Johns store for wing-craving emergencies!

In conclusion, if you're on the hunt for the best wings near you, look no further than these top-notch establishments. Whether you're craving classic, saucy goodness or a unique twist on this beloved dish, Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken, Timothy O'Toole's Pub Chicago, HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen, and BadaBing Wings are just a few of the must-try spots. Don't forget to explore the diverse flavors of Bayan Ko, Del Seoul, or Cleo's Southern Cuisine, for a culinary journey that will leave you wanting more. With options like convenience delivery from Phlavz Bar & Grille or the cozy atmosphere of The Albion Manor, satisfying your wing cravings has never been easier. So go ahead, indulge in some finger-licking goodness and discover your new favorite wing spot in town.