Get ready to embrace the trendy and stylish butterfly haircut! This fabulous and effortless hairstyle adds volume and texture to long locks, resulting in a chic and modern look. Whether you have thick, thin, curly, or straight hair, the butterfly cut is versatile and customizable to suit different hair types and face shapes. In this article, we'll explore different variations of the butterfly cut, styling tips, DIY techniques, and more. So, get ready to elevate your hair game with this mesmerizing haircut!

Unique and Stylish Butterfly Haircut for Long Locks

Indulge in a fabulous and effortless hairstyle with the trendy butterfly cut. This haircut adds volume and texture to your long hair, resulting in a chic and modern look.

@daniloherbert showcased this stunning butterfly cut on long light blonde hair with chin-length bangs.

Charming Curtain Bangs and Face-Framing Layers

Elevate your shoulder-length butterfly haircut with curtain bangs that beautifully anchor the layers. For a more defined look, ask your stylist to incorporate shorter layers around your face.

@ruteboazhair flawlessly demonstrated this captivating layered butterfly cut with curtain bangs.

Lovely Butterfly Haircut for Thick Hair

Enhance your facial features and frame your face with a layered hairstyle and curtain bangs. To style the butterfly cut, apply texture spray for lift and to showcase the layers.

@dougllas rocked this stunning layered hairstyle for thick brown hair.

Gorgeous Golden Blonde Butterfly Cut

You don't have to curl or add shaggy layers to your straight hair to enhance its natural texture. The butterfly cut adds layers for a tousled and effortless look, while blonde balayage adds sophistication.

@daniloherbert showcased this fabulous medium dark blonde hair with blowout layers.

Stunning Butterfly Cut on Short Hair

This short haircut is voluminous and textured, perfect for fine hair. Create this style by cutting short layers and gently tousling the hair to separate the curls and add movement.

@diegomarcsant flaunted this chic and messy shoulder-length brown cut.

Graceful Long Layered Cut for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, too many layers can make it appear even thinner. However, longer layers add texture and volume, resulting in a nice, textured, and slightly thicker look.

@stanleyman001 showcased this gorgeous long Asian ash brown hair with layers.

Cute Layered Hairstyle with Voluminous Waves

Voluminous waves can make your hair appear thicker, especially when combined with layers of varying lengths. Use a volumizing mousse or spray before blow-drying to add lift and body to your hair.

@nevilleromanzammit beautifully presented this butterfly hairstyle with curled hair ends.

Bright Copper Butterfly Cut Hair

Add warmth and brightness to your overall look with a stunning ginger hair color. When paired with a butterfly cut, it creates a bold and eye-catching style that demands admiration.

@josscollective rocked this captivating ginger layered hair with curtain bangs.

Classy Shoulder-Length Layered Haircut

Spice up your medium hair with a gorgeous butterfly haircut featuring blonde highlights and waves. This combination emphasizes your natural beauty and complements your overall appearance.

@dougllas showcased this modern butterfly haircut with blonde balayage.

Mid-Length Butterfly Cut for Oval Face

Achieve a fabulous feathered haircut by adding shorter layers on top and through the crown of your head. This unique and playful cut slightly resembles butterfly wings. Add auburn or copper babylights for dimension.

@tabcutshair flawlessly demonstrated this mesmerizing mid-length butterfly cut with soft brown balayage.

Stunning Butterfly Haircut for Brunettes

The butterfly cut is versatile and customizable to suit different face shapes and hair types. The flicks and curtain fringe add softness, while the long layers create movement and volume.

@mustafaserdarbekereci_ showcased this stunning long layered hair with wispy layers and blowout styling.

Shoulder-Length Cut with Voluminous Layers

Perfect for the summer season, this mesmerizing layered look adds texture and volume to your hair. Use a light texturizing spray and blow-dry each layer separately to enhance the texture of your butterfly hair.


@modestspotcarrillo flaunted this voluminous warm blonde hairstyle with framing layers.

Butterfly Cut Hair with Shaggy Bangs

Embrace the retro vibes of the 70s with the butterfly hair trend. Textured hair with floaty layers adds movement to hair of any length and thickness, creating an irresistible allure. rocked this shaggy layered hairstyle for thin brown hair.

Butterfly Haircut with Wispy Layers

Add bangs to your butterfly cut for a new look and balanced face shape. Wispy bangs create softness and delicacy while making your face appear thinner.

@raphaelbarbosahair showcased this charming long straight hair with wispy layers and blowout styling.

Charming Caramel Style

Every aspect of this butterfly hairstyle is stunning. The soft layers add movement and texture, while the curtain fringe and flicks infuse playfulness into the look.

@hair_salon_by_hadis showcased this beautiful light brown hair with a butterfly cut.

Black Hair with Lighter Face-Framing Layers

Curly and wavy mid-length hair pairs wonderfully with curtain bangs and layers. The money piece technique adds a pop of color and dimension to the front section of your hair, enhancing the beauty of your brunette mane.

@karlavarleyhairartist flaunted this chic black hair with ash brown face-framing highlights.

Butterfly Haircut for Natural Brown Locks

Layers through a butterfly cut add shape, movement, and distribute the weight of long brown tresses. This prevents your hair from appearing flat and heavy.

@diegomarcsant showcased this stunning long chocolate brown hair with butterfly layers.

What is a Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly cut is an intricate and feathery haircut with layered dimensions. The longest layers fall just below the shoulder, while shorter layers around the crown create the illusion of shorter strands. This unique haircut separates the top layer, which can be pinned to resemble a short haircut. The layers framing the face highlight facial features, giving the cut its distinctive and appealing look.

Who is the Butterfly Haircut Best For?

The butterfly cut is perfect for those who admire short haircuts like bobs and lobs but are hesitant to make a major chop. While this cut can work for any hair type, it looks exceptional on naturally textured hair. Wavy or curly hair enhances the beauty of the butterfly cut and requires minimal styling, making it a low-maintenance option.

How Much Does a Butterfly Haircut Cost?

The cost of a butterfly haircut depends on factors like the salon's location, your hair's length, and your stylist's expertise. To determine the exact cost, it's best to consult with your stylist.

Which Hair Types and Lengths Can Try the Butterfly Cut?

The butterfly cut allows you to experiment with short hair without sacrificing the length of your locks. It's best suited for long, thick, and wavy hair, as the length creates space between the short and long layers. Natural waves require minimal effort to style as the strands naturally flow and move. The butterfly hairstyle can also add shape and movement to coarse, flat, and lifeless hair. However, it's not recommended for fine hair, as it may make the hair appear thinner. Additionally, it's not suitable for type 4 hair. Face shape-wise, the butterfly cut flatters round faces the most but may elongate rectangular faces.

DIY Butterfly Cut

Yes, you can achieve a butterfly haircut at home! Thanks to Brad Mondo's easy guide, many individuals have successfully given themselves the butterfly hairstyle. All you need is a fine-tooth comb, haircutting scissors, and two elastics. Start by sectioning your hair and cutting the front and back ponytails to achieve the desired length. Lastly, smoothen the cut and style as desired. Don't forget to protect your hair with heat protectant before using heat styling tools.

How to Ask Your Stylist for a Butterfly Haircut

To ensure you get the desired butterfly haircut, it's best to visit a trusted hairstylist. Bring photos of butterfly haircuts that inspire you and clearly communicate your preferences regarding the number of layers and the length of the shortest layer. Your stylist will provide guidance on what will work best for your hair and ensure the final look complements you.

10 Butterfly Haircut Inspirations

Whether you choose to DIY or visit a professional, having style inspiration helps. Here are our top 10 favorite butterfly hairstyles:

1. Butterfly Haircut with Bangs: Add full or wispy bangs to shorten the look and add width.

2. Butterfly Cut on Curly Hair: Enhance your curls' beauty and movement with layers.

3. Butterfly Haircut with Big Waves: Create volume by making the waves bigger and bolder.

4. Butterfly Cut for Straight Hair: Straight hair can achieve the butterfly cut without curling the ends.

5. Butterfly Haircut on Long Hair: Add shape to flat and heavy long hair with lots of layers.

6. Short Butterfly Haircut: Customize the butterfly cut for shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs.

7. Butterfly Haircut with Highlights: Emphasize your layers with soft highlights.

8. Butterfly Hair with Money Piece: Elevate your face-framing layers with the money piece technique.

9. Balayage on Butterfly Haircut: Low-maintenance balayage highlights beautifully complement the easy-care butterfly cut.

10. Ginger Butterfly Haircut: Be bold with a ginger-colored butterfly cut that enhances your skin.

How to Style a Butterfly Haircut

While the butterfly haircut is versatile and easy to maintain, styling is usually necessary to maximize its beauty. Waves and curls can be achieved with curl-enhancing leave-in creams and gels. Straight hair may require heat styling for optimal results. Use a blow dryer or curling/flat iron to create your desired look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Butterfly Haircut Good for Thin Hair?

The butterfly haircut is not the most flattering choice for thin hair. The wispy layers may make the hair appear thinner.

What Is the Difference Between Wolf Cut and Butterfly Cut?

The butterfly cut is a softer version of a shag haircut, while the wolf cut combines a shag and a mullet. The wolf cut appears fuller at the top, while the butterfly cut has more volume from the mid-lengths to the ends.

Which Face Shape Looks Good on Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly cut flatters round and square-shaped faces the most, as the layers frame the face and create a lengthening effect.

The Inspiration Behind the Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut draws inspiration from vintage haircuts with a touch of modernity. It evokes memories of the iconic "Rachel" haircut from the '90s sitcom Friends. The modern-day butterfly cut is airier and less confined to the exact structure of the Rachel haircut.

Who Can Wear the Butterfly Cut?

The butterfly cut is most suitable for straight hair of medium textures. It works best on shoulder-length hair or longer. Consider this cut if you have straight hair in medium or longish length, are willing to lose some bulk for the layers, your hair does well with bouncy layers and wispy ends, you're ready for daily styling, and aren't afraid to use hair products to hold the style. This cut may not be ideal if you have deeply wavy, curly, or coily hair, super thick or super thin hair, or your hair doesn't respond well to round brush styles. Also, consider the styling efforts required before committing to this cut.

Butterfly Cut on Thin or Thinning Hair

While thinning hair can still rock the butterfly cut, additional support may be necessary. The GRO Complete Kit can provide the nutrients needed to support thin hair and keep it hydrated and healthy.

Getting the Butterfly Cut

Visit a fashion-forward salon familiar with the butterfly cut. Some stylists may use a straight razor instead of cutting shears for precision. Consult with your stylist to ensure the shape and style suit your hair type and thickness. Bring pictures to show the desired look.

Styling Your Butterfly Cut

Maintain your stunning butterfly cut by using styling products with humidity protection. Avoid products with silicones and parabens, as they can build up on the hair and scalp. Prep your hair with the GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner, providing gentle cleansing, vegan protein support, and lightweight hydration.

In conclusion, the butterfly haircut offers a unique and stylish way to transform your long locks. With its layers and volume, this haircut adds texture and movement to your hair, creating a chic and modern look. Whether you have thick or thin hair, wavy or straight, there is a butterfly cut that can suit your style and enhance your natural beauty. So why not embrace the butterfly trend and make a statement with your hair? Try out one of these stunning butterfly haircuts and embrace the beauty and versatility it brings to your look.