If you're craving for a taste of Italy in the stunning state of New Jersey, then you're in for a treat! We've scoured through Mays Landing, North Jersey, Central Jersey, and the Jersey Shore, to bring you the crème de la crème of Italian cuisine near you. Whether you're a local or just passing through, brace yourself for a mouthwatering adventure as we uncover the best Italian restaurants in these charming locations. Get ready to indulge in the flavors of Italy right in your own backyard!

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  • Italiano’s Maplewood II

    1. Italiano’s Maplewood II

    “You won't believe the exceptional salad and outstanding bread here, truly capturing the essence of the Italian culinary experience! If you're craving authentic Italian cuisine, this is the place to be.” more
  • Crabby’s“The clams casino at this non-Italian restaurant are an unparalleled delight! The crabs truly steal the show, but let me tell you…” more
  • Cheech 2 GO“I indulged in a small tray of 20 sections of delectable Italian subs, and the price was unbeatable. Trust me, it was a culinary masterpiece.” more
  • Restaurants in Northern New Jersey

    Cenzino RistorantePork Chop / Cenzino Ristorante Location: 589 Ramapo Valley Rd, OaklandDetails: Cenzino blends the traditional art of Italian cuisine with modern innovation and style, resulting in a culinary masterpiece. The interior exudes a glamorous old Hollywood charm with its distinctive decor. Their diverse menu features authentic Northern, Southern, and Sicilian dishes, providing an exquisite taste of Italian flavors. Do not miss their veal specialties, such as veal chops, veal tortelloni, and the mouthwatering veal ossobuco with risotto. Other exceptional dishes include the Lemon Sole Verde and the half roasted duck, Arrosto D’ Anitra, accompanied by a delectable raspberry port wine sauce. Their seasonal artisanal cocktails are a true delight, incorporating unique flavors like Figenza fig vodka. You can also savor their generous 10 oz Martinis. On Fridays, you can enjoy live music, and you will be spoiled for choice with their dozen homemade pasta options. Why you'll love it: Cenzino provides a party planning service for seamless coordination of private, corporate, and special events held on-site. More information: Visit their website by clicking here | Follow them on Facebook | Call them now by clicking here.

    Location: Pompton LakesDetails: Every component of your extraordinary dining experience at Axton’s is meticulously handcrafted, including the mozzarella, sauces, and bread, prepared from scratch to ensure unparalleled freshness and delectable flavors. Their diverse menu caters to various dietary preferences with a dedicated vegan and gluten-free section. Apart from their exceptional sit-down dining, Axton’s specializes in organizing private parties, off-site catering, holiday events, and corporate luncheons. We highly recommend starting your meal with their tantalizing Jekyll & Hyde Calamari, which offers a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors. And don't miss out on their delectable risottos.

    Location: SecaucusDetails: Bareli’s has been delivering amazing service and mouthwatering dishes for over three decades, making it a local favorite. The Grilled Pork Chop, perfectly cooked and accompanied by a sweet and tangy pepper sauce, stands out among their delectable offerings. For an appetizer, indulge in the delightful Angry Shrimp Spring Rolls. In addition to the refined white tablecloth fine dining area, Bareli’s also offers a garden-like atrium with lush greenery and a charming greenhouse window, creating a captivating dining ambiance.

    Location: BellevilleDetails: The Belmont Tavern is an authentic Italian restaurant that preserves time-honored family recipes. They remain delightfully old-school by accepting cash payments only, creating a truly authentic experience. Although their menu is comparably concise, each dish is prepared with the utmost care. In addition to tempting chef specials, the concise entree selection includes an array of pastas, seafood, and meats. To top it off, every dinner is accompanied by an escarole salad, adding a refreshing touch.

    Location: WyckoffDetails: La Cambusa is a haven for connoisseurs of southern Italian cuisine, offering an exceptional dining experience. Savor their indulgent 4-course dinner, comprising an antipasto, salad, pasta dish, and a mouthwatering meat or seafood entree. Their menu boasts irresistible highlights such as breaded pork chops, grilled branzino, succulent lobster tails, and tender veal cutlets. Make sure to try their house meatballs in ragu for an authentic taste sensation.

    Location: WhippanyDetails: At il Capriccio, elegance meets relaxation, creating an atmosphere that perfectly complements their upscale dining experience. To enhance the complete sensory experience, they enforce a business casual dress code, ensuring a sophisticated ambience. The extensive drink menu boasts nearly 15,000 bottles of wine from over 400 selections. il Capriccio's culinary team takes wine seriously, as evidenced by their exclusive national collaboration with Case Paolin. You'll find many wines that are solely available at il Capriccio.

    Location: Harrington ParkDetails: Cork and Crust is a delightful BYOB restaurant that combines Italian and Mediterranean influences, capturing the hearts of locals. Their lunch and dinner services offer an eclectic menu with options ranging from delectable brick oven pizza to mouthwatering branzino. Cork and Crust's family recipes elevate their array of specialties, resulting in a flavor profile that is truly unique to their establishment. We highly recommend trying their delectable starters, such as stuffed mushrooms, crispy calamari, and truffle mac & cheese.

    Location: Morris PlainsDetails: Grato is dedicated to providing a refined and elegant Italian dining experience, featuring classic dishes like pasta, fish, meats, chicken, and pizza. The Day Boat Scallops are an absolute winner, served with brown butter, crispy prosciutto, farro risotto, and Brussels sprouts. Indulge your sweet tooth with their extraordinary dessert menu, offering options such as Warm Zeppoles and vanilla creme anglaise. Grato is the perfect spot for a memorable date night or a special occasion, complete with complimentary evening valet parking.

    Location: WaldwickDetails: Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Italy at Limoncello Ristorante, a culinary hub specializing in fresh seafood, chicken dishes, and veal delicacies. Begin your culinary journey with their Rock Shrimp Limoncello and Mozzarella Caprese, both signature starters that will leave you craving more. Be sure to try their remarkable Veal Bellisimo, combining scaloppini, eggplant, roasted peppers, mozzarella, and brandy. Limoncello also offers Family Dinner for 4 packages that allow you to savor various salad, pasta, and entree combinations.

    Location: Cedar GroveDetails: LuNello is a delightful fusion of classic Italian fare and innovative culinary creations, skillfully utilizing locally sourced seafood to craft their exceptional dishes. Every pasta is homemade, including the delectable Papardelle Porcini, a Tuscan-style flat pasta infused with the earthy flavors of porcini mushrooms and a hint of cream. Another highlight is their Insalata di Mare, brimming with calamari, octopus, shrimp, celery hearts, red onion, exquisite extra virgin olive oil, and fragrant herbs. LuNello prides itself on flying in fresh fish from around the world on a daily basis.

    Location: Rochelle ParkDetails: Nanni's commitment to exceptional service and sophisticated ambiance has made it a beloved Italian dining destination, open 365 days a year since 1986. Their menu showcases traditional Italian cuisine alongside unique offerings like calf liver and frog legs. Adding a touch of elegance, a live piano player entertains guests every Friday and Saturday evening. Treat yourself to their popular Broiled Sea Scallops or indulge in the flavors of their Pollo Tre Amici (Three Friends Chicken) dish.

    Location: West OrangeDetails: Welcome to the heartwarming world of the Anthonys at this "family kitchen" inspired restaurant. Join them as they cook, laugh, and create memories around the dinner table. You'll be treated to a delightful array of authentic Italian dishes, including Arancini, calamari, zucchini fritters, and stuffed avocado. For more substantial fare, explore their starters such as Chicken Savoy and Seafood Risotto, along with delectable Scallops and Braised Short Ribs. Experience the true essence of Italian dining, where laughter never ceases and bellies are always full.

    Location: WayneDetails: Novelli offers a quintessential Italian fine-dining experience, showcasing timeless Italian dishes accompanied by an expansive wine list and unique craft cocktails. Their Gnocchi Margherita, featuring plum tomato and a basil sauce with fresh mozzarella, is a must-try. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of their Veal Novelli, a succulent cutlet topped with arugula, red onion, tomato, and a delectable burrata salad. Don't miss the opportunity to taste their Italian Riviera cocktail, perfectly combining grapa, prosecco, pear liquor, and a hint of mango.

    Location: AllendaleDetails: At Saving Restaurant & Lounge, every dish is a winner. From the classic Penne Vodka to the flavorful Chicken Savini, each plate is packed with captivating flavors. The signature Savini dish features chicken stuffed with ricotta cheese, served in a pink sauce with diced prosciutto and mushrooms. And make sure to leave room for their delightful desserts, particularly the berries and cannoli cream. The restaurant's strong word-of-mouth reputation keeps it thriving, foregoing the need for an extensive online presence.

    Location: HamburgDetails: Springs Bistro, though more casual in nature, surprises guests with a menu that surpasses expectations. Their offerings range from delectable pizza to perfectly poached swordfish and a refreshing Puntarelle Salad featuring chicories, garlic vinaigrette, and day-old bread. Another unique Italian delight is the Frascatelli, showcasing dumplings alongside sausage and broccoli rabe. Situated within the expansive Crystal Springs Resort, Springs Bistro offers an array of activities to complement your dining experience.

    Location: CaldwellDetails: For over two decades, Stephanie’s has been delighting the Caldwell community with authentic Italian cuisine. Owner Vincenzo's rich experience in Italian cooking, acquired at his family’s pizzeria in Bloomfield, adds an extra touch of authenticity. Stephanie’s is open for lunch and dinner, offering favorites like lasagna with mouthwatering meatballs, Eggplant Parmigian, and Chicken Milanese.

    Location: HackettstownDetails: Toscana Trattoria offers a standout dish, the Fettuccini Bolognese, topped with a dollop of ricotta cheese for an unforgettable flavor combination. Their menu covers all the classic Italian restaurant options, including pasta, chicken, veal, seafood, and beef. Indulge in their refreshing Arugula Salad, showcasing sliced pears, cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, and a honey white balsamic vinaigrette. While Toscana Trattoria has relocated several times, their warm and inviting dining experience remains constant.

    Location: RidgefieldDetails: This BYOB restaurant presents the soulful flavors of Southern Italy in a romantic setting, making it perfect for an enchanting date night. While you're encouraged to explore the regular menu, don't miss out on their Specials prepared at a premium level. The chicken dishes are particularly exceptional, presented in six different mouthwatering styles: Francese, Parmigiana, Marsala, Milanese, Pizzaiola, and grilled. In addition to their savory offerings, they also serve delectable pizza, sandwiches, soups, pastas, desserts, and more.

    Central Jersey

    Drunken Chicken Parmigiana / Dolce Pizzeria & Restaurant

    Dolce Pizzeria & Restaurant

    Location: 432 New Brunswick Ave, FordsDetails: Dolce lives up to its reputation as both a pizzeria and a restaurant. However, for the purposes of this compilation, we will focus on their restaurant menu. Noteworthy items on the menu include eggplant rollatini and their latest addition, the Drunken Chicken Parmigiana. This innovative dish combines a chicken parm cutlet with penne pasta in a tantalizing vodka sauce. Even their Dolce Salad, with its refreshing blend of strawberries, walnuts, and goat cheese over mixed greens, is a crowd pleaser. Dolce also offers catering services for events, including assistance with menu planning, as well as hosting packages for dine-in guests.Why It's Worth Visiting: The sweets aficionados among us simply cannot pass up the chance to try the delectable cannolis or Nutella zeppole at Dolce.

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    Luca’s Ristorante

    Location: 2019 NJ-27, SomersetDetails: Celebrating nearly 30 years in operation since its establishment in 1994, Luca’s Ristorante is a hidden gem owned and helmed by Chef Andrea Di Meglio, a native of Ischia, a charming Fisherman’s Island near Naples. Tucked away in an unassuming strip mall in Somerset, Chef Andrea crafts dishes featuring fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and braised meats. All their pasta is crafted in-house and uses only 100% organic ingredients. The menu boasts highlights such as the beloved Luca, a delicacy comprising shrimp, crabmeat, scallops, asparagus, capers, roasted tomatoes, and linguine immersed in a luscious white wine sauce. In addition, their new Polypus creation showcases a tantalizing blend of grilled octopus, clams, and squid ink curly tagliatelle complemented by a zesty lemon herb bread crumb. Keep an eye out for the upcoming addition of coniglio (rabbit) alla cacciatora, a traditional dish hailing from the picturesque island of Ischia.Why It's Worth a Visit: Be sure to save room for dessert and indulge in the mouthwatering Pompei, a decadent warm chocolate cake.

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    Location: East BrunswickDetails: Known for their delectable Italian cuisine, Bella is a pizzeria that surpasses expectations with its extensive menu. While they offer a variety of mouthwatering pizzas, such as Buffalo Chicken, Ham & Pineapple, Vegetable, and Meat Lovers, they also excel in serving delectable chicken, veal, seafood, and pasta specialties. Their Tortellini Carbonara is particularly beloved, tantalizing the taste buds with every bite. The Manicotti Siciliano, topped with eggplant, and the Pepperoni Stromboli are also popular delights.

    Location: SomervilleDetails: Cafe Picasso tantalizes taste buds with their authentic southern Italian cuisine, all while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for their patrons. Brothers Michele and Lorenzo DeLuca, originally from Calabria, Italy, present a menu brimming with traditional recipes that capture the flavor and essence of their homeland. Patrons rave about the lasagna and ravioli, which exemplify their dedication to preserving classic flavors. The Pollo alla Parmigiana (Chicken Parmigiana) is a crowd favorite and truly captures the essence of Italian comfort food. Cafe Picasso also offers an extensive lunch menu, ensuring a delightful culinary experience at any time of day.

    Location: FlemingtonDetails: Capuano's is a family-friendly Italian restaurant that offers a wide range of well-priced meals, making it the perfect spot to bring the kids for dinner. The menu is expansive, featuring antipasto, salads, subs, pizza, and a variety of entrees. The Eggplant Parmesan and the Cannelloni are highly recommended, showcasing the mastery of flavor that Capuano's brings to the table. Their signature Cannelloni boasts hand-rolled pasta filled with a delectable blend of chicken, basil, ricotta, spinach, and tomato vodka sauce.

    Location: IselinDetails: When it comes to authentic Italian cuisine, La Tavola Cucina offers an unparalleled dining experience. Owned and operated by native Italian Pasquale Parascandolo, this restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest seasonal produce, imported oils and cheeses from Italy, and locally sourced seafood. The result is a menu brimming with richly flavored Italian dishes made with love and attention to detail. Indulge in favorites like the Stuffed Calamari and Filet Mignon, or treat yourself to their decadent Chocolate Mousse Supreme cake.

    Location: EwingDetails: Cattani Catering prides itself on its expertise in crafting delectable fresh pasta dishes and providing exceptional catering services. With an emphasis on high-quality ingredients and authentic Italian flavors, Cattani creates a diverse menu that caters to pasta lovers and more. Highlights include the Cavatelli BLT, a unique twist on a classic sandwich, and the Chicken Diablo Mac & Cheese, which adds a fiery kick to a beloved comfort food. Be sure to save room for one of their homemade desserts, such as the flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake or the Amaretto Funnel Cake.

    Location: RaritanDetails: If you're in the mood for a traditional Italian meal, look no further than Espo's Italian Cuisine. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Espo's is the perfect spot for a satisfying dining experience. While they don't take reservations, they offer both indoor and outdoor dining (weather permitting) as well as takeout options. Popular dishes include their famous Steak Parm entree, as well as their flavorful braciole and vodka rigatoni. Start your meal off right with their mozzarella and roasted pepper appetizer or the "Hotsy Totsy Shrimp".

    Location: MiddlesexDetails: Jozanna's is a hidden gem led by the talented Chef Frank Bozzomo, also known as "The Singing Chef". Their casual Italian fare showcases classic dishes such as Ravioli Ragu, served with Jozanna's mouthwatering "Sunday Gravy" sauce. The menu also features crowd favorites like Chicken Francese with linguini, Shrimp Scampi, and Stuffed Shells. Jozanna's offers a cozy and comfortable dining experience that will leave you craving more.

    Location: EdisonDetails: LouCas is a culinary treasure that celebrates Italian cuisine with passion and expertise. Chefs Loucas Sofocli and Alex Charlambous have joined forces to create a menu that specializes in seafood delights, featuring a Raw Bar with a superb selection of clams, oysters, shrimp, and more. Their entrees are equally impressive, with standouts like the fresh Mainer lobster, Broiled Stuffed Shrimp, and the flavorful Swordfish Sicilian. To top it off, don't forget to explore their kids' menu, which offers delicious options for younger diners.

    Location: SummitDetails: Brace yourself for an unforgettable culinary experience at Piattino, where traditional Italian flavors are skillfully combined with a modern twist. The heart of Piattino lies in their stone-fired oven, imported directly from Italy, allowing them to create authentic pizza with a contemporary flair. Indulge in classics like the Margherita pizza, which showcases San Marzano tomato sauce, torn basil, buffalo mozzarella, and olive oil. For a unique taste sensation, try the Porchetta & Pistachio pizza, featuring mouthwatering caramelized onions, pistachio pesto, and real parmigiano reggiano.

    Location: Old BridgeDetails: Via Sposito seamlessly blends old-world recipes with modern-day culinary trends, resulting in a fusion of flavors that keeps customers coming back for more. This family tradition has been a beloved institution for decades, with owners Anthony and Vincent Esposito carrying on the legacy started by their immigrant ancestors. Renowned for their authentic coal-fired pizza and imported meats and cheeses, Via Sposito also takes pride in their homemade pastas. A visit is incomplete without savoring their signature dishes.

    Location: LawrencevilleDetails: With its roots firmly planted in Italy, La Trattoria Bella Napoli aims to transport guests to the rustic charm of southern Italy. Owned and operated by Chef Salvatore Scarlata, a native of Italy, the restaurant offers a menu brimming with authentic cuisine. Start with the Vidalia Loaf, a delightful appetizer featuring bread stuffed with vidalia onions and seasonal vegetables, drizzled with garlic and oil, and topped with melted mozzarella. Indulge in their pasta dishes, which showcase handmade pastas and a variety of delectable starters. Don't miss the Filet Mignon Puff Pastry, stuffed with goat cheese and spinach.

    Jersey Shore

    Chicken Marsala over pasta from A Touch of ItalyChicken Marsala over Pasta Location: Egg Harbor TownshipDetails: A Touch of Italy is a beloved family-owned Italian restaurant that has become a staple of the community. Their commitment to creating a warm and welcoming environment is evident, as the owners personally visit each table and take the time to know their returning patrons by name. While they offer all the classic Italian favorites, including wood-fired pizza, their House Specialties truly shine. The Scallopini Filet Mignon Madeira, for example, features succulent medallions of beef cooked in butter and wine, topped with mushrooms and scallions. A Touch of Italy also offers a lunch menu to cater to all dining preferences.

    Location: WildwoodDetails: Alfe's has stood the test of time, captivating locals and tourists alike for over 35 years. The menu at this Italian restaurant is rooted in classic cuisine, with a particular emphasis on seafood. Delight in the bacon-wrapped scallops, prosciutto-wrapped shrimp, Lobster Fra Diablo, Seafood Marinara, and crispy fried flounder. The Sicilian Flounder is a true house specialty, skillfully pan-fried and lovingly breaded with grated cheese and Italian seasonings.

    Location: Sea BrightDetails: Anjelica's has been a beloved establishment for over a quarter of a century. The menu at this charming Italian restaurant showcases the rich culinary traditions of Northern and Southern Italy, with a specific focus on the regions of Avellino, Lombardy, and Sicily. Originally named after the owner's daughter, Anjelica, the restaurant is still family-run and continues to serve authentic Italian dishes, including Italian street food and delectable sandwiches for lunch.

    Location: Spring LakeDetails: At Arugula, attentive service and indulgent dishes take center stage. The Lazy Lasagna, Crispy Pasta, and Seafood Fra Diavolo are highly recommended. Executive Chef George Edward skillfully infuses his Brazilian roots into his creations, resulting in dishes that tantalize the taste buds. At Arugula, freshness is paramount, with all ingredients carefully handpicked by Chef George each day. The ever-changing specials ensure that every visit is a unique culinary experience, drawing inspiration from various culinary traditions.

    Location: Asbury ParkDetails: Brando's Citi Cucina, led by Chef Steven Botta, offers a charming and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a classic Italian farmhouse. This restaurant is known for its wood-fired pizzas, alongside classic Italian pasta and meat dishes. Signature dishes include the Veal Napoleon for dinner and the Fried Tortoni dessert, a delightful combination of vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted amaretto cookies.

    Location: Atlantic CityDetails: Cafe 2825 stands out for its exceptional customer service, friendly owners, delectable food, and the romantic ambiance it provides. A unique feature of this establishment is their Tableside Experiences, where shareable plates are prepared right at your table. For instance, indulge in warm Burrata-style fresh mozzarella, prepared straight from the curd. Another visual and palate-pleasing experience is the Cacio e Pepe in the Cheese Wheel with Truffle Cheese, a theatrical presentation of pasta made fresh at your table.

    Location: BrickDetails: Cordi's Italian Gourmet looks unassuming from the outside, tucked away in the small Pouti Plaza strip mall. However, don't let its unassuming exterior fool you. Cordi's offers a mouthwatering menu of gourmet Italian cuisine that will leave you wanting more. From their Fresh Fettuccine Alfredo to their Eggplant Rollatini and Veal Chop Parmigiana, every dish is crafted with precision and care. The intimate size of the restaurant allows for a cozy, personalized dining experience, with the owner personally checking on each table.

    Location: HammontonDetails: Illiano's is a casual Italian restaurant that has captured the hearts of locals with its inviting atmosphere. This spacious eatery encompasses a bar, main dining hall, and a banquet room for private events. Their lunch and dinner menu features an array of traditional Italian dishes, including sides, salads, pizzas, pastas, and more. Known for their garlic sticks, Illiano's ensures that all diners, including large groups, can enjoy a satisfying Sunday dinner experience.

    Location: AllentownDetails: La Piazza prides itself on providing great food, generous portions, and excellent value. Their expansive menu showcases a variety of pizzas, pastas, and traditional Italian dishes, as well as sides and salads. Standout offerings include signature pies, specialty Sicilian pizzas with various toppings, gluten-free options, and pasta dishes such as the flavorful "Fettucini Toscana" and the delightful Rigatoni Francescana. La Piazza caters to diverse tastes, also offering steak, seafood, and veal entrees.

    Location: Tinton FallsDetails: Nettie's, or the "house of spaghetti," goes above and beyond by serving both plant-based dishes and Italian American classics. Their sides boast a variety of options, including broccoli rabe, zucchini parmesan, fried mushrooms, roasted fennel, and white beans. Nettie's also offers traditional Italian sausages, meatballs, fresh pasta, and four types of spaghetti: Marinara, meat sauce, Limone, and Arrabbiata. Indulge in their delectable Sicilian Orange Cake for a perfect ending to a memorable meal.

    Location: Bradley BeachDetails: UVA (formerly known as Pagano's) has been a cherished presence in Bradley Beach for decades, and the return of Raffaella Pagano and her son Anthony in 2009 rekindled the town's love for their restaurant. UVA seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary Italian dishes, providing a rich and diverse culinary experience. From classic pizzas and pastas to chicken, beef, veal, and seafood entrees, UVA offers a menu that showcases both familiar and innovative flavors. Don't forget to check out their dog-friendly Tiki Bar at the back, adding a touch of fun to your dining experience.

    Location: Ship BottomDetails: Raimondo's is renowned for their creative take on traditional Italian fine dining, as well as their Early Bird Specials, available from October to May. This commitment to innovation and inclusivity extends to their ability to accommodate any allergies or dietary preferences, ensuring that every guest has a memorable dining experience. Raimondo's specializes in made-to-order dishes, including their signature pasta creations, making each visit a true culinary adventure.

    Location: West Cape MayDetails: Sapore Italiano, with its attentive service and decadent dishes, will transport you to the heart of Italy. The chefs, Rimi and Ivan, incorporate locally sourced farm ingredients to create vibrant and authentic meals. Indulge in classic starters like Bruschette alla Sapore or the Arugula Salad. For the main course, choose from a variety of options, including pasta, seafood, risotto, chicken, and veal. With a rotating soup of the day and daily specials that draw inspiration from around the world, Sapore Italiano ensures a fresh and exciting dining experience.

    Location: Point Pleasant BeachDetails: Spano's Ristorante Italiano is a charming BYOB establishment known for its exceptional pasta dishes. Chef Spano prepares fresh pasta daily, using only the finest ingredients. One must-try dish is the Mafalde con Gamberi, featuring mafalde pasta delightfully tossed with jumbo shrimp and roasted garlic in a lemon and butter emulsion. Another standout is the Gnocchi Pomodori, which sautés ricotta gnocchi in a homemade tomato sauce with basil. Spano's daily specials also offer a chance for the chef to showcase his culinary creativity.

    Location: RumsonDetails: Undici transports guests to the rustic beauty of a Tuscan farmhouse as it serves up rustic Italian cuisine. Inspired by the Italian word for "eleven," which matches its street address, Undici offers a menu that features unique options, including quinoa meatballs and grilled octopus. Indulge in their Osso Bucco, a tender lamb shank served with roasted beet and butternut squash farrotto, finished with a mint gremolata. With the largest selection of Italian wines in New Jersey, Undici is a haven for wine enthusiasts.

    Location: Toms RiverDetails: Villa Amalfi welcomes guests for lunch and dinner six days a week (closed on Tuesdays). Their concise yet enticing menu showcases classic starters such as Sicilian Meatballs, burrata, Margherita pizza, Focaccia, and stuffed artichoke. The main course features an array of signature chicken, fish, and veal dishes. Among the favored choices are the Salmon Scallops & Shrimp Livornese, Scallopini Saltimbocca Romana, and the Pollo Angelina.

    Whether you're craving a comforting plate of pasta or a mouthwatering pizza, these Italian restaurants near me in Mays Landing, New Jersey, North Jersey, Central Jersey, and the Jersey Shore are sure to satisfy your culinary desires. With their authentic flavors, warm ambiance, and friendly service, these eateries offer an unforgettable dining experience. So, grab a loved one or a group of friends and embark on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of Italy right here in the Garden State.